Monday, December 15, 2008

We had a busy weekend...

Friday night, I went to the monthly Ladies Night out at our church. This month we did a Christmas-y themed get-together. It was a cookie exchange (which I didn't do, because it wasn't until last minute that we decided I could no time to bake). Plus, it was a $10 white elephant gift exchange. I brought 2 books that I have reviewed previously, to give as gifts. It was such a fun night, and we even had new visitors. Lisa, Jody, and our friend Anna did the planning, organizing and preparations. You ladies did a fantastic job, and I want to say THANK YOU for all your work to make it a great night!
They did a fantastic job! They decorated the ceiling with Christmas bulbs hanging, table clothes on the tables, and we each had name tags. The name tags were fun because they all related to Christmas or winter. I picked the name Vixen because I thought it was fitting to me. ~lol. We each wore a pin with balls hanging on it to play a game. We had to use our "nick names" when we addressed each other, and if you "caught" someone using the person's real name, you could take their balls away. The winner with the most collected balls was given a prize at the end. That was a fun game!
To get our white elephant gift, we played the game where you roll dice to get double numbers to get a prize. Then, once we all had a gift, we opened them, and then did another 10 minutes of rolling dice where we could "exchange" our gift with someone else. I had originally opened up a butter container. It was an OK gift, but my eyes were on the Mikasa martini glasses (set of 4). I did end up getting them, and I was so thankful! Not only do I LOVE Mikasa, Terry and I do enjoy martinis and entertaining. Of coarse, I haven't had a martini in a long time, and they are saved for special occasions, but they are tasty. These beautiful glasses can be used to put dips and desserts in them, too. I was so happy that I got it. The lady I had switched with ended up really needing the butter container, it was a win win.
After the gift exchange, we played games. Lisa had 3 new games that we needed to help her try out. She got the games to review, and it was fun new games to try. The night ended about 1:30'ish this time. I wasn't planning on staying after 1:00 AM, because we were leaving early in the morning, BUT it was Ladies Night Out, and that just happens once a month. I really hope to make it next month. It is right around the time when my baby is we will see.
Saturday morning, we finished up packing, loaded the car and headed on our way to my husband's side family Christmas. On the way, we stopped at a train show. Terry and the boys went to the train show, and Madelyn and I went to the mall for girl time and shopping. We had a few items to pick up, and a few Christmas gifts to purchase. It was fun to have some one on one time with Madelyn, and Terry had a great time with the boys. After that, we stopped for lunch, and went up North. There were a lot of people in Grandma's house! We snacked, opened gifts, and had supper. Then, Terry, our family, his brother and his family, and Terry's Mom went downstairs and did our family Christmas. It was fun to have that time together. Madelyn got a little cell phone with a purse, dress up shoes, and a necklace...then, when it was all on...she wiggled her little booty and said, "Oooo, Look at Me! Look at me!" It was so funny!
Sunday, we went to church, and then watched the kid's Christmas program. It was snowing and blowing like crazy, so we knew we needed to head for home right after church. We did stop at Terry's Grandma & Mom's house to grab a bite to eat and pack up the van. Then, we made our way through the snow and ice. We did get together, part way home, at my friend's house. We had planned on getting together to celebrate our friend's birthday. It was a fun time to get together, eat some great food, and just touch base again. I miss the days that we just went up to Perkins and talked for hours and hours. Now, with marriage and kids, our lives have become so busy. I was thankful for our time together, though.
It was a great weekend, and now it is good to be home. We got snow and ice over the weekend, and I think more snow is in the forecast. I do love snow, just the -40 below wind chills are a bit much.


Grandma J said...

Wow! It wore me out just reading that! I was surprised and happy to see that you could make it to LNO after all. It's just not the same without you. Let's see, if this baby follows what the last one did, he/she should be born on LNO, so..January 9th, right?

Alicia @ said...

It wore me out too!! You are one busy lady and to have energy to do it all...WOW!!! It all sounds like so much fun though. Going shopping with Maddie is so cute, my mom and I still do this. Its a total mom and daughter thing!! :)

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun. The food was so good. Sunday morning I had trouble buttoning my pant. LOL! I guess u can relate to an expanding waistline. U have a much better excuse than I do. C U soon! Lord bless!

jpandtheboys said...

LNO sounds like so much fun. Maybe some day I will go with you. We will see.
I hope I have a baby girl same day.. especially if she does cute things like wiggles her booty and says look at me look at me!! BUT mostly I want someone to go shopping with!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your church ladies' events sound like so much fun! And I could sure do without the 40 below wind chills, too. I was talking today to a former Minnesotan, now in Ohio, who said he misses snow this time of year -- until I pointed out that today's actual temp (the high, I think) was zero.

You need to find a company for a review of stuff that keeps kids warm in winter -- especially toddlers who can unfasten those mitten hooks and constantly keep losing them. Sigh.

Qtpies7 said...

I am so glad you made it to LNO after all. It would not be the same without you.