Thursday, December 11, 2008

Potty Training with style

Caleb is in his stages of potty training, FINALLY! Hip hip hooray! I was excited to get the Potty Caddy for him to help encourage him in his journey to being diaper free and toilet seat bound!
The Potty Caddy makes toilet training interesting, fun and entertaining. A box big enough for your tot to carry, with the handle on top, and filled with fun surprises! Opening the front door of the box, a child will see a roll of toilet paper, just for them! What is great about the design of the Potty Caddy is, you can refill the toilet paper when it runs out! Cleaver! There is just something about a child using their OWN T.P. Inside the front door, is a little pocket. You can find a bunch of toilet targets, for your little shooter. Plus, there is a potty chart with reward stickers, and a fun little book to guide your child in the steps to potty training. The book is sure to bring giggles, and questions. It had Caleb rolling in laughter. The best part of the Potty Caddy, in my parenting opinion, is the kid-themed/kid-sized magazines. Here are the fun titles: Vanity Fairy (Being Free the bearable dryness of being), Rolling Stroller (Rock on, Baby! Ten great songs to listen to while peeing or pooping on the potty), Tots Illustrated (Oops! Don't get embarrassed: It even happens to the Pros!) and BQ (Babies Quarterly: Dress for success: Great looks for the Newly diaperless). I will admit, the Potty Caddy does appeal to the adults more so than the potty trainer, but it is still a great help with encouraging your tot to enjoy the training journey. Caleb is thoroughly enjoying his Potty Caddy! You can find the Potty Caddy at for $14.95 (on sale now).

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Qtpies7 said...

Oh, I wonder if that would help Sam out. He is volunteering to sit on the pot by himself lately. But no pee success yet.