Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ridemakerz review and promotion for you!

I received a "gift" from MomSelect to try out an amazing product from their "Holiday Hot List," and that product was from Ridemakerz! This was very

exciting to me because this fit right up my son's alley!Ridemakerz is a great place to create the ride of your dreams! My son had such a great time customizing his car to make it just what he wanted. He first picked out his favorite ride (car) amongst a great list of them, picked out a sound card to load into his car, and picked either freewheel or upgrade to the radio-control. Of coarse, Nathaniel had to have a radio-controlled car! That is one of the best parts! The next step, he picked out his wheelz...there were many choices, and that was a tough decision to make! After the wheelz, he choose the treadz to put on the wheelz, which didn't take him long to choose the flamez! Finally, he had the option to check out or add more features like a front/rear end, roof top, spoilerz, accessory kitz, etc. He was very excited about this website, designing his own custom car, and now he will get to put it together when he opens it for Christmas! Yes, he helped pick out his Christmas gift, but he still will be surprised to see it!
With every purchase, Ridemakerz is including their 2009 calendar, which features Ridez customized by Chip Foose. The Ridemakerz website has games to play, videos and pictures, and a club where kids can join in on more fun!
More about Ridemakerz
Ridemakerz is a new car customizing experience for kids (think Build-A-Bear Workshop® with cars), invites Customizers into the ultimate car-customizing Shop either online (RIDEMAKERZ.COM) or at one of the 12 Shops nationwide where they travel through seven zones, building and customizing their very own one-of-a kind RIDEZ. This Do-it-yourself-together™ experience unleashes creativity, encourages collaboration, provides choice, builds confidence and instills a sense of community for kids and families everywhere. The process is especially appealing to fathers and sons who can share memorable bonding time choosing parts and building the RIDE. RIDEMAKERZ RIDEZ and gift cardz are a great holiday gift idea for the boys in your life, ages 6 to 106! The gift that keeps on giving, RIDEZ start at just $12 and can be customized and added to for years to come. RIDEMAKERZ RIDEZ can be assembled in minutes with a hex wrench tool that looks like an ignition key, and snap-in, snap-on parts, but there’s still the sense of accomplishment once the RIDE is together. Each RIDE can be taken apart and reconfigured; basic models can be updated, decals repositioned; sounds, tires and chassis changed. They’re durable enough to play with and cool enough to collect. I really like this feature, because then my son can add/change/reassemble his masterpiece. A fun and exciting project for him to claim as his very own!
For a limited time, Ridemakerz is offering a great coupon offer for you, which entitles you to $10 off a $30 RIDEMAKERZ purchase. Just enter the code: 93471. This offer expires on January 4th, 2009

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Qtpies7 said...

Wow, that is a fantastic product! I know that Cody would enjoy it, too. Hey, even Donnie would still enjoy it, lol.
I bet Nathaniel will be so excited to see "HIS" car when he opens it up.