Monday, December 1, 2008

~Cyber Baby Shower for our blessing #4~

**UPDATE (12/3/08) Two new gifts added...
Welcome to my Cyber Baby Shower, hosted by the very gracious Pamela Kramer of Happy Panda Baby, her wonderful online boutique of adorable baby clothes made to fit the bigger baby. She is also the Mom to 3 little "Pandas," and blogs at PMKU. She is a very busy lady, and she has been really fun getting to know! Thank you so very much, Pamela!
Thank you for coming and being a guest to this fun virtual party! I hope you feel welcome, have fun with the games and participating...and maybe even meet some new friends! We have some amazing door prizes (click to see the list of prizes)! Everyone is eligible to enter with just a comment and bloggers will have additional opportunities to win their top picks of prizes by playing the games in a post on their own blog.
First, if you have a blog, create a “CyberShower Party Post.” In your post, you can answer these questions and post pictures. You may enter several pictures if you have them. Please put my Cyber Shower button in your post and you can permalink it back to this post.

First, we’ll play a few Baby CyberShower Games.
Second, we’ll take a look at all the Unique Baby Shower Gifts I received. Thank you to all the companies who have generously given me and our baby such thoughtful gifts! I greatly appreciate it!
Third, even if you do not have a blog, you can leave a comment on this post to enter yourself in the draw for the prizes. The top choice of prizes will be distributed to the game winners and the rest of the prizes will be distributed randomly.
Fourth, meet other guests by using Mr. Linky and visiting the party on other blogs--another key factor with online parties is to meet new people, and make new friends!
Are you ready to play some games?
The First Choice of Prizes will go to: The picture of the sweetest picture of Daddy's first picture with their new baby. This can be a picture right at the hospital/in home birth, or just a few days/weeks old of the baby.
The Second Choice of Prizes will go to: The person who guesses the correct birth weight of my second child, Caleb, who is now 3 1/2 years old. He was 3 days overdue, and I was induced with him. Those are the only clues I will give you. :)
The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Choice of Prizes will go to: The most creative creation of a baby and/or a pregnant Mom made out of play-doh, or clay. That's right...time to get creative, regress to your childhood days, and have a blast making your masterpiece. Yes, you can ask your kids to help with this one. I am all about having fun with your kids!
Bloggers, you can post this on your Cyber Shower Party Post. Those without blogs can leave their answers in the comments! Feel free to invite all your friends and readers, too, and add anything else to your post that will add to the fun cyber party(pictures of your kids, videos, music, decorations...).
Make sure to sign Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post and add the permalink to your CyberShower post (not your main page). This is very important if you want your entry to count!
Don't forget to leave a comment! We have some amazing door prizes (click to see the list of prizes) and let us know which prizes you would want most if you win. After the first five prizes are awarded, the rest of the prizes will be distributed to random guests.
Non-Blogging Readers
You can still play by leaving me a comment with your guess with the correct birth weight of my second child. And the rest of the prizes will be chosen at random from the comments, so everyone can participate! There are a generous amount of donated prizes, too!!
Please check out the fabulous prizes (click to see the prizes) and let us know in your comment which prizes you would want most if you win. Winners will be posted on the prize page when the shower is over. Thanks again~ and happy playing! Look at what my guests have blessed the baby and I with! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity and kindness lavished on us!
~I will give you the details of the gifts I received for our baby #4~
Happy Panda Baby has blessed us with some of babies first necessities! She made a wonderful diaper cake! Isn't it beautiful? Can you believe all of this is in this great "cake": Sitting on top of a cake-like masterpiece is a Paci-Plushie Puppy, he carries a pacifier in his mouth! I think this idea to help little ones find their pacifier on their own is ingenious! Inside the 4-tier cakes (made with 70-75 Pampers Swaddlers - size 1-2) is a Happy Panda tagless panda face gift set (lap t, hat and pants), Johnson's baby lotion, powder, baby wash, shampoo and Johnson's soothing naturals, Desitin diaper rash cream and 4 Germ X packets! This cake is not only a great centerpiece to this cyber shower, it will be so helpful with our baby! Thanks so much Happy Panda!
My little baby will be strutting in the sun, staying protected from the gift I received from Baby Banz! The Banz Hat and Glasses combo is going to be perfectfor keeping our baby out of the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun! The Baby Banz sun hats have a broad brim to cover baby's ears, nose, cheeks and neck. What a great protection! The UPF rating is 50+! Baby Banz Eye wear offers 100% UVA/UVB protection and the glasses grow with your child! The frame and lenses are durable and safe polcarbonate, plus the neoprene band is adjustable! Thanks so much Baby Banz!
Being a breast feeder, I was happy to receive a Shower Hug from Belmama & Cherub! The Shower Hug is a "hug" to moms! It is a terry cloth wrap that new mom's can wear while showering (protection from harsh water sprays, soaps, etc.) which is so helpful when you are extra sensitive in the beginning after birth. The Shower Hug is makes a great warm compress if you have milk fever or if you are engorged. Want an alternative to wearing a bra to bed with those annoying nursing pads? The Shower Hug makes for a great strapless nursing bra. If you had a C-Section, the Shower Hug can be wrapped around your hips and lower abdomen to support healing and offer protection. Thank you so much, Ane S., founder of Belmama & Cherub!
I got a beautifully hand-crocheted red, brown and white hat, and a onesie to match (with the saying, "a little monkey business") from Jaybird Designs! Owner, Jennifer Cirka, masters her needles well! This hat is so incredibly cute and made without flaw, plus she put on a ribbon with her name on it! The hat is made with ear flaps to keep my baby's ears warm! Living in MN, this is such a necessity! Jaybird Designs makes several (handmade) crocheted products for her boutique, everything from baby to women. She has e-books you can purchase, and offers free patterns! Thank you Jennifer for your wonderful gift!
Cute Slings sent me a Pouch style baby carrier! I am a big advocate of baby wearing, so I am really excited about a new sling pouch! Baby Slings are such a great invention! They allow mom and baby to be close, baby feels secure, and mom's hands are free all the while being able to care for her baby. Baby Slings fit great for moms and dads, and are available in many designs. There are several options when choosing a baby sling, and Cute Slings also makes nursing covers. Thank you so much, Zoriah Pearson: owner/founder of Cute Slings, for your thoughtful gift!
See Kai Run makes amazing shoes! I am a big fan of them already, because they make super quality shoes! See Kai Run shoes are made with premium Sheepskin leather, which is durable and breathable. See Kai Run's footwear: "meets the American Podiatric Medical Association's rigorous standards for foot health and functionality and has been awarded the APMA's prestigious Seal of Acceptance." I highly recommend their shoes to all children's feet out there! I wish they made adult size shoes! Thank you See Kai Run for the gift certificate coming! I greatly appreciate your gift~and so will my baby!
I think it is great when kids learn other languages, besides their native tongue. Boca Beth's Beginner Set, that I received as a shower gift, looks like a great way to start with introducing Spanish to my baby, and other children. The Beginner Set includes a bilingual music CD, bilingual DVD, BOCA the puppet, coloring book, and an easy reading How to Guide. Beth Butler, founder of Boca Beth, is a bilingual educator and strives to build better communication in our very diverse society. I really think that the Boca Beth program will be great to help teach Spanish to my family, especially with home schooling in a few years. Thank you so much for this great set, Beth!
Tiny Prints blessed me with a gift certificate to create Christmas cards, or birth announcements! Tiny Prints is a great online store to make your personalized invitations, thank you cards, birthday and shower cards, etc. You can upload your photos and pick out your favorite design of "stationary" to put your photos on. With Tiny Prints, you personalize and preview a card before ordering. You can create a card entirely from scratch in the font types, sizes and colors of your choice, or use one that they have pre-designed. Tiny Prints was created by 3 friends who: "share a love of babies and an appreciation for giving and receiving good paper." Thank you Tiny Prints for the generous gift certificate!
My kids were really excited about the next gift, stuffed Sprouticus toys for them (and the baby), tattoos (for the older boys), a pocket sized tube of lotion for Crunchy Kids in Beach, a pocket sized tube of Cream for Extra Crunchy Kids in Blueberry Muffin, and Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers in Chocolate. Stuff for Sprouts makes all of their products with good, and natural ingredients. Stuff for Sprouts is skincare for little kids. Because kids shouldn't crunch. Thanks so much for the great products for all of my kids!
I got a great bath time gift from Babylicious~a hooded Go Fish Towel. This towel is made from soft 10 ounce terry cloth and has a stylish reverse print. The sides of the towel are long, so it will be easy to wrap my baby in, and the towel will grow with my child. Babylicious boutique has a wide variety of products from bedding to bath and the patterns are so funky and eye catching! You can get all your nursery, feeding and bath needs to coordinate together. Thank you so much for the hooded towel, Babylicious!
Ah Goo Baby sent me the most luxurious changing pad I have ever seen! My baby will not be uncomfortable laying on this memory foam plush pad! I am excited that I can use this for a sitting or laying pad for my baby, too! Know what else is super about the ah goo baby plush pad? It is machine washable! Ah Goo Baby was formed in 2005 by Karin & George Telegadis, and I thank them for creating, and sharing their amazing product with me!
Shop Dreem sent me one of their very hip maternity Tees. I got the "Just Kickin' It" long sleeve in white. Shop Dreem offers their shirts for maternity wear and "hot" moms. All their shirts are offered in tees, tanks, long sleeves, and thermals. I got a white shirt, which is very light material, so if you get that color, layering your shirts works great. There are many other options for colors as well. Brooke Wall, the founder of Dreem in 2004, makes stylish Tees. Thank you for the fun, and noticeable shirt, Brooke! People get a "kick" out of it!
Chesapeake Ribbons gave me a gift certificate to use in their online boutique after our baby is born! Without us knowing if the baby is a boy or girl, Margie Gunn thought it would be more fun to pick out what we could use after the birth. She is so thoughtful! That way, I can order infant barrettes if baby is a girl or cute belts if I have a boy. Margie also makes adorable headbands and pacifier clips. I know I will have a hard time picking something out! Thanks for your generous gift for my baby, Margie!
I love the colorful crocheted bouties that Beth Newbern-Hallem, from Jus Shar Designs made for our baby! She hand makes all of her products with knitting or crochet. Shar Designs offers several beautiful hand made items like an afghans, blankets, sweaters, bags, hats, socks, gloves, scarves, etc. She can make her products any size from infant to adult. She likes to "bring touch of yesteryear into our life"...and she did just that with her thoughtful gift! My mom and grandma used to make booties very similar, so thank you for the rememberance and thoughtfulness!
Speaking of Breastfeeding, the Cushie Pushie is a grand help! I have breastfed 3 babies now, and let's just say I am not 22 anymore. The Cushie Pushie is a mom-designed pillow to help you be in the best breast position for easier breastfeeding. This breastfeeding pillow pushes your breast upward in order to allow easy latching by your nursing baby, whilemaintaining correct positioning throughout the feeding. By keeping the breast pushed up, it also frees one of your hands from continually holding your breast while breastfeeding. (I have done this, more work you don't need...nursing is enough work) This is particular helpful if you are busy breastfeeding mom who is continually multi-tasking, even while blogging? Thanks to creator, Lois Whittaker for being so inventive and helping fellow breastfeeders!
Our family has never really dealt with any food allergies, so when my son, Caleb was found to be allergic to eggs, it was a time to adjust! Allergy Kids sent me a green lunch sack, med case, bumper stickers, 2 rubber pins, write-on tag, 2 decals, and a green wrist band. I think this is a great product line, especially since allergies are so great out there: asthma, food allergies, ADHD or Autism. With my husband having asthma, and my son having a food allergy, this kit is helpful to have on hand. Thank you Robyn O'Brien, founder of Allergy Kids, for this helpful and useful gift!
Life is so busy, and being a mom to 3 (almost 4 kids) makes life really busy! I was thrilled to receive three e-book packages from Busy Mom Meal Planning! The e-books will give me insight on how to save time and money, how to plan according to my schedule, write a grocery list that works, learn how to navigate the grocery store, how to organize my food once you get it home, how to make simple quick meals, easy cure for leftovers: how to use them to make a whole new meal, the no lose way to bulk cooking and the correct way to store and reheat foods. Susan Stemple, creator of "Master the Dinner Hour" with Busy Mom Meal Planning, I thank you for your helpful and time-saving gift! **UPDATE**(12/3/08) New Shower gifts came today in the mail!
Sweet Pea Creations, founded by WAHM Susan Stemple. It all started with her daughter's birth announcement, and expanded into a huge success! Sweet Pea creations offer custom handmade birth/adoption announcements, baby shower/baptism/christening invites, and note cards for special events. Susan sent me 25 Thank you cards, and I am so thankful! I know these will be greatly used! Your gift is very thoughtful, and your "creations" are excellent!

You know the point where you take your baby out of a pool or the tub, and your little baby is just shivering? I think Erin Leone created a great product! Her Baby Wrappe is uniquely designed using a "patented" design that instantly snuggles your baby. When I opened the gift she gave me, I was so excited to get to use this on our baby. Her material was a soft fleece, and I could see why babies would love this Wrappe. I love that the Baby Wrappe snuggles baby as you dry them off. I am so glad that the Baby Wrappe is machine washable, too. The Baby Wrappes come in different colors and sizes. Thank you for the thoughtful, handmade gift Erin! I am sure my baby will love it!
***Thanks once again to my amazing guests for showering your gifts on us! Two of the sponsors of this Cyber Shower have received Honorary Mentions at the 2008 Start Up Nations Home-Based 100 competition!! See who got those awards (click here). Congratulations!
We greatly appreciate your generosity and kindness! It is great having new things for baby #4! I want to especially thank Pamela Kramer for hosting this amazing baby shower! Thank you for all your preparation, hard work and time! You rock!
Thanks to everyone who is visiting my site and participating in the shower! Thanks, first of all, for your visit...I hope you come back! Also, have fun with the games, good luck, and have fun meeting new people! Don't forget to sign Mr. Linky, participate in the games, and link back to me.


PMKU said...

What a pleasure it's been to work with you! I network with some of the greatest people on the net. Lots of blessings to your family and can't wait to find out what your having!!!

Laura said...

Congratulations Sarah! I come from a sibling family of 4, and have always loved it. All the best.

Erinjeany said...

Congrats! Thanks for letting me share in your cyber baby shower! Best wishes for a healthy and happy baby!

Twitter: @erinjeany

Grandma J said...

Happy baby shower, Sarah! I entered your contest, but can't quite figure out what it is for. When I clicked on the door prize link, it said "page cannot be found". Oh well.

Jennifer Cirka said...

Congratulations and I'm glad you liked the gift!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Baby Shower, Sarah! Thanks for letting me join in on the fun! I'm gonna guess Caleb's birth weight at 9lbs, 2oz.
And my favorite prizes are:
N-Style Moms
Chesapeake Ribbons
Goodies For Mom
It was so much fun checking out the sponser sites!
Thanks again and congrats!

Jenna said...

Congrats Sarah! We just had baby number two! I'm sure you can't wait for your new little one!

As for my favorite prizes (it's always hard to decide)
The Happy Panda GC
AhGoo Baby

My post is up, I hope you enjoy my pictures!

Shannon said...

I do not have a regular blog (only a photo/family update one for my boys) but I want to guess Caleb's weight as 7 lbs., 13 ozs.

Congrats on your newest blessing! I have two myself.

I love the See Kai Run shoes and Cute Slings. I could really use these two items.

Joyful Noise said...

I am going to guess Caleb's weight to be 8lbs 10 ozs. I know that you have told me several times how much he weighed - do you think I can remember?!?

I could not see the prizes either when I clicked on the will have to pick a good one for me. I will post pics on my site later for the other games...

jpandtheboys said...

I hope that this stays at 10 people!! hahaha.. just kidding! Sarah this is awesome. I can't imagine how excited you must be. What a fun idea. The prizes look amazing.

I would love a cute sling, Happy Panda certificate, meal planning for busy moms and would definately love for some to give my blog a new design. It needs help.

I can't participate in a shower without offering you something and I WANT and would love to take pictures of your darling baby. So after the baby is born give me a call and we will schedule a photoshoot of your beautiful newborn. Love you

jenny said...

wow happy #4 and well i cant wait for the fun to begain i also do have your button for this up on y stie some wheres but i know its there .

Rattled Mom said...

Congrats! I'm not a blogger yet (that's an upcoming maternity leave project) so I'll guess here that he was 8 lbs, 4 oz.

My favorites would be the See Kai Run shoes (my toddler would get her first pair!)

What fun! Best wishes to you.

beezerly (at) yahoo dot com

judybrittle said...

Big Congratulations!! No blog so I would love to guess 7lb.9 oz.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess 7lb 2 oz.


Grandma J said...

I never told you what I wanted to win...if I should be so lucky. I would love to have the blog make-over or the meal-planning kit.

Staci A said...

How fun! My post is up on Mr Linky. Congrats on baby #4.

The gifts all look great! I love the prizes from Boca Beth, Shopdreem, Tiny Prints, and JayBird Designs. But it was hard to even narrow it down to those! Thanks for the chance to join in the fun!

brandy said...

i have my post up.
i actually did the playdoh sculpture.

bwalleshauser at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

When I first signed up, the list of prizes was giving an error. So I now realize that Goodies For Mom didn't have a prize, (I just really love her site so that's why I chose her) Anyhoo, I'll change that choice to the "See My Designs" Blog Makeover...I have been wanting to take the leap of starting a blog, but haven't really known where to start! So this would be such a blessing to win! You have got some amazing sponsers...I have gotten more than a few gift ideas! Thanks so much...And CONGRATS again!

Stacy said...

My guess of your sons weight is 8lbs 7oz.


Anonymous said...

My guess is 8 lbs 3 oz.

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

Congrats to you!!

Anonymous said...

First, Congrats on the new baby! I'm going to guess 8 lbs 10oz.

email: keithadanielle[at]yahoo[dot]com

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna guess 7lbs 3oz

1.See My Designs blog makeover
2.See Kai Run shoe


jenny said...

ok i know i'm late got lost trying to find the place then i could not find a place to park the car but well i'm here now and i'm going to say the baby will be 6#and14 oz. almost 7#'s

Anonymous said...

This is SOOOO cool! I SO want to have a blog! Hubby doesn't think it is safe! :( Darn policemen!

I can't wait to see you on Monday! :)

Nadi said...

Congrats on your 4th blessing!! I have 2 myself and moms with 3 or more are my heroes!
I'm gonna guess 8lbs 6oz.
I'd love to win the See Kai Run shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!

treflea4 at gmail dot com

Maggie Smith said...

I posted a picture of my husband on my blog....MAN I LOVE THAT PIC!!


JJ said...

I have your button on my blog. Your son weight 7 lbs. 12 oz.

Unknown said...

Hey girl! We have spread the word and participated with the first game! Helana was born 9/9 and her "Daddy" has been very photogenic since then! We posted here:

also I'll guess Calebs weight at 9lbs 6 oz. .. My first son was 10 lbs, 2nd was 8 lbs 9 oz, and Helana was 7 lbs 11 oz!


Stephanie said...

Don't have a blog but thrilled to join in. My guess: Caleb weighed 9 lbs, 10 oz. Prize choices are See Kai Run, Boca Beth, and Happy Panda. I am the eldest of four and so glad I have sisters and a brother. Congrats!
tvollowitz at aol dot

Anonymous said...

As for my favorite prizes
The Happy Panda GC
AhGoo Baby

Susan said...

Hi Sarah! I finally joined in! (Better late than never?) What fun! I looked over the prizes and they look amazing! If I were to win, I think I'd pick the shoes, since some of the others that I liked were for moms of younger babies... I also liked the gift certificates to Happy Panda or the bracelet one. I forget if we were supposed to list one or a couple, so there ya go. Hope I did everything right!:)

Leah said...


This is sooo magical that you've invited all of us...BLOGGERS and NON~BLOGGERS alike.... to join you!

I have a suspicion that Caleb weighed 9lbs and 6ozs. Am I close? : )))

And, what looks sweet to me are:

1) See Kai Run
2) Boca Beth and
3) Tiny Prints

Enjoy these dazzling days! : )))

And, thanks so much!!!



campkk said...

I love the babywrappe and the see kai run shoes sound wonderful too!

Congratulations on #4. We had our 4th a year ago now! Not a baby anymore.... :( I miss those newborn days.

My guess on his weight would be 9 lbs,1 oz


Emilie said...

Congratulations!!! I'm going to guess 8lbs 13 oz for your son's weight. So many wonderful gifts to choose from. I would love to win the Happy Panda Diaper Cake or Baby Wrappe sling for my sis who is due in February. And I'd love the See Kai Run shoes for my 9 month old son. Thank so much for the wonderful giveaway!

Connie said...

Hmmm...was he 8 lbs 11 oz? Lots of great stuff but I've narrowed it down:
1. See Kai Run Shoes
2. A Goo Changing Pad
3. Baby Wrappe Sling
4. Babylicious Towel

Wish me luck and congrats on the new addition!

lace said...

My guess for baby #2's weight is 9lbs 1oz.

Congratulations on your newest one.

1. see kai run shoes
2. chesapeake ribbons
3. jaybird designs
4. cute slings

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new arrival. I posted my post and signed Mr. Linky.

Rockin' Mama said...

Congrats to your sweet baby!

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

Boca Beth
Ah Goo Baby

Unknown said...

Finally done! All winners are posted.