Friday, December 12, 2008

When the Soul Mends: Book review

Cindy Woodsmall is a great author, and I really enjoyed reading her book "When the Soul Mends." Cindy Woodsmall is a best-selling author, who has garnered strong praise for the first two novels in the Sisters of the Quilt series. When the Heart Cries was a finalist for the ECPA Novel of the Year in 2007 and received the Reviewer’s Choice Award from the Road to Romance website. When the Morning Comes was named among the Best Books of 2007 for Crossings Book Club. Cindy lives in Georgia with her husband of thirty years.
I wish I would have read the first two books of this series, because it would have explained a few details and background information on the main character, Hannah Lapp. It was such a great book to read, and I did find my self having a hard time putting it down. Cindy Woodsmall writes in such a way that draws the reader in to the life of the main characters. When the Soul Mends is a story of Hannah Lapp, and her disgrace, shame, love and forgiveness. It is a story about the Old Order Amish community and how they handle situations. Hannah left her home and went to live with an aunt whom was turned away from the Amish community. Hannah had been away from the Old Order Amish community for over 2 years, and then she received a desperate and confusing call from her sister, Sarah. Then, Hannah decides it is time to go back home for a visit.
Since leaving her home, over 2 years ago, she had made such progress with her new Englischer lifestyle. She was asked to marry Martin Palmer, and she was currently helping him with his niece and nephew who were abandoned by their mom and dad. She is also working on her nursing degree.
When Hannah returns to Old Owl's Perch, she is faced with her former fiance, Paul Waddell, who is helping Sarah with her mental health. Truth starts unraveling about the past, and Hannah is faced to meet her fears, deal with her pain, and enter into forgiveness of those whom hurt her the most. Hannah's eyes are opened to what really happened over the last 2 years in Owl's Perch, and she must decide what her heart desires more....the new Englischer way, or to return to the Old Order Amish.
You can purchase this exciting and dramatic novel on Amazon. I think this is a great book, and one to cherish.


Qtpies7 said...

The entire series is terrific! I will search out the first two books for you to catch up on them. I think the first book is actually the best.

Ann On and On... said...

It does sound like a nice series. I really enjoy reading about different religious communities. Thanks for sharing.....

Feel free to enter my give-a-way at my blog. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Workship said...

Maddie is so adorable with the lights. Darling was loving looking at her. I agree the "luv lu"'s are so precious!
Hope your weekend went well and you are ok with that sweet pumpkin inside you. :-)

Susan said...

ooh, I love these types of books. But I can't believe you read the third one first! Ack! I can't do that! :) I have to read stories in order. Maybe it's so I don't get too confused? Er, that NEVER happens! ;)

(lol - my word verification word is "booply" !!)