Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Old Fashioned Christmas

Last night, Terry and I went to our annual "Old Fashioned Christmas" at church. This is a fun event where people can host a table. With being a host, they can decorate it as they choose. Then, they invite people to sit at their table. The evening is filled with fun entertainment and catered food. It was a fun evening. This year, we sat at our friend's tables. My dear friends, Lisa and Jody, hosted their tables with their husbands. Another friend that sat at the table was Jeannie. Lisa and Jody made a "girls" table, and their hubby's hosted a "guys" table. It was fun and inventive. They did this last year, and it was such a hit, they did it again. Last year, Terry and I hosted a table. Terry is a big time train hobbyist, and we had a train running around our table. You can see pictures by clicking here.
This was the "guys" table. It was the hunting theme. The "gifts" (hand warmer and beef jerky)was wrapped in duct tape, and I thought that was pretty clever! The salt and pepper shakers was a fish head/tail.
The "girls" table was a pretty snowflake theme. There was a fun winter scene in a glass cake container for the center piece. The lights were candles and blinking snowflakes. I thought it was cute how Lisa put the napkins in a tied ball ornament. She also tied ribbon around the mugs to spruce them creative!
I took pictures of some of the tables, but the one picture I missed taking was of Terry and I. I even said something to him last night, and we just didn't get the photo. Him and I were pretty tired that night, so I think that is why we missed it.

The entertainment was a barbershop men's quartet. They were pretty good. When I think of Barbershop, though...I think of acapella, and they had music. At one point in their performance, they had 2 of our elders and the pastor come up on stage. They sang part of a Christmas carol, and the guys had to sing the next line. I think they did great! Terry was very witty that night, because he had made a few other comical fill-ins to the songs! One that Terry filled in (just singing it to me) was...."All I want for Christmas is my...." to which Terry said, "A good night's sleep!" I gave an AMEN to that one! Unfortunately, Madelyn had a horrible night Saturday night. She was up from about midnight until 4:30 AM. She cried and hollered on and off every 10-15 minutes. She has been waking up a lot in the evenings and we aren't sure what is going on with her. We definitely would love a change with that.
Anyway, the evening was to dress up, spend time with friends, have great laughter, eat some great food, and have some entertainment. Thank you Lisa and Jody!


Workship said...

Thanks for posting about the party! I love seeing the different tables. The guys and girls tables were excellent!! Good job, Lisa!
Glad you had a fun evening out.
Hopefully Maddie is using up all her "bad" nights before the baby comes. Darling used up about 3 this week, and I thought we had it all figured out. :-)
Yours sounds tougher though. Will pray for y'all for a good night's sleep for everyone! :-)

Grandma J said...

It WAS a fun night. I am in the process of posting about it too. Actually, I started last night, but I'm trying to upload some video from my camera, and that seems to take FOREVER! I'm hoping to get most of "I Came Upon a Road-killed Deer" on here. That was hilarious! Check my blog a little later for it.

jpandtheboys said...

I bet that was a lot of fun. I am glad that you took pictures of the tables that was fun to see. :) I am sorry to hear about Maddie, it's weird though because we have been going through the same thing with Brody. It's so hard.

Beth said...

Sarah that sounds like so much fun. I might have to steal the idea and pass on to our church. I got the Thomas Train Race game last week and it looks like fun I can't wait to play it with my son. Thanks.

Joyful Noise said...

I am glad that you were able to make it and join our table this year! Terry did have some great lines...I like the one with "In the meadow we can build a snowman..." Terry: "And pretend that he is Pastor Al."

Fun night with Great friends!