Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas time is here...

It was a great day yesterday! We went to church in the morning, and fellowship with our church family. I found out that my uncle is home after a major surgery, so that was a Praise the Lord! He had surgery on his brain to remove blood build-up from a fall he had this summer! Scary stuff! My Dad went through the same ordeal about 10 years ago. When my Dad went through the surgery, he didn't have an easy recovery, though. Anyway, I was so happy to hear that my uncle is doing great.
We came home for lunch, and made our "left-overs" into very tasty food. I had a left over roast, and neither Terry and I are big time left-over lovers....especially dry roast. Terry made up his own version of BBQ sauce, and we added some water, shredded the beef, and made a scrumptious Shredded BBQ! It was so tasty! I put mine on buttered toasted bread. Am I making you hungry? I wish there was more left-overs...isn't that funny? Well, at least I will know what to do next time we have roast. Terry is great with making new recipes from scratch.
After lunch, Caleb and Madelyn took their naps. By the way, Caleb is doing amazing with potty training! He is keeping his underwear dry at naps now! He insisted on wearing underwear to church Sunday morning. He had not been away from home in underwear yet, just pull-ups. He just keep insisting on underwear. So, we let him do it, but prepared ourselves with back-up clothing. He made it through the rides to and from church, and for the duration of church. Not only that, he made it through nap time dry, and kept it dry after nap when we went to get our Christmas tree! I am so proud of him!! I am so relieved for us, too~~
Speaking of getting our was a chillier day for it. I am so glad we got our tree earlier this year! I would love to keep it right after Thanksgiving~if possible, so we can enjoy it longer.
We have been going to the same tree farm for 3 years. It is a bit pricey, so I would like to find something cheaper. I am not a fan of the long silky needles (they are messy and the ornaments are hard to put on). I love the Scotch Fir, but those are way to pricey. So, we went with the Blue Spruce. We get the small needles, and it is very fragrant. I love it! Here are some pictures of our tree searching and cutting.
Caleb was very cold, and was not very he looks really sad in this picture.
He was a little happier in this picture because Dad said he can help cut the tree down...then, we can go home.
Caleb loves any opportunity to help out his Dad.

Nathaniel loved that he could help push the tree over. Doesn't it look like he is working tough?
Cutting the netting from the tree...
Caleb helping cut the netting, Madelyn watching in amazement...
Look how Madelyn is watching as she holds on to sweet!
Nathaniel was "caught" in the web-o-net. He can be such a card sometimes. :)
My three little darlings! They were so thrilled to have the tree up. We got really ambitious and decorated the whole tree, the living room, and pulled out all the other decorations! I can't believe it is all done!
Nathaniel was getting the lights all ready for stringing.
Leave it to Nathaniel to make a "chore" into something fun! He is so funny!
Nathaniel helped Terry string all the lights on! They put up 3 long strands~ one set is blinking lights.
Madelyn loved the lights. She sat right in them and was just dazzled by them!
I love this picture. She put the lights over her head and just clung on. It was like the lights were her blanket. Isn't her little hand clenched cute?
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...can you tell Terry was a rock climber? Those tools work super on our chimney with no mantle!
Maddie got to put the star on the tree.
Caleb got to place the star at the top.
Nathaniel had his turn to put the star at the top.
Terry even got his turn to work with that Star. No, I didn't take a turn. I am not so sure my belly would allow me to get very close to the tree with leaning in.

Merry Christmas from our family to you!


jpandtheboys said...

What a fun weekend. Your tree looks beautiful. I love the picture of Maddie and Terry as she is putting the store on. So sweet. :)

Workship said...

Great pictures!!! Loved N. as a card in the net and lights! So funny. Maddie was so sweet putting the star on and in the lights. How precious. I'm glad you can get your decorating done. We got ours done this weekend, and I really enjoy having it done earlier. Love evenings with the lighted tree!
Congrats on the cyber shower. I'll have to figure out soon how to put the button on my blog. It's been so long since I've tried something like that. :-) So excited for y'all for baby number 4!!

Grandma J said...

I'm not there yet. Of course our 14 stockings are hung in various places in the living room, but that's about it. Jess said last night that CJ is telling everyone he sees that he's moving to Grandma's and we're going to have a Christmas tree with lights and presents under it. I guess I'd better get on that.

Qtpies7 said...

I am not even close to ready for the tree, lol. I guess I should start thinking about it soon. I did get my nativity set up, though!
I am working on getting my picture found and finding a way to scan it without a scanner for your cyber shower.

Stephanie said...

It looks wonderful! I love your stone chimney! A pre-Merry Christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to your family too! Glad to hear your uncle is doing well. Love the pics! Beautiful tree, I bet it smells amazing!

Alicia @ said...

Sounds like us Sarah!! We got ambitious as well and did the tree and house decor too. So much fun! I was thinking this will be our last year before we have children from here on out for Christmas!! Your tree looks great and oh does it look chilly there!! Love all the sweet pics of your loves!

Haasiegirl said...

thats a very beautiful tree!!