Monday, December 31, 2007

I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve...God bless you in 2008! I am going to my friend's house for a get together! Take care...and more writing next year! (Hardy Har, har).

Momma called the Dr. and The Dr. said,

We had a rough night with Caleb. His fever spiked up to a whooping 104.5. We gave him Tylenol, and about 15 minutes later...RALPH~ all over Terry and the couch. I think he threw up because of his high fever...but, I don't know. When this happens, I always wonder if we are suppose to give him more Tylenol because he threw up what we gave...or just wait it out. It was a scary choice, but we waited. After another bath, he was snug in his bed. Terry raised the upper part of the bed with pillows under the mattress. He kept coughing and it would bring him to choking on his phlegm. I brought Caleb into the Dr. this morning. Since Caleb has been complaining that his throat has been hurting the last few days, I was expecting Strep throat. Well, guess what the Dr. said? "It's just a virus, and it will have to run it's coarse." He did perform a Strep test, because his ears were clear and his lungs sounded clear. Caleb didn't really have much of a reaction when he performed the test. When I get that test done, I want to gag all over the Dr. I can't handle that test too well, and my little 2 year old "showed me up". So, here we are in waiting while Caleb's little body fights off this nasty virus. I really hope none of the rest of us get this...especially Maddie!

Skin MD

It is such a dry time of the year~ Winter~ and my Eczema really flares up in the winter months. I have tried so many lotions out there, and it is hard to find a lotion that won't make my hands break out more or bleed more. My hands usually become cracked and they bleed. Sometimes when I use a lotion, it just burns and causes more irritation. When I tried the lotion : Skin MD Natural, I felt relief. It was such a great feeling! The cracks were soothed and my hands didn't hurt when I moved my fingers after using the lotion. It didn't make my hands all greasy and slimy.
Here is what SKIN MD is all about: Skin MD Natural™ utilizes the finest effective natural skin care ingredients for dry skin treatment along with the latest advances in dry skin care technology to hydrate and protect the skin. With Skin MD Natural™irritants are kept - OUT, moisture - IN, making it the perfect dry skin care product. This is an entirely new con­cept in skin care requiring a new classifi­cation: "Shielding Lotion". Skin MD Natural keeps moisture-robbing irri­tants away from the skin while proprietary "super" humectants hydrate the skin throughout the day.
**Used and prescribed by hundreds of Dermatologist
**Skin MD Natural alleviates dry skin, eczema and psoriasis, providing relief from dry skin and itching.
**Outperforms Moisturizers
**Prevents Dry Skin
**Fragrance and Colorant Free
**Dermatologically Tested
**No Animal Products and Testing

This lotion is great for hands and feet, face, and body! I highly recommend Skin MD Natural and I am so thankful I was able to try this lotion out! It really is amazing! If you suffer with Eczema, Psoriasis, or Thyroid problems...check into Skin MD Natural lotion! Here is the website for more information: Skin MD Natural. Pete has offered to send my readers samples of Skin MD Natural to try if you are willing to post a review on their blog if they like it. You can contact him at .

Sunday, December 30, 2007

OH the Joys~

Caleb is one sick kiddo. He started a cough on Friday night. He was up on and off through the night (Friday). He did have a couple times where he threw up, but we were thinking it was phlegm. At one point during the night, he woke up coughing, and it sounded like the barking cough. It was so weird, and we really didn't know what to give him, because it wasn't in his chest. My husband gave him Robitussin to help loosen things up (hopefully). Well, Saturday morning we were suppose to go to a train show an hour away. Terry still wanted to go, and Caleb seemed better, so we went. Caleb did pretty good when we were there, but on the way home his coughing started to get bad again. When we got home, he was whiny and just seemed miserable. He complained of a headache, and he felt warm, so we gave him Tylenol. My sister (from Chicago) and her family was on there way over for visiting and supper. Her kids were sick with colds, and she asked if I still wanted her to come over. I told her yes because we don't get to see each other that often. I really didn't think Caleb was that sick, so that is why I still had her come over. Her little boy, who is 3 months younger than Caleb, got sick Christmas night. I am almost positive the Caleb caught something from him.
When she came over, her husband stayed at my brother's house with there little guy. Two of her other kids that she brought with had some colds. As the night progressed, her daughter (who has diabetes) had high numbers, so my sister gave her insulin. Then, a little later, she got the chills, and then got a fever. So, we were visiting with our sick kiddos.
After she left, Caleb's fever never went down (even with Tylenol) and his breathing got worse. I noticed his heart racing more, and his breathing was faster. I really suspect that he has RSV or Pneumonia (again). We didn't bring him in to the ER because we just knew it would be a long process, and we really aren't sure that we know what is going on with him. He did have a few spouts of throwing up, mostly phlegm, last night.
This morning, he is in a little better spirits, but he complains of a headache. He is running a low grade temp. and has a cough. He also has the green crud out the nose. I noticed Maddie's clear mucus from the nose has turned to the green side. I wish when one kid gets a contagious sickness (and needs meds) that you can give a prescription to all the kids. Then, parents can fill the prescription when/if needed.
We are going to watch how he does today, and decide about bringing him in later this afternoon. I know kids get more sick throughout the day, but it is the breathing that concerns me. Plus, you know your little tot is very sick when they lay on the couch during the day. Normally he is running 100 miles per minute everywhere. I pray that God will just touch and heal my little boy.

On a comical "oh no!" note:
Yesterday in the van, Nathaniel asked me what sperm is! I said, where did you hear/see that? He said his friend says it a lot, and asked me again what it is. I was hoping to get out of the question, but he was persistent. I had no idea what to reply to that, so I just said that it is something in a man's body that helps with making babies. I am not sure if that was the thing to say to him when he is only 9, but I know that I want him to hear about all that from me. At least he was satisfied with that answer (for now), and THANKFULLY he didn't ask more. I am not sure I am ready for that whole thing quite yet.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Check this one out!

I love popcorn and movies, and I found the perfect contest to take a stab at winning! Table for Five is having a contest to win a year’s supply of Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Popcorn AND a 12 month subscription to Netflix! This would be a super contest to win!! That is a very generous package! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Cheer~ and funny times!

We had a fun last couple of days. Terry's Mom came down on Sunday afternoon. It was a very snowy day, and I was a little concerned about the roads. I know the visibility was decreasing, too. She did make it, and she was safe. Monday morning, Caleb, Grandma, Maddie and I were up. We were in the main floor playing on the floor and Lena (our dog) was playing, too. Well, since Terry was still in bed, I thought it was time for him to get up. So, I said, "Lena, go get Dad!" I was kidding with her, and I didn't really think she would do it, or understand. But, she bolted upstairs. Later, when Terry came downstairs, he asked me if I knew what Lena did. I said no. Then he said that she jumped up on our bed (which she never does, nor is allowed to) and walked across Terry's chest. Then, she stood on his nightstand! Can you believe it? What a smart dog! She is so funny! She knew I said to get Dad, and darn-tootin' she was on a mission! Oh, it was so funny. Well, the funnies didn't stop there. At Lunch, Caleb said the funniest thing to his grandma (just out of the blue). Let me re-cap:

Caleb: "Grandma?"
Grandma: "Yes, Caleb?"
Caleb: "You look like Chewbacca!"

It was so funny, and we have no idea where he got it from, or why he said it! Boy did it give us the giggles!
Terry and I got to go shopping (BY OURSELVES) and finish up the last few gifts. Terry's Dad sent us some Christmas money to buy some things for the kids. It was fun picking out some things. We had dinner at Denny's and the food was super. It was so good to eat REAL Ranch dressing with my salad. It has been so long since I had real ranch. (I started Weight Watchers in September). Then, we were off to get Nathaniel back from his visit with his Dad.
When we picked up Nathaniel that night we told him what Caleb said. His response was, "Well, that wasn't very nice. Not nice at all. At least he didn't say Yoda. Great Grandma looks like Yoda with all her wrinkles!"

Oh my goodness~ Kids are so super funny!!

After we got home from picking up Nathaniel, we had the kids go downstairs so Terry could get the Train in the house. Then, we played with the kids awhile before bedtime. Terry wanted me to play some Christmas music on the piano. It was fun, but it reminded me that I really need to brush up on my practicing. After the kids were in bed we wrapped all the gifts and put them under the tree. I filled the stockings. We don't "do" Santa, the gifts in there are from us, but I think the stocking filling is fun. Terry put the train around the tree, and it looked great. Finally, at almost 1 AM, I made it to bed.

Christmas morning was fun and special. Caleb, Maddie and Nathaniel loved to see the train. Maddie kept wanting to touch it. We had the kids open their gifts, and all was appreciated. Caleb only wanted a Rocket Fishing Pole for Christmas, so when he opened that gift, he pulled it out and said, "A shooting fishing pole~ I GOT IT!" I really wish I had that on camera. Where is that camcorder when you need it. It was so funny!

After gifts we had breakfast, then we headed over to my brother and sister-n-law's house for my side of the family. It was great to see everyone again. Our family doesn't get together enough. My sister and family was here from IL, and I haven't seen them since Easter, and that time was a brief visit. My other sister (who is a single mom of 4) didn't come. I was really upset about that, and I will post that in another post later. All in all, it was a great day. I will try to get a picture of all 18 Grandchildren up maybe tomorrow.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Thirteen things I ate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ~ and NOT Weight Watcher friendly!

  1. Reses Peanut Butter Cup
  2. Potato Sausage
  3. Chocolate popcorn with Cashews
  4. Cream of Wild Rice soup with chicken
  5. Meatballs ~ and deliciously greasy
  6. Stuffing
  7. Cookie
  8. Frito O'Lay chips
  9. Cheesecake with whipped topping and Strawberries
  10. Mushroom and Swiss Steak
  11. Real Ranch Dressing
  12. A few (like 4) buttery homemade rolls....mmmm, YUM!
  13. Candy

I won't fret it, it was very tasty, now I just need to get back down to business!Thanks for stopping by & Happy Thursday's Thirteen! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

WOW what a Contest~

Laced with Grace is having an amazing New Year's contest! She has a package that will include a Women of Faith study Bible (NIV/Hardcover); Lisa Whelchel’s Bible study tool for busy moms; a coffee mug from “Mugs of Truth“; the DVD “The Nativity Story“; the book “Love and Respect“; and a music CD by Becky Knight, who just released her first CD. Contest runs through Jan 1st. Go check it out! Here is where you can see the details~ What a generous, and great giveaway! I know someone will really be blessed!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone! I pray that God will bless you, and that you will see Him this Christmas~ He is the reason we celebrate! May you experience his love!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Check these contests out!

5 Minutes for Mom is giving away Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn and Netflix for a year! I would love to try the new popcorn line: . It’s 100 percent natural, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and comes in three flavors: Buttery Garlic, Buttery Salt and Pepper, and Simply Salted! That sounds delicious! The contest ends January, 1st.
An Island Life is giving away $25 to and $70 worth of beauty products from The Pitter Patter Boutique is giving away a nursing cover and a set of car seat strap covers in your choice of fabrics. To enter, stop by before December 31st

Musings of a Housewife has four gorgeous Land’s End diaper totes to give away in either pink or blue. To enter, just stop by and leave a comment on which color you prefer. Hurry, it ends on Monday at 5pm. Did You See That? is giving away an E.L.F. make-up travel kit. You have until noon Monday EST to enter. Enter to win a lounge set to keep you child cozy warm this winter. Stop by Amanda and let her know what your favorite item is from Creations by Lisa McGrath. Deadline is January 1st. Enter to win a great gift basket containing a 16 oz jar candle (your choice of Spice Shoppe or Pumpkin Cheesecake), 2 Votives and 2 votive holders ($35 value) from A Frog in My Soup. Deadline to enter is midnight tonight! How about a cup of coffee courtesy of a dash of sassitude? Enter to win a $10 gift card to Starbucks by subscribing to her feed and leaving a comment before December 31st.

Little Laureate: A review and GIVEAWAY

Have you heard of the great DVD series for children? Well, it's not just for children...adults like them, too! I was very lucky to get to review one of the great DVD's. I chose the My World Adventures. Caleb, Madelyn and I loved the colorful pictures, music, and fun art activities. I loved the multi-culturism! The DVD had 5 different ways they taught "I love you." I really enjoyed all the art pictures put together in a creative way. Caleb liked when the kids came on the screen. I think Maddie liked the bright colors and music. I love the cd with an hour of classical music, and I think it will be great to have my children relax to the music! :)
Founded in 2003 by Heather Maclean, Little Laureate set the bar for a new quality standard with the release of their first two DVDs. Astoundingly well-received by both the public and the press, they won several major awards, including Parenting magazine’s Video of the Year, the National Parenting Publications Association’s Gold Award, and many others. In fact, in an unprecedented write-in poll, the readers of #1-rated Parents magazine voted the Little Laureate series one of the “Best Video Series for Small Children of All Time.”

Join Star on a journey through imagination and inspiration. Van Gogh, Picasso and the art of over 40 other artists come alive to the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Bizet. Share the wonders of our world through early exposure to art, world consciousness and culture with Little Laureate's award-winning series.

Gift set includes:
30-minute premium DVD
60-minute CD of classical music, and
24-page parent booklet filled with expert tips on raising a creative child. 30 minutes of premium content from Emmy Award-winning team, 3 enhanced viewing options, Optimized for HDTV, and introducing "The Crawl," a revolutionary onscreen parent guide of art history, parenting tips and family art activities
1 hour of classical music performed by the Moscow International Orchestra. Not only is the amazing DVD soundtrack included, but extra bonus tracks as well!
24 pages of information on the art, artists and music along with expert tips on raising a creative child. There is a total of 3 different DVD/CD gift packs: My World Adventure, My World Gallery, and My World Colors. Little Laureate is such a great series to teach great cultural differences, art, music, and colors.
Want to win one of Little Laureate's DVD's? They offered two DVD's to give away! Just leave a comment below. This contest is open to residents of the United States, bloggers and non-bloggers. Please leave a way to contact you. To get another chance at winning, blog about it, and link back here. Please make another comment that you blogged it so I can make sure you get credit. :) I will leave comments open until December 27th at 11:59 PM. I will announce the winner on the 28th.
If you want to buy the set, they have offered my readers a code to get buy one, get one free. Tell them that you saw the review at Sassyfrazz and enter the discount code: PROMO. Retail value is $34.95! This code is good through 12/31.
Update: comments closed: ****We have 2 winners: #2: Qtpies 7 and #31 Anonymous!! Congrats to you both! My sons helped pick the winners.
I need Anonymous to contact me with an e-mail address by 12 (noon) tomorrow (12/29) or I will draw another winner, because I can't contact you.
Thanks everyone for playing. Stay tuned to another contest starting in January!

Friday, December 21, 2007

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

The little children in our church a.k.a. "The Bugs" sang in church for the Sunday morning service. The kids sang a Jingle song (and had bells ringing) and Away in a Manger. Caleb did NOT want to go up there. I went up with him and sat on the floor. He was practically sitting in my hand that I held on his back. He really doesn't like the attention on him in big crowds. My friend (Jody's) little guys were up there, and her son D.J. is a hoot. He loves entertaining and he is good at it. At the end of the Jingle Bell song, he went back and started playing the drums, and his little brother followed suit. After the teacher re-directed them both to the front of the group, D.J. got to be in front of the mic. Then, all the kids sang 'Away in the Manger'. After the song was done, D.J. piped up and asked, "Any Questions?" I thought it was funny, but really I thought it was a very appropriate thing to ask. "From the mouths of babes" as my aunt says.
I dressed Caleb and Maddie in their cute little outfits. Both of these adorable outfits were given to me. I have been blessed with clothes for the kids, and for that I am so thankful. Caleb's I got from a friend and she is my Stampin' UP demonstrator. Her son is just a year older than Caleb, and she has a daughter just a year older than Maddie. She is giving me all the clothes now, because she is done having kids. I appreciate it so much! Sure saves on cost. Maddie's outfit came from a friend at church. She has given Maddie some clothes, too...because she is done having kids. She found the outfit at a thrift store, and it is so adorable. I should have had Terry take the sweater off for the picture. I will try to get some more pictures posted of her in it, soon. ~ Thanks Christina and Sheila!

Something to giggle at~

Terry came down stairs and Nathaniel was standing there. Terry said, "What is that smell? It smells like perfume, or something?" Nathaniel said, "My arm pits!"

It was very comical. We started having Nathaniel use deodorant. I think he seems young to use it, but he needs it. I think kids are getting younger with the time they are hitting puberty. It is pretty sad, I think.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Extended thanks~

I have been blessed! I want to take this post to send out my gratitude!

  • I want to thank Beloved Mama for the book that I won from her blog. I won the Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible. I was looking forward to reading this.
  • I want to thank Stephanie from Metropolitan Mama for the Lansinoh cream and Double breast pump! Both of these items are super great, and I really can't believe I won two of the contests for Lansinoh products! Thank you so much! I needed a pump, too!
  • I won some adorable, cute shoes from Blessed Arrows! I am so excited about these cute shoes for Maddie! Thanks so much!
  • Sassy Lucy added me to her Magnificent Mamas blogroll on December 19th! What a great honor! Thanks for being so thoughtful!
  • I would like to thank Avis Board from Urban Botanic for the "Pink Hope" fragrant lotion! I love, LOVE it, and I think it is a super combination! I picked what I thought of as 2 good scents for the "Pink Hope" to represent Breast Cancer Awareness, she loved it, and I won a bottle of lotion.
  • I won a Trendy Tadpole t-shirt of my choice from Contest For Mom's blog! I love these t-shirts! I did a post about them, too! You should check out her cute shirts! Thank you for the shirt! This is one of Caleb's gifts.
  • I won a Land Before Time DVD and the Shrek 3 DVD from Table for Five! Thanks so much! Makes great gifts for Christmas!
  • I would like to thank Elisa, from Extravagant Grace, for picking me to receive the For Parents Only book~ I love it!
  • I was in the top 12 for winners at Fuel my blog! I chose to get the Sparkle Pillar Set~candles! Thanks so much! I love candles!

Thank you to all of you! I appreciate it so very much!! Stay tuned for more giveaways here, too!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winners of Twisted Silver and Tottoos!

I used the Random Generator for the Twisted Silver contest and this is what I got:

True Random Number ServiceRandom Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2007-12-19 20:26:18 UTC
The winner is Amanda from mommymandy ! Congratulations!

I am really surprised that I only had a couple entrants for the totoos: Winner is Babystepper!

I hope you ladies enjoy your gifts, and I will get those in the mail as soon as possible. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Boy time flies, and oh, the joys~

My little Princess is so funny! She crawls around purring. She makes this sound with the back of her throat ~ not her tongue, and it is super cute! She growls at you from across the room if you look like you're going to "get her". She likes to clap her hands to hear the slap sound. She will dance for you if you sing (more like a bobbing motion). Two of her favorite songs are, "If you're happy and you know it..." and "Jumping up and Down" (from the Donut repair man).I am amazed at how much she has changed in 9 months! She changes daily, and is learning so much! I am so thankful that I have the privilege of being an at home mom! She is so fun to play with and laugh at. She is really starting to interact with her brothers, and showing affection to them. She loves Lena, who is one to use her as a speed bump now and then. Someday Maddie will be bigger than Lena, and the roles will be reversed.

I bring my little princess in for her 9 month check up tomorrow morning. She is 9 1/2 months old. I am excited to see how much she weighs and how tall she is. I am looking forward to where she is in ratios with other babies her age. I know she is a peanut, but that is OK. I know that she is growing! I am happy she is little, because it is easier on my back. I love you little miss Maddie! You are so sweet and loving!

A glimpse into the future:

I will be hosting a few upcoming giveaways, contests, and reviews. Some of the up coming contests are for BOON, KABOOST and Little Laureate DVD/cd gift packs...stay tuned for the details! I will be doing a few book reviews. One of the reviews of the books sounds amazing, and it is one that I will be reading with Nathaniel. I am so thankful and grateful to the companies that supply these great products! I love to do reviews and the contests are super fun! Thank you so much! Don't forget to sign up for the current contests : Tu Tu Cute and Twisted Silver! Hurry the deadline to enter is 11:59 P.M. tonight!

"Twisted Silver" Contest

Twisted Silver is a fine, and funky, jewelry store ran by stay-home moms! They make necklaces, rings, belts, earrings, and bracelets! This is what they say, "Twisted Silver is the imaginative trailblazer of the "convertible jewelry" movement. Belts become necklaces...become chokers... become multi-wrap bracelets! Rare is it to find a piece of jewelry always outside of the box, yet instantaneously fashionable and recognizable.
Because Twisted Silver lets you define how to wear the jewelry, your imagination is your only limitation. Give free reign to your individuality. One piece of jewelry.....SO many options! It's great to be a girl!"
Aren't these earrings pretty? They are so stylish! These are the "Flower" earrings. Here is the stats: Element: Copper, Weight: Light (.1 oz), Drop Length: 3" ,Design: 1 1/2" x 3"
Debra Mitchell is the founder and designer of this funky jewelry, and she does a great job! Want to win these amazing earrings? Go to Twisted Silver and pick out the piece of jewelry that dazzles you the most, then come back here and comment on your favorite piece (Please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you). If you would like a second entry to the contest, blog about this contest and link back to me. (I greatly appreciate Linky Love). Then, just leave another comment with your url addy. I will use a random generator to pick the winner. Contest is open to United States residents, bloggers and non-bloggers are welcome. Only those who follow the rules with be qualified. Contest ends December 18th at 11:59 P.M. I will announce the winner December 19 before noon (Central Time). I will pick another winner if the first winner doesn't respond within 24 hours. *retail value: $50.00* Thanks, and have fun!

Contest is now closed: Winner is Amanda!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tu-Tu cute

I hope that Little Miss Maddie can be in ballet or dance someday. I was in ballet and tap, and I loved it. I hope that I can win an adorable tu-tu from puddle hoppers. She make these for our little gilrs! She has many different colors and sizes and she is hoping to draw in some business. Go see the tu-tu's~ they are tu-tu cute. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thirteen reasons why parents should get Tottoos~ creates customized child safety products that are designed to increase the chance for a lost child to be found, and decrease the time you and your child may be separated. Our safety products are fun to wear and will empower your children in a whole new way!"
2. Totoos Temporary Tattoos and "Be Visible, Be Safe" Glow lights are perfect for vacations, amusement parks, family outings, school field trips, shopping, and any other situation where a child may accidentally stray from you.

3. You can put these Totoos on your child if they have a food allergy.
4. Medical Tottoos can be used to quickly identify a wide array of medical conditions, including Alzheimer's, seizure disorders, diabetes, and severe allergies in any situation where important medical information is helpful to be displayed.
5. You can even include an emergency phone number for your doctor or a loved one so they can provide immediate assistance.
6. "Be Visible, Be Safe" Glow Lights are made from non-toxic materials and include lanyards so they can either be worn as a necklace or attached to clothing. Your Glow Light will glow brightly for up to 12 hours and protect your loved ones day and night! *This is great for an evening event where there are many people (ie. Sate Fair)
7. Biking: Use glow lights for older children/adults when biking at night to increase visibility on the road and to have an emergency contact number available in case of accident.
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11. Tottoos are durable and water resistant, so you can use them at the beach or water park too! 12. One more layer of protection for keeping your whole group safe. Ideal for use on field trips, for sports clinics, camps, field days, overnight events, and whenever an activity takes your group away from your school or facility.
It is recommended that the chaperone's who accompany the children also wear Tottoos so it is apparent which adults belong with the group (and which do not).
13. Tottoos will last 12 hours or more (even up to a couple of days), if applied properly to clean, dry skin. We recommend, particularly with very young children, that you remove the decal when you're done with it so the skin can "breathe" instead of leaving it on for several days.

For more information about this amazing product, please visit! DO you want to win a set of these to take precautions to protect your children? Or wear yourself, for medical reasons? Tottoos has graciously offered my readers a Basic Safety Set! Here are the "rules" to this contest:
1. Go to and look around, then come back here and leave a comment with the answer about where the company is located. Their story is quite amazing, too! *hint, look in the about us.
2. For a second entry, post about this contest on your blog. It doesn't have to be a long post. I would love to spread the word (and linky love is so nice)!
Contest ends December 18th at 11:59 p.m. I will announce the winner on the 19th.

That's it! Happy Thursday Thirteen, and thanks for stopping by~

Contest now closed: Winner is Babystepper!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Review: Answer That! Game

Nathaniel loves the 'Adventures of Odyssey' series. When I saw this game, I knew that he would be just tickled pink to play it! I know that he will easily know more that me when we play it, but that is ok.
Answer That! DVD trivia game is based on the last 20 years of stories and lessons from the Adventures of Odyssey series. You can listen and watch scenes on the DVD, race each other on the game board and answer trivia questions to see who makes it to Whit's End first! There are 600 on-screen questions, a Game Board with 4 paths leading to Whit's End, 76 trivia cards with over 450 challenges (Easy-hard levels), 20 Room of Consequence cards, 4 character play pieces, 1 die, and an instructional sheet. The Room of Consequence cards are cards that describe behaviors that are undesirable (ie, treating a friend badly) and you have to move back. I really like that you can have teachable moments with the kids during this game. I love that you can do different things with this game! You can take it with you in the car with the Trivia cards. You can play a quick round during the Lightning mode (DVD use only), and you can play with the game board for a game night. There are three trivia categories: Whit's Wisdom (Biblical references), Eugene's Questions (Multiple sources), and Connie's Character (Identify the quotes). This game incorporates radio episodes, book excerpts, song snippets, and clips from the Adventure of Odyssey's animated films. Nathaniel will love this game, and he will get it for Christmas! Digital Praise offers this, among other great games for the PC and DVD, that families can enjoy! They are Christian games that instill great family values.

"'Twas the night before Christmas"

'Twas the "Night Before Christmas" when all through the house...Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Pa was soundly sleeping, and I was out shopping. My money was in my hand-made purse (made by tsunami survivors in Indonesia) byLaga Handbags, and I got in line first.
I took off my Fingerless kitty mitties that kept my hands warm. Oh my, look what I found from my honey~stuck to the inside of my mitt was a bundle of money!
The Coffee shop was busy with people getting their coffee. I love the smells it totally excites me! I got the exotic set from The Mad Roaster Coffee, now I must hurry home to make some toffee.
Pa is still sleeping and I need some light, so not to disturb him I put a match to the light. I love the candles that Pa got me from Peter G Candles, they smell so glorious and they're safe to use in my home, and fit on my mantle!
Time to relax from the hustle and bustle, I settle in for a nice warm bath with my basket of truffles."

Please vote for me at Fuel my Blog! The end date for this competition is: 15th December 2007! So, please vote now! :) Thanks in advance~


A few days ago I picked up a few necessities from Walmart: diapers, toilet paper, napkins, dishwasher soap, etc. I forgot my coupons for the diapers. I buy Huggies, and those are not cheap diapers. My kids have allergies to the cheaper brands and I am not able to use the cloth diapers (even though I think that is a super way to go) if you don't have the poop phobia like I do if you can. Anyway, the next day I brought my coupons in to redeem them. I had 2- $1.50 off coupons. I was so excited to save $3.00! I was told awhile back, from Walmart, that if I had coupons I could redeem them up to 2 days after the purchase date. Needless to say, when I went in and asked about it, the lady told me that it has to be the date of purchase! That was a bit frustrating. What topped it all off though, was the other clerk said while trying to be cute politely, "But your hair is cute!" What does that have to do with me not getting my money back?? GRRRRR...

Actions speak volumes!

Nathaniel has such a giving and sweet spirit. He was given $5.00 for a birthday gift from my brother and sister-in-law. Well, he tends to be a penny pincher at times (which is a good thing), and so I never know what he will do with it. However, he is a kid, and he can blow money, too!

We went to a train show a month ago. My husband loves trains! We even opened up a hobby store, and I will post on that another time. Anyway, Nathaniel bought him a few trains ~ with his birthday money. I thought that was such a giving spirit...He makes me proud!

Review: Dance Praise 2: The Remix

This CD-Rom game has fun, excitement, and exercise written all over it. You won;t even know that you are exercising, because it is really that fun! It has 52 Christian songs on it, 10 of them are "locked" until you dance through songs at a "hard" level. The songs vary in style from hip-hop to worship, pop to rock. What is really great, is the lyrics are on the screen so you can sing along. I love singing, so this is a great way to worship, too! There is a dance pad that you plug into your computer. You can put up to 4 dance pads with the game. Then, you just put in the CD, and start dancing! You can chose different backgrounds, create profiles for each person, select favorite tunes and play with continuous mode, all the while DANCING OFF THOSE EXTRA POUNDS! Christmas is almost here, and usually that means more insulation pounds added on. This is going to be under our tree for Christmas to help us stay fit for the winter. There is an improved exercise mode, which will record your progress as you dance off those unwanted pounds! It tracks time, calories, and weight lost!! Isn't that great? Each song has 4 choreographed dances. Arcade-style game - "DanceTris", the new "tetris"-style dance pad game gives you a new way to play on your dance pad. You can customize the play lists by selecting your favorite tunes from the games or Expansion Packs and name the list for future access. There is even a super-easy mode so the little ones can give it a try. Caleb will love this, too. I love hearing more Christian music, and dancing right along. Praising God, having fun, and exercising all in one! Thanks to Digital Praise my family can enjoy a great game with such great family values.

Thank YOU so much!!

I am so very excited! I won a gift from this fun Scavenger hunt! Prize: Baby's First Hair Clip Gift PackProvided by: No Slippy Hair Clippy !! Prize Details: Baby's First Hair Clip Gift PackPrize Quantity: Giving away 1 setPrize Amount: $50 Thank you so much MomViews, MumstheWurd, and BlondeReviews for this great contest! Maddie will look even cuter with these little clippies~

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nine Months....

I can't believe it has been nine months since I gave birth to my little Princess~~She is still a little peanut! She brings so much joy and laughter (especially now that she is really interacting with us). She crawls (speed crawling), pulls up to furniture,
crawls up stairs...falls down stairs, jumps, claps her hands,dances, giggles, growls (yes, she sounds like a doggie), purrs...(yes, we call her our little kitty), plays peek-a-boo, and knows when I give the baby sign for milk what that means. Happy 9 month birthday, Maddie~

Win a Wii!

Update: I am so thankful and happy that I won the Wii! Thank you Contest Beat and Cellforcash! I really look forward to many hours of fun with my family playing with this game system! Thank you for those who stop by~what a great contest...AND WIN! :)
ContestBeat is hosting a contest to win a Wii! I would love to win this! Our family is very big into playing games together. It is such a great bonding time, and after you have all the equipment (gaming devices, controllers, games..etc) it really is affordable entertainment. Know who is sponsoring this contest?! is where you can recycle your cell phone; recycle other cell phones; sell your cell phone; or sell other cell phones. What a great thing to recycle! Most everyone has a cell phone these days, and they don't last forever. So, with this company you can get some of your money back, or just get rid of it safely. I hope I can win the Wii for my family! Thanks ContestBeat for this contest!

Take a look at these great contests!

CPAMom is having a few contests going on! Oompa toy to give away: This Play Puzzle Farm. Contest ends: Wednesday, December 12, 2007. Little Laureate's developmental series for children ages 1 to 4 :My World Gallery, My World Colors and My World Adventure. Go here to enter before December 13th.

Play activites is having a giveaway for a Sensory garden dome contest ends December 16th.

So much to do, so little time is giving away $150 gift card to Sterling Pear. Contest ends December 14th.

Friday, December 7, 2007

A little background information...and randoms

I was a single mom with Nathaniel for 5 1/2 years before I married Terry. When Terry and I married in 2004, Nathaniel was entering Kindergarten. I decided to home school him. When Nathaniel's Dad heard the news, he was not happy with it, and really put up a fight. (By the way, Nathaniel's dad isn't a Christian, and we have very different parenting styles) Well, since "legally" we share joint custody, we have to agree on school choices. Well, how do you agree on something you don't agree on? It wasn't something that we could come to an agreement on so we had to go to mediation...In the mean time, I just kept home educating Nathaniel. Kindergarten went great! Nathaniel really learned a lot. Him and I really both enjoyed learning together. I really enjoyed seeing him grow educationally. I taught him how to read and write! That was an amazing feeling knowing that I did that. I still don't know how I did that. The following fall (after he started first grade) his Dad and I went to mediation. The outcome of the mediation was, I made a lot of changes (in favor of his dad) so I can keep homeschooling until, at least, 6th grade. I home educated Nathaniel through Second grade. During Second grade, things changed. Nathaniel and I were constantly at each other. We really didn't get along very well. We ended our days in tears (both of us) many days. I was tired of home schooling him. I didn't like what our relationship was turning into. I wanted to enjoy him, and I really felt like I was starting to not like him so much. Don't get me wrong, I love my son...but I am sure you can relate with not really liking them at moments.
I had Madelyn during that school year...beginning of March. I am sure being pregnant during that time didn't help our situation. I was so very emotional with my pregnancy with Madelyn. I got lazy with schooling, too, but I could tell that it just wasn't working out. Nathaniel had a hard time with separating me as mom and teacher. He took what I was trying to teach as criticizing. I know I can be very critical at times, too...but that is another post in itself (stay tuned). So, with a lot of prayer, and a lot of talk with Terry and friends, Nathaniel entered the Public School this year (2007). He is really doing well, and he enjoys school. I think he does really well under another teacher's direction. He gets challenged by other peers, and he loves competition. He thrives well with structure, and he gets that at school. This isn't a defeat statement, but I don't have to fight with his Dad about school anymore, either. Nathaniel's state test results came back and he far exceeds the standards, he is at a 6th grade reading level, his spelling is a daily struggle....and that makes me want to take him out and keep home educating him. We will see how this year goes. We may end up taking him out and maybe do Christian online school down the road. Who knows. All I know is that I need to do it all in prayer.
I am still wanting to home educate Caleb, Madelyn and any other kids we may have, but I think that having Nathaniel go to the school was a good choice. It was prayed over, and God gave me peace about it. I would have preferred a Christian or Private school...but, finances won't stretch that far. I don't agree with some things with the school system, but I just have to keep bathing it in prayer.

"Holiday Concert"

My son's third grade class had their "Holiday Concert" last night. I remember when I was little it was called a Christmas concert. I guess it would be "politically incorrect" or a "religious racism" to classify it as such. Anyway, it was a great concert!! Nathaniel got to play the drums for the evening concert. He was so proud, and he was so excited! It is an amazing feeling that goes through a mom when her baby is up front performing. I was really beaming, I am sure. The music teacher did an amazing concert with the kids. She involved as many students as she could. Some had singing parts, some played musical instruments, some had dancing parts, and one little guy was the "announcer" for each song. That little boy reminded me of "The Peanuts Christmas" when Linus was up front reciting the scripture from the book of Luke. It was very cute. It was a fun event. They had a concert during the day, which my parents came to that one with me and the kiddos. In the evening, my Mom-in-law came, Terry, Me and the kiddos. I got Nathaniel to giggle on the last song "Feliz Navidad". He has such a great smile. It was so great to see him smiling and having a great time.

Old Fashioned Christmas

Here is our table that we decorated for the "Old Fashioned Christmas" at our church. You can read about this event here.

When I grow up~

Last night, when Terry was putting Caleb to bed, Caleb said, "When I grow up, I will be Nathaniel's age!"

Thursday, December 6, 2007

13 things you can win

1. Mom & Baby Fitness DVD
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13. Petite Painter

Want to know how to win these things? 5 Minutes for MOM is hosting this amazing giveaway! This is an assortment of infant-to-preschool toys from the award winning Parents® Magazine toy line. Go here to enter the contest (rules posted). Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thursday Thirteen!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Check it out~

**Updates with added contests**
Laura Williams' Musings is having a Review & Giveaway: Limited Edition Happy Panda Holiday Gift Basket valued at $200.00. This is what you have to do: 1. Post about this giveaway on your blog or site with a link to this giveaway and to Happy Panda.
2. Visit Happy Panda and view all their cute stuff. Then come back here and leave a comment of which one you like best along with your blog post link about this giveaway. Contest ends tonight at 11:59 P.M. so hurry! She is also giving away a Baby Jamz Move 'n Groove Dance Mat! Just leave a comment on this post by December 6th. I think Maddie and Caleb would love this, so I hope to win it! The Baby Jamz Mix Master chair is also in a giveaway. Go here to enter before December 6th. Do you and your kids love crafts? She is hosting a giveaway for a Hanes craft kit! Enter before December 6th. She is having a giveaway a set of Holiday Bows from The Fairy Princess Bow Boutique. Ends December 6th. Maddie would appreciate this win! :)

Amanda is giving away adorable reindeer girly bows that she made! They are so cute! Head over there before Wednesday, December 5th. You should check out her store,!

DE Reviews is giving away: Fruit & Veg. Puzzle and Under Lock & Key Garage. These toys come from the Parents line (a branch from the Parent's magazine). Other products Parents released are the Kitty Keyboard, Letter Tile Puzzles (on my list!), Pop Beads, Mom & baby Fitness DVD (great for new mamas!), and much more. Enter for a chance to win by Friday, December 7th.

The Apronista is giving away The Santa Baby Apron! It is so cute! Go here to enter before Friday, December 7th.

My Two boys is having one last giveaway for natural products (non-toxic). Natural Pod is offering 5 fantastic products that are best in natural and organic products for your baby. Enter before December 5.

*The Domestic Diva is giving away a My Friends Tigger & Pooh - Super Sleuth Christmas Movie December 10th is the deadline for the Movie~
She is also giving away a Kodak Gallery $50 giftcard giveaway!!! Then, you can make personalized photo gifts! Head over and sign up before December 8th!

*Island life is giving away a $50 giftcard to Warm Biscuit bedding company. I would use it on some of those vintage (by era) toys. LOL~ Enter before December 10th. Win a Woobie by entering this contest by December 7th. I think Maddie would love one of those!

My Family Loves it-Family reviews, stories, and activities is giving away a Spongebob Maritime Music Player. I know Nathaniel would love this, because he really likes SpongeBob! You can also Win a Spongebob interactive song book! This contest ends December 9th winner will be announced December 10th.

Not Entirely British is having a Christmas giveaway! She is having a contest for a RjTECH UNO-02 DVD compact slim DVD player. Contest ends Tuesday December 18th.

Along for the ride is giving away a $250 Shopping Spree to Along for the Ride. Just Email Your Answer to the question by midnight on December 31, 2007. ONE regular entry per person. See question #2 on their site to receive a BONUS entry! Winner will be announced by email on or before January 10, 2007. I would choose the Sachi Carriers Solarweave Mei Tai Pink because it is summer/swimming friendly and I just love the way it looks. I am sure it feels amazing!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A great day/night

We had a great day! We went to a train show this morning with the kids. It wasn't the best train show, but my husband loves the trains, and so it was fun to go. We got to venture through the snow. I love snow. I love lots of snow. I just don't like the cold and ice with it. I hope we get dumped on this year for snow. I wish we could get as much as we did when I was little. I remember making tunnels through the Pine trees in the front yard. We made 7 feet tall snowmen and still had tons of snow on the ground. My brothers used to make igloos...and I am talking BIG igloos! They even slept in them sometimes. My mom worried all night long for them, but they were really warm. I am not so sure that I would allow my kids to sleep outside in an igloo these days. Can I spider-web here? Well, I am a girl, so I guess that is what we do, right? Well, according to Love & Respect we do. I love that we can do that. Anyway, about what we did when we were little...I am sure we played with Lead paint toys....ate baby cereal before 4 months (in fact my mom gave it to me when I was just a few weeks old)...what else did we do, and it didn't kill us? Isn't it amazing at how many "rules" we have to do with raising our children these days? I love that song, "Back When". It is a Country song, and it is super! Here is the chorus: "Back when a hoe was a hoe Coke was a coke And crack's what you were doing When you were cracking jokes Back when a screw was a screw The wind was all that blew And when you said I'm down with that Well it meant you had the flu I miss back when I miss back when I miss back when" It just reminds me of life when it didn't seem so terrible and demented.

Ok, so are you wondering why I am all over the place? Well, I am tired, it is after midnight, and I just think I am being weird. I know my friend's are giggling and nodding their heads yeppers to this....

Anyway, this evening we had one of our favorite babysitters come watch the kids. She brought her little sister with. She is "training" her to be a babysitter, and basically showing her the ropes. Well, they brought over all the sugary candy supplies to make Gingerbread houses. The kids had so much fun! It was fun to see Nathaniel's creativity soar! He has such an imagination. He even put in a wreath holder. He had a candy cane holding the gummy wreath over the door, and the candy cane was a rafter on the top of the house. It was very cute. I will have to get some photos up to show you. When the kids were having fun, we had fun, too. Our church has a Christmas Dinner every December. We invite a performer to come with entertainment. People within the church pick tables and decorate them to their liking. Then, they can choose to invite people to come, and if you can afford it, pay for the tickets. It can be a bit pricey at $20 a plate, but it is so wonderful! We decided to do a table this year. We had a brick red table cloth, a train set (working), Village homes/people, candles, snow, square snowmen plates, and snowmen mugs. It was so much fun. There were so many fun and pretty decorative tables. My friends Lisa and Jody did 2 tables. Lisa and Jody went for the pretty/fancy/elegant, and their hubby's went for the manly and hunting theme. I really enjoyed their tables, too. It was a great night out with my husband, friends and family members. I wish our table would have been closer to Lisa and Jody's, though. I am just glad that my (fire fighter) husband didn't start anything on fire this year. Last year he set Lisa's cloth napkin on fire with the candles. It was sad that the napkin was a bit scorched, but kind of comical that he is a fire fighter...yet caught the napkin on fire. I guess a Pyromaniac at heart! :)

Well, time for this little lady to get to bed. It is way past my bedtime. So, goodnight...sleep tight!


I won the Booples 2: Yikity Blar DVD from Laura Williams Musings blog! I am really excited that I won this! This is making a great Christmas present for the kids! I think the kids will love it! Thank you so much, Laura!

Here is a little bit about it:

"Booples 2 Yikity Blar!" is the second Booples DVD and all new stories and songs! Each episode has a story which is based around a Bible verse. The Booples learn about God, His love, His character and how to best live according to His word.
Each episode's song contains the Bible verse from the story. The songs are fun and catchy which helps kids remember the song, apply the message and retain the verse in their heart.
* "Forgive Each Other" - Ephesians 4:32 * "Jonah and the Tarshish Fish" - Luke 11:28 * "David Rocked Goliath" - 1 Corinthians 1:25 * "God is Faithful" - Psalm 33:4 * Plus all 4 song videos from the episodes! * And a Booples! short: "Fruit of the Spirit"
Songs by Pete Buchwald and Bear Cahill.
Booples named #6 on's "Top 10 Christian DVD and Video Series for Children"
Play-all features for the episodes, songs and both together!