Friday, August 31, 2007

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Open House

When I got home with the kids today, I had to show them my toe. Caleb came over and looked. Then he said,"Oh owie. Maybe put some butt cream on it, and make it feel all better!" (We call A&D ointment, "butt cream") It was so funny!

Tonight we had Nathaniel's open house for school. As I said, we will bring your school stuff in your back pack, Caleb quickly ran down stairs saying get back pack. He looked in his toy box, grabbed his back pack, and came back on. While he was trotting up the stairs he whipped the pack over his shoulders pretty fast. Then he said, "Time to go to school with my pack pack."

Last year, at Christmas time, Nathaniel and I were singing Christmas songs with the radio. Then Nathaniel sang, "Floppin' around the Christmas tree...."

Tonight, after the open house, we decided to go look at houses in the outskirts of town. Nathaniel started singing, "Floppin' around, the neighborhood...just looking at the houses." A bit later, Caleb said, "We're just floppin' around."

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thirteen top toys and games from my childhood

Cabbage Patch babies (adoptable babies with adoption papers) Barbie and the Rockers!
My Little Pony
Pound Puppies and Pound Purries
Rainbow Brite and her Sprites, and of coarse Strawberry Shortcake

Rose Petal Place,
Fisher Price sets (farm, school house, bus...and all the cars),

Shrinky Dinks,

and the Husker Du game!
Care Bears! (all moods)
Sweet Secrets (turned into a magical necklace)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The pains that go with house cleaning!

I was vacuuming our living room, which really needed to be done, when all of a sudden the chair came to life and tore into the top of my toe nail. I thought, excuse me for moving you, but you are growing dust bunnies under your bum! I thought it was a pretty drastic reaction for just being moved to the side. Now I suffer pain for cleaning. I think that this will be another reason why cleaning really isn't that important. I get to suffer day and night until the dead nail will fall off...all the while keeping my dh, 2 ds, dd, and a fast moving dog away from the crime scene. I think Tylenol will be my comfort tonight!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Caleb is "ready" for school

Caleb is hearing that we are getting ready for school. We have that talk around here often since school starts in 1 week! So, Caleb found this little spider man backpack in the toy box, and he wanted help putting it on. After I put it on him, he said he was going to school. I said, "Oh, you are going to school?" To which he replied, "Yes, I like going to school!"
It was precious. I think I will start working, I mean really working, with him on his colors, numbers and A B C's. I know he is only 2, but I think he is definitely ready!

Getting "ready" for school...with random thoughts...

We are getting ready for Nathaniel to go to the public school this year. We are all done with our shopping for school supplies (minus the Clorox wipes and Kleenex), and we just need a few more wintery shirts. Why does the school need Clorox wipes and Kleenex? We do pay taxes? I understand if they need help (and we voluntarily give) but to make it apart of their school list supplies? I remember when I was in school we could use the teacher's Kleenex on her desk, and we were told to wash our hands after restroom usage. What happened to the "good 'ol days"? So much has changed since I was in grade school. Kids learn things now in early elementary school that I still am naive about. It is really sad. This is such a big struggle that I have with sending Nathaniel to public school...I know the bus ride will be the worst of it. I know he belongs to God, and trust me, I will be fervently praying over him. I need to release my grasp, and give him to God...because he is not mine. I think the toughest job in the world is to be a mom.


I am without my two boys from Monday noon until Thursday noon. What is a momma to do? My wonderful mother-in-law has offered to take them. She loves spending time with her grandbabies! She is so great, too! I will have to blog about her sometime. She took our two boys, and her other son's two boys for 4 days! Today, she is taking them to a water park. Don't worry, yes she definitely has help. I think the boys and her will have a blast! I miss my boys, though. It sure doesn't feel like home without boys...

I had a busy weekend...

Well, it has been awhile since I had a "post" so I need to do that now. On Friday night, we brought Nathaniel down to the cities for his weekend visit with his Dad. We always stop and look at the trains in St. Paul afterward. Caleb and Terry love to do this. Every time we get in the cities, Caleb always asks, "Can we go look at trains!?" He just loves going there. It really works out great, because usually Maddie is ready for more mama's milk. So, it is a win win. I enjoy looking at the trains, too. They really are close, and it is fun learning so much about them. Sometimes the engineers will blow there horn (Caleb isn't so sure he likes that, because it is loud) and sometimes they blow a whistle. Caleb has never really liked loud sounds. We are teaching him that thunderstorms are "AWESOME" and not so bad. He still is very unsure of that idea, though.

On Saturday, I had an eye appointment for a visual field test. This was a very intense test. I had to wear a patch on the one eye, put my forehead against a bar, and look into this circular piece. While I looked in there, I had to fix my eyes on these 4 red dots. I had to look into the middle of those dots the entire time. While looking at the dots, I had to squeeze this button every time that I saw a flashing white dot somewhere on that piece (without my eyes moving to the flash). It was very hard to do!! Each eye lasted 8 minutes, too! This was suppose to see how my peripheral vision was doing. We have glaucoma in our family, and it is pretty hereditary. This test was to help keep tabs on my eyes to help early detection of that disease. I am glad that test was over. The Dr. had some concerns with my right eye, so I will have to go back in 6 months for a re-check. She said it could be because it was my first time taking the test. Then, in the afternoon, we just worked on some home improvement things, and relaxed.

Sunday, Terry and I took the little ones to the State fair! We had a fun day down at the fair. It really wasn't too bad for the weather...there was a cooler breeze anyway. We had the double stroller and Maddie was in the back. She was hilarious, because she sat up really straight. Then, she would grab onto the back of Caleb's seat and pull herself up so she could see over the top. It was adorable (and of coarse I am terrible about bringing the camera...where is my mother-in-law??). Caleb and Maddie were so great for the whole afternoon, and I have to say Caleb was on no-nap mode... He did have a hard time when we were heading out. He just put his head down on the handle bar. We had a few chuckles on our way out with our toddler sleeping, and happy Maddie in the back. Terry had a foot long corn dog, and I had hot dish on a stick. That was sooo good!! I highly recommend having a taste of that if you head down there.
After the fair, we went to get Nathaniel, then we went to look at trains again.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

I am so estatic today! has totally made my day today! You should check out her video on how she chose her winner for this week! She always has such fun, and creative ways to pick her winners! She gets her kids involved, too, and that is so great! Here is the link: . I am so excited to be the very lucky winner of her Slurp & Burp! Thank you so much Mom4life! I will let you know how I love it, because I know I will!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thirteen tidbits about me:

1. I was born at 11pounds 1 ounce. I think I was overdue, but my mom says I wasn't. The Doctor had to break my collar bone to get me out. I think nowdays they would just do a C-section.
2. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.
3. My parents are still married and will hit 50 years in 2008!
4. I put my arm in a ringer washer when I was 5 years old.
5. My sister and I set our back yard on fire with sparklers. With the help of our neighbor boys using sand and water, we saved my parent's house (and our backside).
6. I was a single mom for 5 1/2 years.
7. I lived in Tennesee for 4 months.
8. I love coffee.
9. I was on a singing and drama team for a summer in college. We went to different youth camps to help lead worship and work with the kids.
10. I was on the swim team, and the golf team in High School.
11. I played piano for 11 years, and played flute in the band (school year and marching band).
12. I met my husband online, we got engaged after 3 months, and married after 8 months.
13. After being married 3 years, we have lived in 3 homes, and have had 3 kids. (one baby is in heaven)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today is so special...

Three Years ago, today, my husband Terry and I got married in my home church. It was a great day! We had beautiful sunshine, and even a little rain. Doesn't rain mean riches? Well, we don't have riches in monetary values (yet)...but we have a great marriage. I love my husband! He is such a great provider, good communicator, Dad, handy-man, comedian, listener, friend, lover, etc...and I can go on. I want to keep this PG-13. LOL! I will tell you a little bit about our wedding....

I had 5 attendants. Terry had 5 attendants. The party included: 3 of my dear friends...(best friends), and my 2 sisters. Terry had his best friend, brother, and 3 of my brothers. I had picked pastels for the colors, and the girls had white baskets with handles that flowed with beautiful, fresh flowers from my Aunt's garden. My dress was all white and it was a sleeveless dress that had a strap around the neck. It was very simple. My little boy, Nathaniel (at age 5 1/2) was the ring bearer. Terry's cousin was our flower girl. My cousin offered to take our photos (as a gift to us), and my mother-in-law took photos. Terry's Grandma made our cake, and my Aunt did our flowers. We had a great wedding! My brother sang a song, and my Mom's quartet sang 2 songs. It was a very memorable day. Terry's best friend had everyone let off streamers and bangs after we kissed. We had our reception at a Legion Post, and we had a dinner with karaoke and a dance. Terry and I love to sing karaoke. We stayed at Terry's house that night and we opened gifts the next day...just us. It was great to do that together. We left that week for our honeymoon to Yellowstone. That, in a story...we got the best wedding gift on our honeymoon!!! We got Caleb.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is having a blogaversary give away! She is giving away the movie
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I am so excited about all this....

Yeah! I won my very first contest! I won a 75 minute tutor package (valued at $40!) from I am so excited! I think my son will really get good use from this contest prize! He is starting public school this year. I have homeschooled him for the last 3 years, and this is the first time for public school (minus preschool). is having some more great contests:

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Sunday: Day of Rest

Well, we didn't end up going "camping," but we did go and visit at the campground on Friday night. Caleb kept saying, "I love camping!" He was really funny, and the others kept laughing at his little sayings. We taught him the whole little: "Know what? :chicken butt." "Know why? :cow pie." "Know where?" :underwear." He used this at the right time on Friday night. Terry was talking about something, and he asked the others, "Know why?" To which Caleb piped up, "Cow pie!" He was right on que, and it was hillarious! Terry smiled, but he kept on talking, and I couldn't help but to keep on laughing!

Saturday, we just hung out in the morning, and then we went to my cousin's wedding and reception. Before we left for the wedding, we had to get Caleb up from his slumber. When Terry went in his room to get him, he just snuggled up in his blanket. Then he said, "Just a little more sleep, please!" It was so precious. We didn't plan his nap very well. We were hoping he would sleep in the car for the hour drive there. He had other plans, though, because he stayed awake the whole time. That made it for a pleasant afternoon and evening, as you could imagine. He sure was a grump. He did have some fun at the reception running around with his "budder." The wedding was short and sweet and my cousin looked amazing! Her colors were white and brown. I will say I never would have thought of brown for a color, but it really looked classy, and it sure beats "the flow" of everyone else.

Today we are just going to hang low at home, and take advantage of our day of rest. It is cold, rainy and windy outside it is a great day to just relax and enjoy family. I need to get my morning cup of joe I must be off to get that. I may post another later today! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

This week you can win a Slurp & Burp nursing cover from This new cover up is provides a built in burp rag and discreet, convenient nursing. This is perfect for kids that don't like to be covered up while nursing and for warm weather and with the built in burp cloth it becomes quite multifunctional! This week's contest ends Wed the 22nd at 9PM, head over and check it out!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekend Endeavors

Well, we are suppose to go camping this weekend with friends. I am not so sure we will be going now. I guess it is suppose to rain starting tonight, and all day tomorrow. I guess right now we are in limbo. I would really like to go, since this will be the only time we are going camping this summer. It is such a great group of people we go with, too, and I really would be bummed to miss. I guess I will have to see what my dh says when he gets home. We are dealing with some cold/allergy it may be ok to stay around home...but still! (pout)

Contests to enter

My Two Boys and Signing Time is having a series of give-aways of sign language products. A winner will be drawn at random this Friday after midnight for Week One.

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer is hostessing a giveaway wherein one lucky winner will win a sign of their choice from the Prim and Proper Sign Shop. Check out the details on this post. ( more enteries)

The Long and the Short of It on Monday, August 27, for the Grand Opening Bash. Enter to Win some Bella Bubs goodness from Mums the Wurd! Deadline to enter is Friday, August 17th at 10 PM.They are also giving away a 75 minute session ($40 value) to one lucky reader. To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment. Winner will be drawn on Saturday, August 18th. Mommy Life is giving away an autographed copy of Real Women Scrap for a comment by 8AM EST August 20. Multi-Tasking Mom, in conjunction with momAgenda, is having a contest so that one of you Multi-Tasking Moms can win a momAgenda Desktop Planner! Add a banner to your sidebar. Click here for more details on how to enter. Enter by Friday, August 17, 2007. Pinks and Blues Girls are at it again! Enter these two contests by Friday, August 17th: Gotta Go giveaway for a DKNY bag and TONS of toiletries (write a post about a potty experience) AND Win a $20 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card (send an email)! Enter by August 20 to win a pair of Czela Bellies CesareanWear, panties for the mom who recently had a c-section! (enter by email)Five Minutes for Mom is giving away a KooKoo CaChoo Baby Blanket! Leave a comment. The contest started August 14th, and will go for two weeks.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Watch Your Mouth: Home Edition

1. "Oh my gosh!"

2. "Be quiet, OK?"

3. "NO!"

4. "In a minute."

5. "Just a second."

6. "Eww, diarrhea."

7. "hey, why did you do that?" (Caleb's version is, "hey, why you do that for?")

8. "What's your issue?"

9. "NO!"

10. "I don't like that."

11. "Dumb dog."

12. "Stupid driver."

13. "I have an owie." (Caleb's taken this to extreme...we think he may be a hypochondriac..)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Joke for the day

Ma was in the kitchen fiddling around when she hollers out....Pa, you need to go out and fix the outhouse!" Pa replies, "There ain't nuthin wrong with the outhouse." Ma yells back, "Yes there is; now git out there and fix it." So.......Pa mosies out to the outhouse, looks around and yells back, "Ma There ain't nuthin wrong with the outhouse! " Ma replies, "Stick yur head in the hole!" Pa yells back, "I ain't stickin my head in that hole!" Ma says, "Ya have to stick yur head in the hole to see what to fix." So with that, Pa sticks his head in the hole, looks around and yells back,"Ma - There ain't nuthin wrong with this outhouse!" Ma hollers back, "Now take your head out of the hole!" Pa proceeds to pull his head out of the hole, and then starts yelling, "Ma - Help! My beard is stuck in the cracks in the toilet seat!" To which Ma replies, "Hurts, don't it?"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sleeping Quarters

We need to start getting Caleb into a "big" bed now, and get Maddie into the crib. This will be a challenge, because currently we only have 3 bedrooms. We want to let Nathaniel keep his own bedroom because he is so much older than the 2 littler ones. So, Terry and I were brain-storming last night. We really don't want Caleb and Maddie sharing at this point, because if one of them wake up in the night (chances are Maddie will), the other one will wake up, too. We really want to avoid that if possible. So, we asked Nathaniel what he would like and what his preferences are. We did say eventually he will have a room downstairs, but right now we don't have the time or money into making another room. He offered having the crib in his room. He is so smart! I never even thought of that option. I knew it would've been hard having him share with Caleb, since Caleb digs in everything...especially if it is "Budder's" stuff. Caleb calls Nathaniel "Budder" for brother. It is so adorable. He rarely says Nathaniel. So, with taking the crib out and rearranging furniture, we are planning on just painting Caleb's room and keeping the changing table in there. We will need to put another dresser in there for Maddie. The only thing we will add to Nathaniel's room will be the crib. Hopefully we will be able to work on another bedroom next summer/fall. I think after we paint Caleb's room, then we will start working on painting the other bedrooms. Painting is an affordable fix and it looks so much better!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Here batty, batty, batty...

Ok, so who said going to church was boring? Our ladies night out once a month at church is a pure hoot. Well, this time it was a pure boo....
We were graced with the presence of a bat to keep us company. As if 7 Women weren't enough for fun! We weren't sure if it was just one bat that kept sneaking in the room we were in, or if it were a couple different ones having fun with us.
We were all sitting there laughing our heads off when all of a sudden a bat flew in and soar over our heads. Screaming and running to hide in the bathroom (well a few of us anyway) we let a few of the other ladies see what they can do. Cindy found a silver platter from the kitchen. (Bon appetite'?) She was trying to hit at the flying mouse. To no avail, the ugly creature was out of the room heading upstairs. After all the doors were closed, the three of us gals who were hiding in the bathroom came out. After all, I had to protect my baby from being scared, so that is why I was in the bathroom. :) All of us were wondering what we should do to let our church know that this rodent problem should be dealt with. The worship team found 2 dead bats on the Thursday night before ladies night, so it is a big deal. I suggested that we find a dead bat (or kill the one tormenting us) and put it on the silver platter then put it up by the offices. Then, Lisa and Jody were saying to put m&m's on the platter or stuff an apple in it's mouth. After searching the sanctuary and the halls, Jeannie and Lisa couldn't find a bat. Lisa came in screaming and running (pretending to be chased by a bat). You know where that got me heading...until I saw her face and smirking smile. I should know better than that, since she is a queen of all scares. 2 more scares from the bat, and we decided it was getting late and we should all go home. Heading up the stairs (with Lisa behind us) we hear a blood-curdling scream...with proceeding giggles from Miss "I love to make people freak out". So, needless to say, she about wet her self. And if that weren't enough to satisfy her, she told us (after locking up the church) that she thought she saw a shadow walking behind her in the church! Ok, so who wants to drive home (alone) this late at night? Anyway, it was a great night, and thanks to Lisa for adding the special will be even more memorable!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Yea hoo! I am so excited that it is Friday. Not only is it the weekend...there are so many great things happening this weekend. I get to start the night off with 2 of my great friends, Lisa and Jody. Jeannie (who is another friend) may join us, but we aren't sure right now. We get to take Jody out for her birthday to "Dairy Queen". This is a joke that started with Jeannie's birthday outing, and it continued for all 4 of our ending with Jody's. She doesn't think that she is actually going to Dairy Queen, though, she thinks we are only kidding. Well, we get the last laugh. Lisa and I think it is hillarious.
After that fun, we get to head over to our church for "ladies night". This is such an awesome time for stress relief. We laugh so hard. We are all on oath that what "happens there, stays there." Toward the last part of the night we usually get talking on the juicy subjects, in which Jeannie usually changes the subject consequently. :) With that, it just makes us laugh all the more.
Tomorrow morning is my last stamp (rubber stamps) club. I love this outlet to put my hobby to use. I love this time to learn new techniques, and also to purchase more to add to my hobby (all in a budget). I am pretty sure I will be joining again next month for the new club.
Tomorrow night, our Women's Ministry is going to the local Derby. I think this will "rock on dude" (as Caleb says). I have never been to the Derby and I think it will be great. My cousin does the races, too, so it will be fun knowing someone who is in the action.
On Sunday, we will be heading up to my husband's brother's house to celebrate my Mother-n-law's birthday. I am looking forward to meeting my new nephew who is 3 months younger than our youngest.


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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: You say/God says

1. You say: "It's impossible"
God says: All things are possible
(Luke 18:27)

2. You say: "I'm too tired"
God says: I will give you rest
(Matthew 11:28-30)

3. You say: "Nobody really loves me"
God says: I love you
(John 3:1 6 & John 3:34 )

4. You say: "I can't go on"
God says: My grace is sufficient
(II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15)

5. You say: "I can't figure things out"
God says: I will direct your steps
(Proverbs 3:5- 6)

6. You say: "I can't do it"
God says: You can do all things
(Philippians 4:13)

7. You say: "It's not worth it"
God says: It will be worth it
(Roman 8:28 )

8. You say: "I can't forgive myself"
God says: I Forgive you
(I John 1:9 & Romans 8:1)

9. You say: "I can't manage"
God says: I will supply all your needs
(Philippians 4:19)

10. You say: "I'm afraid"
God says: I have not given you a spirit of fear
(II Timothy 1:7)

11. You say: "I'm always worried and frustrated"
God says: Cast all your cares on ME
(I Peter 5:7)

12. You say: "I'm not smart enough"
God says: I give you wisdom
(I Corinthians 1:30)

13. You say: "I feel all alone"
God says: I will never leave you or forsake you
(Hebrews 13:5)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


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Wordless Wednesday

Maddie "caught" in she isn't so pukey.

Caleb's funnies

A few weeks ago we were down in the basement, and Caleb was behind the side of the couches. He popped his head up and said, "You wanna piece of me?" I burst out laughing and said, "Yeah, I wanna piece of you." Then Caleb said, "I wanna piece of me, too!"

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Caleb's funnies

Caleb keeps us laughing...
We were on our way to church one morning (just before Caleb turned 2), and I asked Terry if he wanted a piece of gum, and he said no. Then, Caleb said, "Piece of gum please, mom?" I said, "No." Then he said, "Why, Cuz?" Terry said, "Because your mom said no." Then Caleb said, "Oh yeah, sorry about that."
We were out swimming at the Island, and Terry was holding Caleb in the water. Terry was making motor boat sounds, and Caleb says, "Please stop that."
On Saturday, Terry was working in the garden, and Caleb walks over to him and says, "Hey dad, what's your issue?"
I will post more funnies soon...we have them everyday.