Monday, December 22, 2008

One "stylin'" little mama!

Madelyn is definitely a "girly girl" and loves to be a little mommy! She is just under 2 years old, and she is already role playing, loving her "babies" and playing "house." My friend, Candace, gave Madelyn a children's sling for Christmas. She said Madelyn is going to want to be like her Mom when the baby comes, so that is why she got her the pouch sling! I can say that I think it was a great gift, and I know Madelyn will use it a lot! She is already loving baby wearing her little babies!
She had such a fun time today walking around carrying her little baby. She kept holding her little dolly and kissing it. Then she would say, "Cute," and give me the sweetest little smile.
Her big brother Caleb's sun glasses were by her, so she decided that she needed to wear them!
She is one styling little girly mama!
One of her favorite sayings right now is, "Look at me!" She loves to show us what she accomplishes!
I love my little princess. It is so much fun having a little girl!


PMKU said...

She is too much! What a cutie.

Grandma J said...

Very cute! I didn't know they made dolly slings. What a good idea. Your friend is right, Maddie will definitely love being just like Mommy and "wearing" her baby too.

jpandtheboys said...

Too cute. I love the last one with the sunglasses!! She is such a doll.

Qtpies7 said...

She is a qtpie! I know she will get a lot of use out of that sling once you start slinging baby #4.

Alicia @ said...

She is adorable!! I remember when my mom had my sister she bought me a water baby and this was my baby and my mom had her baby (my sister). So fun and cute!

Unknown said...

That baby sling is so cute, you'll need to get it out for the summer!