Friday, December 5, 2008

Seat Snug

With Caleb being in a booster seat, I want to make sure that he is safe. I also want to make sure that his seat belt and seat are securely in place! The Seat Snug is definitely a product that gives me peace of mind about him being more safe. The current 3-point seat belt system in today's vehicles represents a compromise between safety and comfort allowing "slack" in the lap belt portion while riding in a vehicle. Seat Snug solves this issue and features the newest CG-Lock technology product that simply clips onto an existing seat belt to keep kids safe. Seat Snug allows a child to be safely secured in a booster/car seat, without the ability for slack to develop and will reduce the number of children severely injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. With the Seat Snug in place, Caleb's seat won't move all over with bouncing, rocking, tipping, falling over, and he won't be ejected from his seat. The Seat Snug Child Stability Device has received approval by Beryl Wolk’s Better World. The suggested retail price for the Seat Snug is $69.90 (for the 2-pack) and $34.95 for a single Seat Snug. I think this product is super, and every vehicle should have them if you have a child in a booster.

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Qtpies7 said...

I have one for Trinity and I love it. It is so easy to switch to and from the booster seat setting to big people settings.
I was bummed that I couldn't take it out easily and use it in the rental car, too.