Friday, December 5, 2008

You know you aren't a "new momma" when....

*You don't keep track of every STAT at every Doctor's visit.
*You dread stepping on that beast of a scale at the clinic. (this isn't just for pregnancy)
*You don't have the "count down" on your calendar.
*You don't have a baby book yet, and you only have less than a month before the baby comes.
*You don't have a "coming home" outfit for your baby yet, and there is less than a month to find one.
*You know what labor is, and you wish they could just knock you over the head until it is over.
*You wish that baby could stay in just a little longer so you can sleep without getting up every hour. Oh wait, I am doing that already with potty breaks. What am I thinking?
*You still need to update your other kid's baby books, and your last child is lucky if they got their first year's milestones written least in the baby book. ~Now where is that piece of paper with their first tooth...hmm....
*You keep forgetting to call the hospital to register, even though it should have been done a month ago.
*You don't pack your bag until the day/night of.
*You don't prepare a birth plan because chances are it won't be what you wanted/expected anyway.
*You are alright with getting that epidural after all. MMMM....happy epidural.
*Childbirth classes are not on the agenda. I don't think I got that much out of them anyway. My mind was just on one thing in labor....OK, maybe two things. OWIE.....GET THE BABY OUT!
*You know you don't need to pack books, word finds, puzzles, etc. for the hospital, because you won't have the desire or time to actually relax. If you are in the hospital before baby arrives, you are in so much pain that book reading is the last thing on your mind. After baby is born you are so enamored with your baby and overloaded with visitors that you don't have time to pick up the books.
*You already have a diaper bag or two, and that should be OK for this baby, too.
*Your home is already childproof...pretty much. Your other kids are doing OK so it must be alright.
*When the hospital asks you to write down every time you nurse, baby wets/poops, you tend to forget that part. Why do they need to know? Besides it is just one more thing to try and remember. You know your baby is absolutely perfect, and YOU KNOW what you are doing by now.
*Your "milk suppliers" are totally ready for another work out to give the best nourishment for your baby. So, no need to prepare them.

Just speaking from experience...~LOL


Qtpies7 said...

OH, yes, the later babies are so much easier because you are smarter, however, they get the short end of the stick on some things. (like baby books)

Susan said...

Oh yes, I really got a chuckle out of this one. :) SO TRUE! I love it. Ethan's baby book has lots in it until he turned 2 or 3... then Kibby's has a little in it until she turned one, then Ruby's hardly has anything! I really need to correct that, yikes!
And the labor thing... oh my... I never had an epidural, but yeah, I can certainly say I wanted one with the last 2!! I'll be praying that your labor goes swiftly, smoothly and safely for everyone! :)

Grandma J said...

Ain't that the truth! Although, when I had baby number 4 (Molly) it was 13 1/2 years after baby number it was kinda like being a new momma all over again!

Gretchen said...

This is beyond true! We have hundreds of photos of our first born, but our second.... well .... I know he was there. :)

Anonymous said...

Amen to all of that! I cracked up reading all of those! It's funny how you forget about all those details that you so diligently kept up with with your first!

Joyful Noise said...

You forgot about the glitter - can't forget about the glitter, right Lisa?!?!