Monday, December 8, 2008

bugaboo friends website

There is a great new website called Bugaboo Friends that is compiled of an online community of people who stay connected, active, and on the go. Joining Bugaboo Friends, you can meet people from all over the world, as they share their experiences with you and you share your experiences with them. You can be inspired by stories, upload and search photos, and see some great videos. You can see all of the Bugaboo products in action through this website, too. I think it is fun to see the videos of other parents in action with their children. I really like hearing the different accents of people all over the world, too. It is fun to see that there are similar parenting styles like mine even across the globe.
As you may know, Bugaboo is a company that specializes in modern strollers and accessories. I would so very much love to own a Bugaboo stroller someday. I did get the Bugaboo microfleece blanket! This will really help out with the MN chill of winter!
The website (currently in its beta version) still has a few compatibility issues with Internet Explorer. In order to access the site with Internet Explorer it is best for you to use this link.
There are several community activities already in the works that will be implemented in weeks to come (sending a message to other members, suggesting a good idea, etc.). Bugaboo wants to share product information, product performance and functionality through the stories of consumers, your experiences and exciting personal discoveries.

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