Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Bunch's new PJ Cupcakes

The Baby Bunch offers such a great selection of Baby gifts in such a creative, innovative, and decorative assortment! They just launched the PJ Cupcakes!
This gift set looks just fabulous...just like cupcakes tucked inside the cupcake wrappers. On top of the rolled up PJ's (made to look like cupcakes) is an adorable decorative felt design: like a strawberry, baseball, flower, etc. There are two cupcakes, which are really a PJ top and a PJ bottom (100% cotton). The top is a solid color, either pink or blue, and the bottom is stripedeither pink or blue. The size of the PJ's fit up to 12 months or 20 pounds. The "cupcakes" are nestled inside a decorative box that has a clear, see-through window. To finish the wrapping, there is a ribbon wrapped and tied around the box. The Cupcakes are $19.95 for a set, and are sure to be a big hit!
The PJ Cupcakes from the Baby Bunch would make a great gift for the older sibling when baby is born, or for that fun birthday party. These cupcakes will not spoil their dinner!
The Baby Bunch offers other super "bakery" items like cupcakes (onesies), and lollipop onesies!They also make great bouquets of products that come in buckets or bunches, available in Organic or Cotton! The Baby Bunch offers gift sets for the extra special thank-you's too! You can see a Spa, Garden or Kitchen Thanks a bunch on their site, too!
You can see my other reviews of Baby Bunch here, here and here. I highly recommend the Baby Bunch for your next gift purchases!


Qtpies7 said...

OH, wow, those are adorable!

Ellen Seidman said...

Too cute! They would make for a great gift. Just found your blog, I saw you were featured on The Ultimate Role Mommy Blogroll, too, and wanted to reach out. I put up a post today about two kids vs. three, and was hoping you could join the discussion over at