Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Katja Rose...YOU ARE HERE!

What a journey life has been lately!  I can't believe I am a Mom to five kids! I was surprised and scared when I found out I was pregnant with number 5! I was only scared because we had so much coming up in our family, that I didn't know how we would fit in time for having another baby.  We had a big move coming up plus building a home, so having a baby was not planned by me.  Actually, I was trying not to get pregnant, however, when we have plans...sometimes God has other plans.  When I told my husband that I was pregnant, he was thrilled and said that God's timing is always perfect and he will provide.  So, this summer at the end of July, Katja Rose came into our world.  I was due on July 14th, according to the Dr., but I figured I was closer to the 18th or 19th.  We said that we were not going to do anything with this pregnancy to induce or interfere, and I am so glad that the experience was a much better one!
I started having slight back aches, contractions and tightening when I had gone out to eat for Chinese with my Mom-in-law on the 23th of July.  I was about 1 1/2 weeks past my EDD, and pretty soon the Dr.'s were going to encourage me to set up for induction.  I went home that night, and my contractions came steady and stronger.  At 1:30 am on the 25th, I thought we should head into the hospital.  When I was checked I was at a 2 cm, but after sitting in the hospital for about 6 hours, and my contractions pretty much slowing down and becoming so sporadic, we went back home.  I sat at home all day with being able to get a nap squeezed into my afternoon.  That evening, my contractions became super intense, and approximately 11 p.m. I felt the need to push with we went back up to the hospital.  This time, we weren't going home, because I was dilated to an 8! :)  The nurses all got the room ready, because we were having a baby!
I could get into all the details of that night, but I will just keep to the big details.  My husband was going to be catching our baby, and I love that! Doesn't he look great in scrubs?
My best friend, Randi, has been with us for 4 of our deliveries.  I love having her and my husband in the room for support.  Both of them are such an encouragement for me and blessings.  I so gratefully appreciate them!  So, back to my story of Katja's entrance...without much for pain meds., I pretty much cried and yelled out in pain.  I am sure the whole hospital heard me a few times, and I remember thinking that.  I had Phetanol (which is like Neubain) just 2 doses. With that pain med., I was able to rest slightly between contractions.  I had an unusual labor, because my contractions never came one on top of another with little time in between.  My contractions stayed coming at about 1-1 1/2 minutes apart for all of the labor.  I knew time was close when I started naturally pushing through my contractions.  What an amazing thing!  I don't recall how long I pushed, but it didn't take long, and Katja (literally) flew out.  Terry almost had her slip through his hands.
My Dr. was super!  He was technically still on vacation, but he was officially back to work later that day on the 25th.  So, having him come in was a very nice sacrifice.  I think he did a great job, and he showed up in his shirt and cap. LOL 
I love my dear friend, Randi!  (Thanks for all you do, all you are, and for being my dear sweet friend! I appreciate you!)
Katja Rose (Katja: pronounced caught-ya, is a form of Katherine, meaning PURE) weighed 8 lbs., 10 ounces and was 20 inches long.
Here is one of my nurses.  I loved all my nurses, and I really don't have a complaint about any of them. Usually I get one that we either clash a little or I just don't care for them, but this time....all of them were super!  My whole experience with this labor/delivery was excellent!  I was at a different hospital this time, and the care far exceeded the last hospital.  I had small town hospitality here!
My Mom holding her littlest granddaughter.  Katja is number 24th of the grandchildren on my parent's side.  It would have been fun if she was born on the 24th.
My Dad making faces at his granddaughter.
Here I am holding my second little girl, and also holding my friend's daughter who is 2 months older than Katja.  My face is starting to swell on this photo.  I had one allergic reaction during my stay, and I had big time swelling, and chest tightness.  Good thing I was in the right place if things went wrong.  After I removed myself from all medication, I had to be on Prednesone for 5 days.
Daddy and his two princesses...
Grandma Cheryl with her two granddaughters. (Maddy is so in love with her baby sister)
Grandma Cheryl with our kids~ Nathaniel (12 1/2), Caleb (6), Madelyn (4), Cole (2) and Katja (newborn).
Katja and her little friend, Kayla...holding hands.
Getting ready to go home. 
I love this photo!  My favorite!
Crying newborns are actually pretty cute. :)
All set in the car seat.  She looks so tiny!
Welcome baby Katja! We are so thankful for our little daughter! I am thankful for the hospital, Dr., nurses, my husband, best friend, and for having such a beautiful & healthy family!