Monday, March 29, 2010

Dove Men Care : Review & giveaway!!

My husband was given an opportunity to review the new Men+Care line from Dove to review. I was excited to see that the package included a loofah, liquid body wash and a bar soap. My husband loved the smell of the body wash and said it left his skin feeling moisturized. He liked that the soap didn't dry out his skin, or leave any residue behind for irritation. My husband didn't care for the shower tool, because he prefers the large loofah. The shower tool has a loofah and a scrubber. I think the tool is either something you like or don't like, it just depends on your preference. The bar soap has a great manly scent to it, and it creates a great lather. It is a smaller bar, but we think that it lasts just as long as other brands.

The new products are designed for men who have a reached a point in their lives where they are comfortable with themselves, but not in their skin. Many men put up with cleansing products that are harsh and drying, without realizing these products leave their skin feeling dry, irritated and uncomfortable. Men even blame their socks for their skin irritation when it is really the drying effect of regular cleansers!

Body and Face Bar
It thoroughly cleanses skin while fighting dryness with Dove signature ¼ moisturizing cream; rinses cleanly!
Extra Fresh:
•Invigorating scent for an extra fresh shower experience
Deep Clean:
•Deep cleansing formula with purifying grains
**Two bars sell for $3.19. Six bars sell for $7.49.**

Body and Face Wash with MICROMOISTURE
The only men’s body wash with ultra-light MICROMOISTURE technology, a unique gel that activates on skin during lather to guard skin against discomfort. Available in three variants: Clean Comfort: Refreshing cleansing gel that rinses off easily with a mild formula.
Extra Fresh: Extra fresh cleansing gel that rinses off easily with a touch of menthol for a cooling sensation.
Deep Clean:◦Deep cleansing gel that rinses off easily with purifying grains.
**Each 13.5 fluid ounces are available for $4.99 each. **The Shower Tool sells for $3.99.**

Be sure to use this $1 off coupon!

Enter to Win!!
One lucky reader will win a bottle of Dove's Body and Face Wash and Bar! This contest is open to those in the United States and will end on April 8th, 2010 at midnight. To enter, leave a comment about who you know that would enjoy the Dove Men+Care products.
**For extra chances you can: blog this contest, add my button to your site, subscribe to my blog, twitter and/or become a fan on facebook, and/or visit everyday and add another friendly comment about another children's book you enjoy with your kids. Lots of chances to win! Don't forget to put the extra comments for the "extra" work. Good luck!**

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program for Dove Men + Care , who supplied the Body Wash and Soap for review. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here Burns My Candle: Liz Curtis Higgs (book review)

A mother who cannot face her future. A daughter who cannot escape her past. Lady Elisabeth Kerr is a keeper of secrets. A Highlander by birth and a Lowlander by marriage, she honors the auld ways, even as doubts and fears stir deep within her. Her husband, Lord Donald, has secrets of his own, well hidden from the household, yet whispered among the town gossips. His mother, the dowager Lady Marjory, hides gold beneath her floor and guilt inside her heart. Though her two abiding passions are maintaining her place in society and coddling her grown sons, Marjory’s many regrets, buried in Greyfriars Churchyard, continue to plague her. One by one the Kerr family secrets begin to surface, even as bonny Prince Charlie and his rebel army ride into Edinburgh in September 1745, intent on capturing the crown. A timeless story of love and betrayal, loss and redemption, flickering against the vivid backdrop of eighteenth-century Scotland, Here Burns My Candle illumines the dark side of human nature, even as hope, the brightest of tapers, lights the way home.

Author Bio:
LIZ CURTIS HIGGS is the author of twenty-seven books with three million copies in print, including: her best-selling historical novels, Thorn in My Heart, Fair Is the Rose, Christy Award-winner Whence Came a Prince, and Grace in Thine Eyes, a Christy Award finalist; My Heart’s in the Lowlands: Ten Days in Bonny Scotland, an armchair travel guide to Galloway; and her contemporary novels, Mixed Signals, a Rita Award finalist, and Bookends, a Christy Award finalist. Visit the author’s extensive website at

You can purchase this book online from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing.

This was book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sing and Learn Spanish with the all new DVD's from Master Communications!

More and more kids are learning a second language early on in their childhood. I think it is superthat children's DVD's are coming out introducing language learning in fun ways. I recently got a DVD to review from Master Communications called Sing and Learn.

Sing and Learn is an engaging and effective tool, whether teaching a second language – in this case, Spanish – or preserving it as a native language at home. Developed by Agnes Chavez, a language expert, teacher and producer of Spanish DVDs, the DVDs have been proven to teach Spanish to children the fun and easy way. Children are constantly exposed to multicultural rhythms from around the world and Sing and Learn capitalizes on that, bringing Salsa, Cumbia, and Ranchera music to life in these videos while showing youngsters engaged in fun, everyday activities.

I thought that this DVD was well put together, and my kids really enjoyed the music! I think kids learn quickly when music is apart of the lesson. I really liked that the Sing and Learn DVD included a PDF of a Teacher’s Guide filled with suggested lessons plans, vocabulary lists, song lyrics (in English and Spanish), and a list of even more resources.

In Sing and Learn Spanish, children learn about Los Animales (Animals); Del Jardín (From the Garden); Mi Casa (My House); ¿Qué Hacen? (What Do They Do?); ¿Qué Tiene tu Cuerpo? (What Does Your Body Have?); ¿Qué Buscas? (What Are You Looking For?); ¿Adónde Vas? (Where Are You Going?); and ¿Cuál Es? (Which is it?).

In Sing and Learn More Spanish, lessons include Recuerdan (Remember); ¿Cómo es tu Familia? (What is Your Family Like?); ¿Para qué ir a la Escuela? (Why Do We Go to School?); ¿Te Gusta la Naturaleza? (Do You Like Nature?); ¿Cómo Anda la Gente? (How Do People Get Around?); ¿Qué Quieres Ser? (What Do You Want to Be?); ¿ Quieres ir a la Ciudad? (Do You Want to Go to the City?); and Aprendimos (We Learned).

In Sing and Learn English, chapters include Animals, From the Garden, My House, What Do They Do? What Does Your Body Have?, What Are You Looking For?, Where Are You Going? Which is it? Toe-tapping music accompanies each segment and exposes little ears to different kinds of musical styles. Young learners can use Sing and Learn English to brush up on early reading skills.

Sing and Learn titles are appropriate for children ages three and older and have running times of approximately 27 minutes each. Each educational version in the series sells for $29.95, which includes PPR. For more information or to order DVDs, call 1-800-765-5885 or visit

This review was provided from Master Communications, Inc. They have provided me with a free DVD to review and information to share with my readers. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I would love to win this!

I would LOVE to win this prize pack from Cool Mom's Rule blog!
Here is what you could win:
Blu-ray & DVD Combo Packs for the exciting new releases of Ponyo, The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 Special Editions, a Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen wedding doll set, plush Ponyo--all in an Easter basket and even add some assorted holiday chocolates and Easter eggs!!
Go over to Cool Mom's Rule and enter. Or don't because then I have a greater chance of winning. :) LOL
Contest ends Friday, March 26th at midnight EST

Monday, March 22, 2010


With Spring in the air, the snow gone, and the ice melting is time for BIKE season!! I would love to get an early rider for one of my younger children (I have three of them), because this is the ultimate kid's bike! Check out this video of an Early Rider:

Why Early Rider:
Unlike most other balance bikes on the market, the Early Rider features "Fat Boy" rear tires for extra stability and comfort and the Early Rider comes in three sizes, for smaller and larger preschoolers and kindergartners. The Lite version, designed for kids as young as 20 months all the way up to 4 years old, is the lightest balance bike you can find, weighing in at just 7.2 lbs. The Classic, at 10.5 lbs, is designed for 2-to-5-year-olds. And the Evolution is slightly taller, making it suitable for the 3.5-to-6-year-old set.Your choices don't end at size. Made of sustainable birch, Early Riders come in your choice of pink, blue and natural. All feature cool embossed flames and a faux leather seat pad.
Prices range from $159.99 to $199.99

With your endless options available in the market, I would like to suggest you checking out the Early Rider, and if I am so lucky to WIN one, I will get the chance to raffle one to my readers!! I will let you know for sure!! Check out for more details!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are (Alex and Brett Harris) ~book review

You want to do hard things. But you don’t know where to start. You are changing the world around you. But you are tired and burned out. You feel called to do the extraordinary for God. But you feel stuck in the ordinary. Do Hard Things inspired thousands of young people around the world to make the most of the teen years. Now Alex and Brett Harris are back and ready to tackle the questions that Do Hard Things inspired: How do I get started? What do I do when I get discouraged? What’s the best way to inspire others? Filled with stories and insights from Alex, Brett, and other real-life rebelutionaries, Start Here is a powerful and practical guide to doing hard things, right where you are. Are you ready to take the next step and blast past mediocrity for the glory of God? START HERE.

At the age of eighteen, Alex and Brett Harris wrote Do Hard Things—and launched a movement that would change a generation. Young people around the world were ready to be inspired, ready to move beyond complacency, ready to rebel against society’s low expectations.

Let the rebelution continue.

Author Bio:
Alex and Brett Harris are the coauthors of the best-selling book Do Hard Things, which they wrote at age eighteen. Today the twins speak regularly to audiences of thousands on The Rebelution Tour, maintain a hugely popular online presence through their blog,, and have been featured on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and in the New York Times. Raised in Portland, Oregon, the brothers currently attend Patrick Henry College in Virginia.

You can get your book at!
I received this book as a review copy from WaterBrook Press, a division of RandomHouse. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Perfect for Spring: Barney's Egg-cellent Adventures DVD

It’s magical make-believe time with everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur, Barney, and his friends when Barney: Egg-Cellent Adventures springs onto DVD March 2, 2010 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Available for the first-time ever on DVD, it’s the perfect addition to any Easter basket! Trusted by moms and adored by children, Barney displays sharing, caring, imagining, dancing and learning on television, online and through live events, home entertainment and publishing. The Emmy award-winning series, Barney & Friends is one of the top-rated preschool shows today, airing on PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS SproutSM.

Your search for tee-riffic fun with Barney & Friends is over! Baskets full of egg-citement abound when Mother Goose, a nest full of eggs, and a mysterious, carrot-eating visitor bring super-Dino adventures to the whole family. Hop along for the super-dee-duper adventures with Barney and his friends!

Episodes include:
“Mother Goose”
“Ducks and Fish”

“Barney’s Easter Egg Hunt”
“Gumdrops Matching Game”

Our review: My kids love Barney, and I think that Barney episodes are great! I love this DVD: Barney's Egg-cellent Adventures, because it is a full aray of colors. Spring time is in the air, and Barney and his friends have fun with Mother Goose and fun spring-time animals. We recommend this DVD for your family!

This review was provided from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. They have provided me with a free DVD to review and information to share with my readers. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

Enter to win a New Book from Phenix & Phenix publishing! (Review and 3 giveaways!)

I’m Up in a Tree” – My kids and I enjoyed this imaginative story about a little boy who climbed up in a tree, and now cannot get down. Meeting new characters who give their own advice on how he should get down, the little boy must make a big decision. Will he listen to the little cat, or the bird who flies out, or will he wait for his Dad to come to his rescue? The kids and I really enjoyed the rhyming story line, especially my preschooler, because he is totally into rhyming right now.

Mark Alden Johnson’s “I’m Up in a Tree” (Bridgeway Books, January 2010) is a fun way to teach kids early to resist peer pressure and make their own choices. (List Price: $14.95; Reading level: Ages 4-8; Hardcover: 32 pages; Publisher: Bridgeway Books (January 19, 2010); Language: English)
About the Author:

Mark Alden Johnson has been a writer at heart since a very young age. Even as a kid, he would invent imaginative stories and proudly present them to his parents – and anyone else he could find. Johnson started writing children’s stories just for his kids and their friends when they were young, but after he published his first book, Little Fish Lou (Outskirts Press), he knew writing was a passion he wanted to pursue. A native of northern Nevada, Johnson attended West Nevada College, where he took a wide variety of courses. Currently, he works for a local utility company in Dayton, Nev., where he lives with his wife and three kids.

Feeding Penny Pig” – This is a cute story about a grandmother Mimi trying to find the perfect gift to give her grand daughter, Laney. With the choice of a lonely piggy bank, Laney is thrilled to have a new pet to "feed" coins to. Laney is given daily chores from her parents with the reward of payment, so she can feed the hungry Penny Pig. “Feeding Penny Pig” (Mimi’s Funhouse LLC, November 2009), teaches Laney responsibility and the value of earning and saving money, and also that working can be fun! (List Price: $14.95; Reading level: Ages 9-12; Hardcover: 32 pages; Publisher: Mimi’s Funhouse LLC (November 22, 2009); Language: English)

About the Author:
Jeannine Fox, or “Mimi” as her granddaughters call her, is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Public Accountant. She has been practicing financial planning in the Houston area since 1981. Fox is the branch manager of The Planning Team in Houston and a branch manager and investment advisor representative of NEXT Financial Group, Inc. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Alabama and an MBA with concentrations in finance and accounting from the University of Houston. Fox has also been a featured guest on a variety of radio and television shows, and a contributor for The Money Paper, Southwest Airline’s Spirit magazine, Financial Planner magazine, Senior Spirit and USA Today. She currently lives in Magnolia, Texas, where she enjoys spending time with her family.

How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read” – This is a great book to introduce reading to your preschooler/kindergartner. There are sections in this book: "Help for parents" which give helpful information on how to work with your kids to help them learn to read.

“How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read” (Synergy Books, February 2010), is Rima H. Corral's newest children's book. She introduces readers to a little boy named Eddie who receives a book on his third birthday. Inspired by this gift, Eddie decides he wants to learn to read. The book follows Lil’ Eddie and his family as they help him learn to read through books, games and a neighborhood reading club. Corral hopes this book will encourage parents to help their kids learn reading skills before entering kindergarten (List Price: $18.95; Reading level: Ages 9-12; Hardcover: 48 pages; Publisher: Synergy Books (February 2, 2010); Language: English)
About the Author:
Rima H. Corral is a beloved entertainer, as well as creator and producer of the Houston PBS children’s television program, Rima, Fuego and the Children, which airs nationwide. With degrees in music and general education, Rima has more than twenty-five years of experience as an early childhood educator. This is her first children’s book.

Enter to win!!

Phenix & Phenix has offerend to sponsor a giveaway! There will be three winners.

This contest is open to bloggers and non-bloggers of the United States. Contest is open until March 23, 2010. To enter, leave a comment about which book you would like to win. Please list your first choice with each comment.**For extra chances you can: blog this contest, add my button to your site, subscribe to my blog, twitter and/or become a fan on facebook, and/or visit everyday and add another friendly comment about another children's book you enjoy with your kids. Lots of chances to win! Don't forget to put the extra comments for the "extra" work. Good luck!**

This post was written for Phenix & Phenix Publishing who provided the three books for review. I was not compensated in any way except for the complimentary books.

Fantasy Novels from WaterBrook Multnomah Press: Raven's Ladder & Lady Carliss

Two great fantasy books about the stories of a hero's journey are great picks from Waterbrook Press and Multnomah! The first book is called Raven's Ladder: A Deadly menace breaking through the ground. The People of Abascar must abandon their sstone refuge and flee into the forest. But their king has seen a vision...

Following the beacon of Auralia’s colors and the footsteps of a mysterious dream-creature, King Cal-raven has discovered a destination for his weary crowd of refugees. It’s a city only imagined in legendary tales. And it gives him hope to establish New Abascar.

But when Cal-raven is waylaid by fortune hunters, his people become vulnerable to a danger more powerful than the prowling beastmen––House Bel Amica. In this oceanside kingdom of wealth, enchantment, and beauty, deceitful Seers are all too eager to ensnare House Abascar’s wandering throng.
Even worse, the Bel Amicans have discovered Auralia’s colors, and are twisting a language of faith into a lie of corruption and control.
If there is any hope for the people of Abascar, it lies in the courage of Cyndere, daughter of Bel Amica’s queen; the strength of Jordam the beastman; and the fiery gifts of the ale boy, who is devising a rescue for prisoners of the savage Cent Regus beastmen.
As his faith suffers one devastating blow after another, Cal-raven’s journey is a perilous climb from despair to a faint gleam of hope––the vision he sees in Auralia’s colors.

About the Author:
Jeffrey Overstreet is the author of The Auralia Thread, the fantasy series which begins with Auralia's Colors, a thrilling adventure twice-nominated for a Christy Award, and Cyndere's Midnight. He is an award-winning film critic and columnist, his work appearing in many publications including Image and Paste. He is also the contributing editor for Seattle Pacific University's Response magazine.
You can learn more about this book or purchase Raven's Ladder from

The Second book is book 4 in the Knights of Arrethtrae series. I think this series of books, along with The Kingdom Series, would be a great series to go through with your pre-teen/teenager, especially if you are a home schooling family!
Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue:
Determined, smart and a master of both the sword and the bow, Lady Carliss has proven herself as a veteran Knight of the Prince. Returning from a mission of aid, Carliss is plunged into adventure once again as she searches for the marauders responsible for kidnapping a friends’ family. Along the way she is reunited with Sir Dalton and discovers that the struggle in her heart is far from over. When Dalton falls to the vicious attack of a mysterious, poisonous creature, Carliss finds herself in a race against time. As Dalton clings perilously to life, she must find the antidote in the distant and strange city of Moorue.
While there, Carliss uncovers the master plot of a powerful Shadow Warrior that will soon overtake the entire Kingdom. Her faith in the Prince and her courage as a knight are tested as she faces evil Shadow Warriors and a swamp full of dreadful creatures. The lives of many, including Dalton’s, depend on Carliss. But she cannot save them all, for time is running out. She faces an impossible choice: save Dalton, or let him die so that others may live.

**The back of the book has discussion questions to go with each chapter, along with the answers. I think that these books are so wonderful for parents and their kids to enjoy together. I really like that there is scripture references to the story line and how we can apply these truths to our lives!**
About the Author:
Chuck Black, a former F-16 fighter pilot and tactical communications engineer, is the author of ten novels, including the popular Kingdom Series. He has received praise from parents across the country for his unique approach to telling biblical truths. His passion in life is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to love his wife, Andrea, and their six children. He lives with his family in North Dakota.

You can learn more about this book or purchase Lady Carliss from

These books were provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. I was not compensated for my written review.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 1 Year Birthday Cole!

This blog posting was meant to be up a couple of months ago, since my baby turned one in January. It was not intentional that I posted this late, however, it is so important to me that I write about my baby's birth and celebrate his life! He is a miracle baby...with the toughest birth of my children. All children are a blessing and an amazing miracle created and formed by God! Thank you God for choosing me to be Cole's mother!! I am blessed beyond all...Happy (belated)Birthday to my sweet little baby boy!
Here is me (winter of 2008). Cole growing inside..."I knit you together in your mother's womb..."~God
January 2009...intense labor, by induction. Everything started at 6:00 Am and didn't end until almost midnight. My OB/Gyn Doctor is amazing! He was with me throughout the day, broke my water, and kept checking on me. After his shift, he stopped by to wish me well. He said he would stop back after his son's games (around 9 PM) and if I was still in labor, he would be with me. That is complete dedication! I really believe that God stirred in him to stick with me, because of all the complications I had with labor/delivery. I owe so much gratitude to Dr. S. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! One of my bestest friends, Randi, was with me as an assistant coach. She was with me for Caleb, Madelyn and Cole. She is an amazing, loyal, and dedicated friend! Thank you so much, Randi for all you have done, and all you are! I owe so much to you! Thanks for putting up with me, letting me bruise your arm, loving and supporting Terry and I and being my comfort in labor! I love you!!
Cole Matthew was born after over 2 hours of intense pushing, being turned around (inside) because he was face up, and face first...ouch!, and after so much pushing...he was vacuumed out. That was the hardest decision to make. I am not a promoter of the vac., but I felt like I didn't have much choice. I was worn out, ready to give up. I feared for my baby and for me.
Cole came out limp, and the cord was wrapped around his neck. I was so scared because I knew he was in grave danger. The nurses didn't say anything and my Doctor's face displayed serious concern. The nurses rushed him to the warmer and rubbed on him so hard and had a mask to his face. I kept asking if he was OK, and no one answered me. I was fully relieved to hear him cry after what seemed an eternity! He was OK. THANK YOU GOD!!
Cole had serious injury to his head from the delivery. He had an ultrasound to make sure everything was OK. He had a lot of fluid build up and the top of his head was like moving water in a water bed. I was so protective of his little head. Cole also had bad jaundice that needed monitoring, so we made several trips to the clinic for blood tests. They were concerned that the numbers weren't getting better...but eventually he made a turn for the better.
One of my best friends took this photo when Cole was a week old. Jennifer is an amazing photographer, and I highly recommend her if you need a photographer! She takes the pictures of the moment...check out her site: JR Photography (currently it may be under construction).
He is so cute!!
Here is Cole with his little cousin, Isaiah, who is 10 days younger than him. I love that the two of them are so close in age! It is fun for me and my sister-in-law, too.

Here is Isaiah and Cole last summer. I believe that they were both about 6-7 months old.
I think that he is about 4 or 5 months old in this photo. I know, I should write things down to keep track.
Cole loves to eat, and he loves to feed himself.
Praise the Lord...even if it is with spaghetti all over your face!
My kids love to dress up, and surprisingly Cole keeps hats on (for the most part). This was taken on Halloween 2009.
Cole crawled early, walked early, and seems to do everything early. I think he feels he needs to keep up with Caleb and Madelyn. It is exciting to see him go through all his amazing milestones, but he is my baby...and it is all happening to early (for me).
Cole has a new "pocket." Every time he gets a chance to hook his hand here, he does. It has to be a male-thing. It is funny, though.
Cole is so happy, and good natured. Lately we are noticing that he is determined, too. He loves to be independent: opening doors, digging in the cd's, turning buttons on/off, climbing up on to EVERYTHING (even Caleb's ladder to the top bunk bed), throwing things in the garbage or off the tray of his high chair, and anything else he can get into. It is amazing to me how much a one year old knows. He knows exactly what I don't want him to dig in, and makes it his top priority to do it. I love seeing his mind work through his actions and verbal usage. He really is talking a lot! He says: Mama, Daddy, Thaniel (Nathaniel), hode ju (hold you), Uhv you (love you), and a few more. He also knows what I am talking about most of the time, too.
Cole loves to dance, and any chance music comes on or he hears singing, he is bobbing his head and dancing. He also loves to hug and kiss. He finds most anything to be funny and loves to imitate people that he thinks are funny. Cole loves to keep up with his siblings, and he really enjoys playing with them. Madelyn loves to give Cole a push to make sure he knows she is older than him, but Cole knows which buttons make Madelyn's temper rise. Ahhh, sibling love.
My children are such a blessing and I am so very grateful to God! Cole is a wonderful addition to our family, and we are so blessed by his life. Happy Birthday to my little Cole. May God give you abundant joy and may you serve him with your whole life.

Shaun the Sheep: A Wooly Good Time (Review & Giveaway)

Shaun the Sheep is baAAAAAaaa-ck with more great episodes. Shaun and the rest of the barnyard sheep keep our family in giggles. The new Shaun the Sheep: A Whooly Good Time, just came out on February 16th, 2010 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Our family was really excited to see what Shaun and the rest of the barnyard sheep would be up to this time!
The kids and the adults in our house laughed when "The Farmer's Niece" came for a visit in the. She looks just like the Farmer, and she is a little trouble maker. She gets her way, or she will holler. Shaun finally gets an idea that will make the little girl happy which turns out to be a hilarious disaster.

Shaun and the Sheep sure have a blast with the Farmer's clothes line and his laundry in the "Wash Day" episode. After making a mess of the clothes, the sheep decide to "clean" the clothes. Sheep+wash machine+ bottle of detergent = trouble!
Poor Bitzer, the farmer's dog, is left feeling miserable in "Tooth Fairy" and he will do just about anything to get relief. Shaun and a few other sheep try to help him out with several funny and wacky attempts, only to take a trip to the vet for removal.
We totally love Shaun the Sheep DVD's and highly recommend them to you and your family!

A little pinch of zaniness and a big dash of fun is the perfect recipe for laughter as Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard buddies Bitzer, Shirley, Timmy and friends get into more wacky shenanigans in Shaun the Sheep: A Woolly Good Time. The laughs keep rising as the creators of the Academy Award- winning Wallace & Gromit are on a roll, dough-ling out more sheep herding mayhem by the baker’s dozen.

Episodes include:
“Washday” – When the Farmer leaves, the sheep have loads of fun playing with his newly washed clothes hung out to dry. Quick! How to clean up the dirty garments before he returns?
“Tooth Fairy” – Bitzer gets a terrible toothache and Shaun takes the job as dentist hoping to help his friend and remove the painful tooth. But after several creative and hilarious attempts at extraction it’s off to the vet for success! But will the Tooth Fairy still visit Bitzer?
“The Farmer’s Niece” – The Farmer’s naughty niece comes for a visit and Bitzer and the fearless flock have to put up with her silly antics.
“Snore-Worn Shaun” – What can Shaun do to stop Shirley’s snoring? Nothing works so he and the flock decide to get her out of the barn with hilarious results!
“Helping Hound” – Farmer and Bitzer are fed up with the naughty sheep and hope a robotic dog will keep them in line. But there’s mayhem in the meadow when he turns out to be stricter than Bitzer!
“Big Top Timmy” – The sheep awake to find Timmy gone! The search is on and he’s found at a nearby circus. Can Shaun and the fearless flock rescue him and return to the barn before the Farmer finds out?

· Sing-Along with Shaun
· The Mini-Making of Shaun

An international hit, Shaun the Sheep recently won an International Emmy Award for Children & Young People. Five minute shorts of the series also currently air in the U.S. on the Disney Channel. Fans can only find full length episodes on the DVDs.

Enter to win!
HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate have offered to sponsor a giveaway for my readers!
This contest is open to bloggers and non-bloggers of the United States. Contest is open until March 18, 2010. To enter, leave a comment about Shaun the Sheep.
**For extra chances you can: blog this contest, add my button to your site, subscribe to my blog, twitter and/or become a fan on facebook, and/or visit everyday and add another friendly comment about another family friendly DVD from HIT Entertainment or Lionsgate. Lots of chances to win! Don't forget to put the extra comments for the "extra" work. Good luck!**
This review was provided from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. They have provided me with a free product to review and information to share with my readers. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

Healthy Choice tastes great, and is good for you!

I am trying to eat more healthy, and I would like to shed some of my weight, OK...a lot of my excess. I used to be on Weight Watchers, and I did a super job being strict with what I put in my mouth. Now, two years later...went through pregnancy and a baby...I need to get off the new weight gain.
I just recently reviewed two entrees from Healthy Choice and Mom Central. I got two very tasty choices, and I am thrilled that these two options are healthy, and Weight Watcher friendly! I got these two: Tortellini Primavera Parmesan and Creamy Basil Pesto. Both of the entrees were delicious but my favorite of the two was the Creamy Basil Pesto (plus, my toddler and preschooler loved it). I really liked that these entrees were just enough to satisfy a hunger, and were low in points (for Weight Watchers). The Healthy Choice All Naturals are higher in fiber and lower in fat which is a great combination for losing weight.
I was telling my husband that measuring, counting, calculating and planning Weight Watcher friendly meals was a challenging task for me. I have four children, and three of them are four years old. So, life is a bit busy. I told him I should stock our freezer with the Healthy Choice meals and entrees to make my planning a little easier. I know that frozen meals may cost a bit more than making a larger meal, but for ease of mind and having the calculations done for me...makes my life as a mom a lot easier!

I highly recommend the Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees! I am anxious to try out some of the other Healthy Choice products available.

The beginning of this year, Healthy Choice introduced 11 new entrées to its Café Steamers, All Natural Entrées, and Select Entrées product lines. Nutrient-rich and preservative-free, the new entrées provide even more options for those busy days when you don't have time to prepare a meal from scratch but still want something that's delicious AND good for you. I am happy to say, Healthy Choice is the only major brand in its category FDA-approved to call its products "healthy." This means each meal must have low fat, low saturated fat, controlled sodium and 10% of the daily value of three beneficial nutrients. For more information about these new entrées, visit

You can check out the Healthy Choice website for a store near you, too! That is a great feature for their website!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Healthy Choice and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

100% Colombian Coffee Giveaway & Sweepstakes! ~ What's behind the best!

MMmm...Nothing starts the day off like a good cup of 100% Colombian coffee! I am an a big-
time coffee drinker, and I have been since I was a toddler. Seriously, I used to have a small cup of Joe with my dad when I was younger than 2 in my own little cup. I love coffee, and I seriously think it is the BEST drink! Coffee is great for socialization, for time with friends, for serving to guests, for after meals, and just well...for anytime.
100% Colombian Coffee is found in numerous brands of coffee because demanding consumers the world over are aware of the importance of its origin. So next time you are shopping for coffee, look for the 100% Colombian Coffee logo - your guarantee to the "richest coffee in the world." Coffee drinker or not, you definitely don't want to miss out on the 100% Colombian Coffee "See What's Behind the Best" sweepstakes. By visiting What', you'll have the opportunity to learn about the philosophy behind 100% Colombian Coffee and enter to win great prizes!! There are weekly prizes awarded (of coffee) and the grand prize is $10,000! I could think of a few amazing things to do with that kind of cash!
I know I am going to sign up! Hey, if it involves winning some great can count me in!
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There's even more great news for coffee lovers! You might have the chance to meet Juan Valdez and his mule, Conchita and taste 100% Colombian Coffee - the richest coffee in the world. They will be embarking on a tour across the United States starting March 2nd in New York City. Click here to see when he is coming to your city!
I was given this information from being a member with Mom Select. I was not compensated for my written review.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The View on ABC

Hey, Guess what I get to do? I get to be a Brand Ambassador for the Hit show: The View on ABC. I was sent an e-mail the end of last week that I was in on the scoop for the show, so...really I should have put up some information over the weekend about this fun talk show. It was a crazy busy weekend, as well as a busy week last week. SO, I am getting up the information to you now. Before becoming an ambassador, I had never watched The View, and actually we don't have very many channels for television. However, I love that I can watch this talk show online to see what all the buzz is about. I have listened to a few shows that the ladies on the view have covered. It is interesting and diverse. I love watching the interaction between the ladies and hearing them discuss the topic, and how they feel. So far, I have enjoyed watching the ladies. I don't always agree, but it sure brings up great issues to chat about.

The View is a daytime talk show featuring five dynamic women from different ages, experiences and backgrounds: Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The View women discuss the latest events, people and more and is broadcast live weekdays from New York (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET; CLOSED-CAPTIONED; broadcast in stereo; TV-14).

ABC News correspondent Barbara Walters, appears on average three days a week. Whoopi Goldberg (actress), Joy Behar (comedian), Sherri Shepherd (actress/comedian) and designer and former Survivor: The Australian Outback participant Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The View consists of hot topics in the news, the best experts in their field, celebrity interviews and general entertainment. The program celebrated its 2000th show on February 2, 2006, and is now in its 13th season on the ABC Television Network.

Today on THE VIEW, was the day after the Oscars!! It Isn’t over till the co-hosts have spoken! Guest co-host Vanessa Williams (“ABC’s Ugly Betty”); Day of “Hot Topics”; co-host Sherri Shepherd will Skype live from Hollywood post-Academy Awards and share her Oscar experience; Chris Cuomo breaks down crimes in the headlines. First time musical guests – Lady Antebellum performs!

Did you watch it? What did you think?? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Here is what is in store for the rest of this week on the view:
TUESDAY, MARCH 9 – Guests -Andy Garcia and his daughter Dominik Garcia-Lorido (“City Island”); Elissa Stein and Susan Kim (author, Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation).

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10 – Guests: Forest Whitaker (“Our Family Wedding”); Jesse Ventura (author, American Conspiracies).

THURSDAY, MARCH 11 – Sir Elton John will be sitting with the women at the table and partaking in “Hot Topics”; Guest - Eric McCormack (“Who Is Clark Rockefeller?”).

FRIDAY, MARCH 12 – Co- Host Kate Gosselin is back and will join the women and the return of “The View: Fashion Friday” with designer Carolina Herrera.

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Developing Stronger Relationships with your Mother/Father: Dancing with my Father & Mother Daughter Duet (Book Reviews & Giveaways)

Mother's and Father's Day is coming up, and there is no better time than now to celebrate those precious relationship. I was sent two wonderful books to review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, which is a division of Random House. Here is a summary of each book, along with a bio of the authors.

Dancing With My Father : by Sally Clarkson

Let Your Soul Dance with Delight in God
Do you sometimes feel victimized by circumstances? Are you overwhelmed by weariness, fear, or discouragement? Do you wonder, Where can I go to claim the promise of Jesus that my joy could be made full? When trusted author and mentor Sally Clarkson noticed a lack of joy in her own life, she realized how easy it can be, especially for women with overloaded to-do lists, to feel weighed down by drudgery and disappointment. But rather than slogging through her days, Sally wanted to know the delight of God's presence. She began prayerfully exploring how to cultivate deep-rooted joy even in the midst of difficult seasons.In this warm and wise book, she invites you to experience for yourself what happens when you trust God to lead you into a life of anticipation, passion, and purpose.Weaving biblical insights with real-life stories that reflect every Christian woman's deepest longings, Dancing with My Father reveals how any woman, in any circumstance, can daily live in beauty and grace, joy and peace.

This book has great quotes and stories included, along with personal reflections and questions for you to learn and grow from. I love that there is so much scripture in this book that directs the reader where to find Joy, TRUE Joy: Finding your rhythm in God's Joy.

Author :Sally Clarkson is convinced that joy should be the rule of a woman’s life, rather than the exception. Drawing on the metaphor of dance, she inspires readers to nurture joy and to find delight in God’s presence, even in the challenging seasons of life. She is the author of several books, including The Mission of Motherhood, The Ministry of Motherhood, and Seasons of a Mother’s Heart. She has worked in various ministries, including Campus Crusade for Christ. She and her husband, Clay, are the cofounders of Whole Heart Ministries, which encourages and equips Christian parents. The Clarkson’s live with their four children just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mother-Daughter Duet by Cheri Fuller & Ali Plum

A harmonious relationship is possible
When your daughter was born, you had a thousand hopes and dreams for her. . .including that one day you'd be best friends. But as life unfolds, even the best intentions go awry. There are so many challenges on the journey to adult friendship that the reality is fraught with friction and frustration. Thankfully, a harmonious relationship with your daughter is possible. Written by a mother and daughter who have successfully navigated the minefield from distance and tension to acceptance and friendship, Mother-Daughter Duet helps moms open wide the door of communication so that daughters want to walk through it. Filled with personal anecdotes and based on proven principles, each chapter offers timeless wisdom as well as a daughter’s perspective. Often these principles apply to daughters-in-law as well. The relationship between mothers and daughters is intense, personal, complex, and unique. But you can have the loving, authentic bond you always dreamed of—when you learn the mother-daughter duet.

One quote I love from this book is this:
"First Peter 5:7 is a great invitation for all our daughter concerns: "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you"---and I would add, he cares for her even more than you and I do. Scriptures like Psalm 55:22 assure us that if we give him our burdens, he will sustain us. Believing these promises, we can live and respond with a healthy degree of peace instead of panic, which is a good role model for our grown daughters to see."

The relationship between mothers and adult daughters is intense, personal, and complex. But adults friendship is possible when mom applies some basic principles, including respect, forgiveness, listening, understanding, and letting go. In Mother-Daughter Duet, a mother and daughter share their own story so others can move from friction and frustration to acceptance and harmony.

Author Bio:
Cheri Fuller is a best-selling, award-winning author whose books have sold more than one million copies. She speaks to a wide range of women at women’s conferences and is a frequent guest on national radio and television programs. Ali Plum is Cheri’s daughter, a writer and songwriter, a wife, and a mother to Noah and Luke. She and her mom have weathered the ups and downs of their relationship to find one of the most treasured, honest relationships of their lives. Ali has recorded background vocals for popular musicians, and Mother-Daughter Duet marks her debut into book publishing.

You can purchase these books at
Win : Mother-Daughter Duet or Dancing with my Father. (2 winners)
This contest is open to bloggers and non-bloggers of the United States. Contest is open until March 15, 2010. To enter, leave a comment about how you like to celebrate your parents. Please leave a comment about which book you are wanting to win.
**For extra chances you can: blog this contest, add my button to your site, subscribe to my blog, twitter and/or become a fan on facebook, and/or visit everyday and add another friendly comment about another book you found on the Randomhouse website. Lots of chances to win! Don't forget to put the extra comments for the "extra" work. Good luck!**

This review was provided from Waterbrook & Multnomah. They have provided me with a book to review and information to share with my readers. I am sponsored to offer a giveaway book (one for each reviewed book) to my readers through this review. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Brainy Baby videos ROCK!! (DVD reviews)

Kids love watching other children on videos and, I love watching my kids light up when they see other children on the videos! We received two Brainy Baby DVD's to review and I cannot rave enough about these videos. Seriously, these are some of the best videos I have seen for children's educational viewing and enjoyment.
I received the Shapes & Colors: Rainbow & Cirlces & Squares - Oh My! and the ABC's: Introducing the Alphabet DVD's. These videos are geared toward the age group of 1-4 and that is the ages of my youngest. All three of my kids just light up when watching these interactive lessons. Here is a glimpse into the videos I reviewed:

Shapes & Colors: Rainbow & Cirlces & Squares - Oh My!
The songs are incredibly lively and fun as kids sing and dance to the shapes and colors being introduced in this video. My kids love to say the shape name and the color before it is revealed. In this video there are eightbasic shapes and 4 advanced shapes, plus over twelve colors. The kids in the videos use many different objects to keep the theme of the shapes being introduced, for instance a circular floaty is used as they say, "Circle." This video is 45 minutes long and has other activities, including: Sing-a-long songs, baby bloopers, sneak peeks, fun learning activities and more! Shapes & Colors engage the viewer's cognitive skills and spatial reasoning, as well as colors and shapes. **Excellent DVD, two thumbs up!!**

ABC's: Introducing the Alphabet
Another excellent video from Brainy Baby...ABC's! I love the music and singing in these videos. In this video the alphabet, upper and lower case letters are introduced. Kids are taught multiple letter sounds and new vocabulary words. I love how this video uses pictures alongside the alphabet letters so that the viewers can retain them. These videos are brightly colored and packed with children showing the letters. This video is 45 minutes as well, and has some of the same special features (just relating to the Alphabet). **Excellent video, two thumbs up!!**

Brainy Baby has been a leader in the development of preschool videos for more than a decade. Their products are designed to help establish a
foundation of educational basics for our children. The award-winning
series was created by educators and parents, so we can trust that their products
can have a positive impact on even the youngest minds.

The Brainy Baby Company just announced the results of a study conducted at the University of Texas, Austin, which found that infants/toddlers under the age of two can learn from DVDs designed to teach young children shapes. The peer reviewed study was conducted using Brainy Baby’s Shapes & Colors DVD and will be published fall 2010 in The Journal of Children and Media, (JOCAM).

This study was conducted specifically to experimentally manipulate commercially available video content and to assess the ability of a toddler to learn from a video. It also represents one of the first studies to examine the transfer of learning from video to another 2D symbolic medium such as a book.
Using excerpts from Brainy Baby’s® Shapes & Colors DVD, two leading research scientists in the field of children’s media studies, Dr. Elizabeth Vandewater (RTI International) and Dr. Rachel Barr (Georgetown University) exposed two groups of children to a series of shapes commonly familiar to the young participants. In addition, the children in the experimental group were exposed to a novel shape, a crescent, using the identical teaching style used in commercially available Brainy Baby DVDs.
The results showed that toddlers between 18 and 24 months, in the experimental group, were 22 times more successful identifying the crescent shape in a book after being exposed to the crescent in the DVD. The test also confirmed that after exposure to the DVD, the crescent could be recognized in other traditional 2-dimensional media.
“All Brainy Baby DVDs were developed using a methodology widely accepted by educators and the special needs community. We use this same methodology in all of our DVDs, which rely on verbal cues and real-life relatable objects to teach children to preschool concepts,” said Dennis Fedoruk, president and CEO of The Brainy Baby Co. “We have always been confident that our DVDs have solid educational value. We’re ecstatic to share the results of the study, which in our opinion, support the many parent testimonials that we have received for the past 15 years and Brainy Baby’s learning potential.”
The University of Texas study concluded that content, and in particular the repetitive style in which the content is presented (such as those demonstrated in the Brainy Baby® Shapes & Colors DVD) is a critical factor to consider when examining the ability for toddlers to learn from television.
“We believe that this is a landmark study and the emerging message is that content matters when teaching young children,” added Fedoruk.
The Brainy Baby Co. has always been a strong advocate for using early learning DVDs in balance and moderation as you would with any teaching tool. The Brainy Baby DVDs are designed for parents to interact with their child by reviewing and discussing the content and to augment the lesson though the use of complementary flashcards, books, music CDs and educational toys.
“We hope that parents will feel confident that their children are benefiting when they watch a Brainy Baby DVD together,” said Fedoruk. “While the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children under age two not view television at all, we believe that in light of this study, the AAP should recognize the importance of content and the effectiveness of well-crafted, educational DVDs - even for children younger than age two. The AAP should at least consider amending their current policy to include the acceptance of educational DVDs.”

About The Brainy Baby Company
For 15 years, The Brainy Baby Company has been a pioneer and leader in DVDs, Books, Games and Toys for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Globally, Brainy Baby products are sold in more than 60 Countries. The award-winning line of videos, CDs, books, games, and toys introduce educational subjects such as letters, shapes, animals, art and music. Brainy Baby® videos feature multi-ethnic children, original music, nursery rhymes and instrumental classics. In fact, Brainy Baby DVDs have won over 75 awards including Dr. Toy’s Top 100 Best Children’s Product, the Dove Foundation’s Seal of Approval, Parenting Magazine’s Top Videos of the Year, and more. For more information about The Brainy Baby Company, visit

This review was made possible from I was sent two DVD's for review purposes and I was not compensated for my review. I was also sent information to share with my readers.

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Wisk "Pimp My Laundry Room" Video Contest

What is a household chore that many mom's face, one that can't be left alone...and many dread? That's right, laundry. Most of us, myself included, do not enjoy laundry. For one thing, my laundry room is unorganized, lacks shelving and counter space...and it is small. With our laundry room as one of the most frequented areas of the house for us....unfortunately, they tend to also be some of the most uninspired rooms in the home when it comes to design. Luckily, Wisk Laundry Detergent understands and wants to help! If your laundry room is plain and boring or a downright dungeon, you just might be in desperate need of a laundry room makeover. Wisk Laundry Detergent is teaming up with TV's Designing Spaces to pimp-out one laundry room in dire need of a face-lift as part of the Wisk Pimp My Laundry Room video contest. Just enter a short video from March 1 to March 29, 2010 at explaining why you deserve a laundry room makeover and Wisk could be on your doorstep with their partners-in-design, Whirlpool's Dream Laundry Solutions team led by Bill Thomas and Emily Johnston, owner of the interior design firm EJ Interiors and founder of Materials Girls Blog!! Together, they'll take your laundry room from drab to fab in no time thanks to a laundry room makeover complete with a new Whirlpool High Efficiency (HE) washer/dryer set and a year's worth of Wisk HE Laundry Detergent!! Can you believe it?? Even better, the winner will get to star in her very own episode of Designing Spaces! The top Finalists will be featured on from April 12 - 19 and the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by popular ballot so be sure to get your friends and family online and voting! Even better, a vote is an automatic entry to a sweepstakes for a year's supply of Wisk HE Laundry Detergent. Check out a video from Wisk:

Make your video now and submit it for your chance to win!! Go to to or Wisk Facebook Fan Page to enter and to check out the full rules!

I am partnering with BSM Media for a Wisk contest with product giveaway. I have been given information to share with my readers and I am not compensated for this information.

Fun pictures of the kiddos, updates...what is NEW!!

It has been way too long since I have posted a "personal" blog post. I am sorry about that, but has been busy around our house. I have been really enjoying my children, and time on the computer has been less these days. I know that I need to blog about my life, my kids, our experiences we go through, and I am going to really try to do that more. I know that I have friends and family that check my blog for updates, and I have been slacking. My kids change constantly, and I want to journal their lives on my site. So, here are some recent photos of my adorable children.
Caleb sometimes gets creative with his food. This is a picture of a spinach leaf dressed in black olives. Caleb is really growing lately, and I can't seem to feed him enough. He must be going through a growth spurt...or something. I will feed him (lots) and less than a hour later he is asking me about a snack. So, I just assume he is in a growing stage. Caleb has been talking a lot about God, Jesus, and Heaven lately. I love his curiosity and awe. He is so inquisitive and bright. Caleb's conversations are enlightening and he is really fun to converse with. He has some great thoughts and ideas, and he has an impressive memory! If we need to remember something, we tell Caleb because he will remind us.
He always keeps us laughing with the things he says, still. His favorite things to do currently is playdoh, reading books, doing arts, playing his Leapster and watching Shaun the Sheep videos.
Madelyn is almost two, and loves to follow Caleb around. She loves to copy him and keep up with what he is doing. She is a princess, girly-girl and is really enjoying her dolls, make-up (pretend), her purse, kitchen/dishes set and fingernail polish. She is really learning a lot and her vocabulary is daily expanding. She can count to twenty easily, and knows most of her colors and shapes. She amazes me with what she knows. Madelyn loves to be cuddled, held, and really craves to have her love tank filled with closeness. I could never get too many hugs, so I am totally loving that she craves that. Madelyn is a petite little girl. She currently weighs #25 pounds. She will have her 3 year check up next month.
Madelyn currently loves to play with her dolls, reading, coloring, playdoh, doodle pad, and anything Caleb is doing. She is consistently making comments on how she wants to be in gymnastics and be an ice skater. I really think that she would be good at those two sports because she is very flexible, small frame, and loves to dance. We shall see...
Nathaniel is currently back in the public school as a fifth grader. He LOVES his teacher, and she is amazing. She is a big believer in children learning, not just getting a good grade. If her students get problems wrong, she gives them a chance to correct their work for credit. I think that is a great teacher! She has said to me that Nathaniel is a delight to have in class. She loves how he is so polite and has such great conversational skills. She says that he brightens his day and makes it special. That makes me so proud as a Mom. I think Nathaniel is very thoughtful and has such a big heart. Nathaniel is at the point that his friends are really important to him, and he would love to spend a great portion of his time with his friends. I think Nathaniel is entering the puberty stage, because he is growing lots, has the "growing pains," and goes through spurts of eating/not eating much. He excels in his studies and he is doing super in school.
Currently Nathaniel loves to read (the bigger/challenging book, the better), trading pokemon cards, playing video games, and building with his Bionicles/Legos. Terry and him really enjoy double video gaming on the computers, too...playing Age of Empire.
Cole is a very happy, and very funny 1 year old. I am seeing so much similarities between Cole and Nathaniel, when Nathaniel was little. Cole loves to smile, and if he is is because he is really hurt (feelings or physically). Cole is practically running and he loves to climb up on EVERYTHING! I haven't had a climber yet until Cole, so he keeps me on my toes. One time I was in the bedroom putting the kid's clothes away and Cole was talking away. Soon I heard Cole yell out something and I look to see where he is. He was at the top of the ladder to the top bunk! It freaked me out! He loves to climb. So, if you come to our house and see all the dining room chairs away from the table, it is our defense to keep Cole off the table. :) Cole loves music and dancing. If there is music, Cole tries to sing, bobs his head and dances around. He finishes our phrases, like when I sing, "Happy Birthday," he says, "to YOU!" It is adorable. He can wave bye-bye, blows and gives kisses (mouth open), points to everything, says quite a few phrases, and loves to greet Dad when he gets home from work. He tries to keep up with Caleb and Madelyn, so I feel like my baby is growing up too quickly. I am wrapping up with nursing, so that is a change for him and I.
Caleb loves to pose and then he says, "Take a picture of me doing this!"
Caleb and Madelyn posing. Are they trying to be spiderman poses? Too bad Cole wasn't turned around for the picture.
Madelyn in her pose to mimic Caleb's. They are two peas in a pod.
Caleb just relaxing...
I really like this picture of Nathaniel. He is really changing lately...growing into manhood. He will be getting braces this year, sometime. At his last Orthodontist appointment he was told to get three teeth out. The Doctor said, "Be one with the wiggle." Nathaniel and I thought that was funny and clever. He achieved the goal, and now he is ready for the work to be done. (we aren't ready for the bill yet, though).
Cole consistently has a smile on his face. He can be a little shy when he meets someone for the first time, and he is more of a mama's boy right now. But with a little warming up, he loves to be with people...especially other kids.
I love this picture of my wonderful children. It is a challenge to get a picture of all the kids looking and smiling. I love that I am their mom, and that God specifically chose me to be their mom. I am so thankful for them!
Updates around our house:
I have been really behind with "milestones" for my sweet little guy. I missed his 9 month check was 10 1/2 months. I missed his 12 month check up, it was 13 months (he is #22) and I didn't have an actual birthday party for I have yet to post a ONE YEAR blog post for him. It is my priority this week. I tell you...I don't love him less or think he is less important, I just have been so busy with life. We did celebrate his birthday with my mother-in-law and our family up North, but timing around his birthday was crazy busy. We are planning on celebrating Madelyn and Cole's birthday together next month, though.
We have our house on the market and we are planning (hoping) on moving. We don't have concrete plans for when we move, but we would like to implement a camp ground business.
We have been going to a different church and we are totally loving it and growing in our relationship with God. God is totally at work in our lives and he is using this church in HUGE ways! Today, Terry and I renewed our vows, along with 100+ other couples. Our church did a wedding after one of the talks this weekend, and then the renewing of vows took place! It was awesome!! I will have to write more about it soon. I just want to say Thank You God!
Well, since it is after midnight I should get to bed. I am trying to get to bed on a decent time because I know it is healthier to get my rest.