Saturday, December 20, 2008

The best bottle to use if you're breastfeeding!

Are you looking for a bottle that will be most comfortable and familiar for your baby while nursing? I know being an avid breast feeder that I wonder if my baby will be alright taking a bottle, or if they will do alright with the changes between nursing and bottle feeding.
TheAdiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Baby Bottle features the only nipple truly shaped like a mother's breast. Winning the Medical Design Excellence award, the Adiri Natural Nurser bottle"is winning over doctors, nurses and lactation consultants as advocates with its breast-like shape and feel that is said to encourage an easy transition between breast and bottle, and thus prevent infants from refusing the mother's breast after bottle-feeding." Built inside this super bottle is a Petal vent, which is to help reduce colic. I like how easy this bottle is to use! All I do is fill the bottle with my breast milk, and twist the lid on. It is all set. There isn't any small parts to lose or to remember to assemble. Plus, the Adiri Natural Nurser is dish washer safe! That makes my life easier, too! Adiri Natural Nursers can also be boiled or sterilized using a basic sterilizer. Adiri Natural nurser bottles are made of soft polycarbonate-free and bisphenol-A free materials, so they are safe for your baby. The bottles come in one size: 8-ounce capacity, and there are 3 stages of bottles. Each stage bottle has a certain flow rate. You can find these bottles at many retailers and they are priced at $12.49 each.
Adiri is committed to offer the very best for your baby, "a bottle that is made of the highest quality materials and a superior design, but that is still easy to use."
I am excited to use these new bottles with our baby coming! I can feel confident that they are safe for my baby to use, and that they will be the most natural bottle compared to breastfeeding!

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