Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching up, what we have been up to!

Life is so busy, and I feel like I am just running behind always trying to catch up. I want to learn to slow down and, as the saying goes... "smell the roses." My kids are little yet, well the oldest will be 11, he isn't so little anymore. I want to make it a personal goal to really play with them, individually...together, and down on the floor with them. Kids are so fun, and really funny! I love having conversations with my older 3 right now. I am home educating Nathaniel and Caleb this year. It is definitely a struggle to find consistent time to "do school," with having 3 under the age of 4. Nathaniel understands that we will have many interruptions, but he will have many breaks, too. I am going to try to come up with a better plan, and hopefully things will start to go smoother, and our days won't be so hectic,...ya' right! So far, we have been on 2 school field trips. We went to a Threshing show with the family and to an Indian Museum/Trading Post with the home school co-op that we belong to. Both trips were a lot of fun, and I am so glad that we are taking trips! I love the co-op that I am in this year, too! I will have to tell you more about that in another post.

Terry and I celebrated 5 years of marriage in August! I can't believe that we have been married for 5 years already! Seriously, the time has flown! In so many ways, I can see how God has blessed us. I am so thankful for Terry! He is a great husband, and a super father! In these 5 years we have lived in 3 homes, had 4 pregnancies, and Terry's changed jobs 5 times. He had his job, when we got married, for 10+ years, but he was very tired of it, and wanted change. I can understand that. He is working for a great company now, though, and he enjoys his work environment ~ which is a key factor in liking your job. Anyway...I am so glad he is happy where he is at. For our Anniversary, we drove up to Duluth. We love it up there. This time we took a different route, and we sure had some pretty views. We got out here, and we did some hiking on the trails and over the rocks.

It was a gorgeous day, and the sights were beautiful!
Cole was with us, and Terry carried him in the backpack carrier. Cole loved it, and didn't cry at all. He was a trooper, and loved being outdoors.

We saw kids jumping off this high bridge, and it freaked me out. I can't believe kids do that! So dangerous. I hope my kids will not make those choices.

Anyway, we did some walking, traveling over rocks, and there were cliffs and drop offs into the river. I had a really hard time with the rock climbing, and thinking of Cole in the carrier falling out. I had visions of Terry falling and him and Cole getting hurt. All in all...that experience was not very pleasant for me. I broke down emotionally.
Then, we went to Palisades Head way up North. It was pretty up there, but it sure confirmed my fear of high heights and water. I didn't walk around too much. Terry had climbed that a few years ago with rock climbing. When we were there, a few were climbing. I really don't see how people can do that.
We ended up having a late supper at a Lodge, and it was very tasty. It was a fun-filled day, and it was a great time with my husband (and our youngest).
We were fortunate to make it to both the MN Zoo and the Como Zoo this summer. We went to the Como Zoo with my sister-in-law, and her two kids. Her daughter is 3 (in between Caleb and Maddie in age) and her son is 1o days younger than Cole. We had a great day, but I think it was the hottest day this summer!

He is such a little cutie pie! He looks like his dad (my brother).

My little niece didn't feel very photogenic for this photo. BUT~ I did get my four and my nephew!

Here are the kids waiting for the Sparky (Sea Lion) show. We had a great day, and it was fun to spend the time with my niece, nephew and my sis-in-law.
We went to a local county fair this summer, too. Madelyn loved the animals! We had to take a picture of this goat, because Terry said it resembles his dad.

So funny! The goat is sporting a beard!
This was a ribbon-winning pumpkin! It was huge!
Madelyn and Caleb are saying howdy to the cowboy.
So happy together....
Caleb and Madelyn got the opportunity to plant a flower. It was a fun activity and they really enjoyed doing it!

We also learned a bit about bees, saw a hive, and had a honey sample. On Monday, we are going to a friend's house to see how they spin honey, and take honey off the comb. What a fun home school project and field trip!
After they potted their plants, they could take them home.

Another day this summer we went over to my brother/sister-n-law's house and spent the day together.
Here is my nephew eating a pretzel stick. He loves them!
Cole had his first pretzel stick, and he loved it, too!
Madelyn enjoyed the sand box. We don't have a sand box here, but it is on the "honey-do" list of things to do. :)
Caleb had a blast driving around in his cousin's dune buggy. That thing can move!
He is such a cute little guy! He is so happy, too! Don't you love his hat?
Cole loves swinging! He could swing all day if I let him.
Here are the three munchkins sitting on the ladder together. I was a chilly/wet day.
My brother is pretty crafty! He made/designed this whole play set! I think he did a fabulous job!

Ready, Go Play-Doh contest!

I love art, and I love doing art with kids! Play doh is a great art for younger children to participate in, and our household digs play doh!
Thanks to Mom Central , I have found out that Play-Doh wants to embrace the idea of creating food. Play-Doh has created a “Ready, Go Play-Doh” contest where our kids can come up with their own Play-Doh “food” creations for a chance to win a makeover of both their playroom and their school’s playroom. You can visit to enter by uploading a photo of your child’s food-inspired Play-Doh creation along with the “recipe” to make it.
The grand prize winner of the “Ready, Go Play-Doh” contest will win $10,000: $5,000 for a playroom makeover as well as a $5,000 “Doh-nation” to their child’s school. Contest entries will be accepted through September 30, 2009. On October 15, 2009, the ten finalists will be posted on and the public will vote on who receives the $10,000 prize! The website will also feature a gallery of entries, so even if you don’t win, everyone can see your child’s creation. So, grab those containers of Play doh, and see what your child will imagine up to eat.

Summer Cool Down gift bag (review and a giveaway)

I love frozen treats, like ice cream, and I really like yogurt, too! I was recently made aware that Yoplait has a new product for the frozen snack lovers: Yoplait Whips! MyBlogSpark asked if I would like to review this new product, and I was happy to be apart of it. Our family loves yogurt, so I knew I could rally my kids with this, too!
I got the Chocolate Raspberry, because I love Chocolate and Raspberries (see this post). I brought the Yoplait Whips! home and put it in the freezer. Seriously, it was like eating ice cream, but creamier. My kids had fun trying it, too. Now they want me to include these on my shopping list.
Yoplait Whips! are currently available in a variety of delectable flavors Strawberry Mist, Chocolate, Key Lime Pie, Orange Crème, Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon Burst, Peaches 'N Cream and Raspberry Mousse. Also, try Yoplait Whips! newest flavor Vanilla Creme which just hit store shelves!
MyBlogSpark sent me a "Summer Cool Down" gift bag that includes two free coupons for Yoplait Whips!, cooler tote, popsicle molds and a set of 12 color-changing spoons.
I love the big cooler tote! We just filled it for a picnic last week, and I couldn't believe how big and roomy it was. The Yoplait Whips! would be a great item to put in your cooler for a day away. Would you like to enter to win this Summer Cool Down gift bag, and try the new Whips!?
This contest is open to readers in the USA (bloggers/non-bloggers) and will end on September 30th). To enter this contest: tell me if you would enjoy your Yoplait Whips! ice-cold or softly chilled? or What would be favorite flavor of Yoplait Whips!?

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Winners & contests

I am a bit behind with announcing the winners to a few giveaways. I apologize for being behind, but it is always very busy around our home.

Here are the winner's for the contests that have ended. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks goes out to our very generous sponsors! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for participating in the contests!

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Here are the latest contests currently running:
Back to school with See Kai Run & a giveaway!
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"Delight your Day" gift package giveaway!

Here are the ones to look for coming up:
Yoplait Whips!
Tee Juice Markers
Marshmallow shooters
Indigo Dye Kit
Kiss me again (books)
Strawberry Shortcake's movie: The Sky's the Limit

Have a great week!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nursing in style with BOOB!

It can be a challenge finding the "right" tops to wear when you are a nursing mom. I like to be discreet when I am nursing in public, and covering up is essential to me. I was amazed with the tops that I got from BOOB design~ the tops are made with such quality, and superior design! I love how easy I can feed Cole, no hassle! These tops have one straight opening for both sides. I really like that the inside opening is up high, so your shirt doesn't have a line across your (ahem...chest). So many other nursing tops, LOOK like nursing tops, and I don't think the Boob label tops do. Here is a picture of me wearing the Poppy top, and I love this top!

I don't think anyone can tell this is a nursing top, and it is so comfortable. This shirt wears and washes great! I highly recommend this top to all you nursing moms! The fit is so comfortable!
With winter coming into season, I would recommend the B Warmer nursing hoodie from Boob! I got the poppy color hoodie for review, and I rave over the design of this top, too! The B Warmer is made with extra material across the chest line to keep you warmer in the winter. When you are producing milk for your baby, you can be extra sensitive to warm and cold~ especially the cold. So, the Boob line will keep you warmer, and more comfortable. Again, this is another top that I would highly recommend to nursing moms, especially if you are in a cold winter climate! The B Warmer is so comfortable, wears great and washes well. I love this top!
About the company:
Mia Seipel, founder of Boob, was inspired to start the collection in the autumn of 1999 watching her sister nurse her newborn. Boob Nursing is a Swedish patented innovation, and is made to last! Boob offers clothing for the nursing mother, as well as the pregnant mom! Check out their website: Boob design.

This review was written based on my own opinion and use. I was given product to review from the company, in return for a written review, and to thank me for my time and efforts. I was not paid for this review.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Delight your Day" gift package giveaway!

I was excited to try out the new Yoplait Delight yogurt. I really enjoy eating yogurt, and then when you combine yogurt with chocolate~ you get delicious treat! I get cravings for chocolate, and I never used to. I am more of a salt lover, but the older I get, the more I crave chocolate.
Did you know?
Nearly nine out of 10 women experience a mid-day craving and have the urge to snack? Eighty-three percent of women admit they sometimes feel guilty when cravings take over and they reach for sweets! Well, I know that I fit into the 83% most days!
Yoplait Delight is a sweet and delicious treat that you can have without feeling guilty or crashing soon after. It also comes in four delicious flavors combinations Chocolate Raspberry, Triple Berry Creme, Lemon Torte and Creme Caramel. The best part, it's only 100 calories each!
I love being a member of Myblogspark, because I get opportunities to try new things! I was sent a "Delight Your Day" gift package, which included slippers, robe and a spa mask. Along with the gift package, I received a coupon to get a free Yoplait Delight. I picked the Chocolate Raspberry flavor combination, because it sounded yummy~ and it was super! Yoplait makes great yogurt anyway, and this new one is just wonderful! Creamy, smooth and very flavorful. I didn't think it was too sweet, either, which some flavored yogurt can be.
Would you like to try out the new Yoplaits Delight Yogurt?
Thanks to MyBlogSpark, I have one "Delight Your Day" gift package to give away to ONE Lucky Reader. The gift package includes a wrap robe (one size fits most), spa mask, slippers, and a coupon for a free Yoplait Delights item. Thie giveaway is open to residents of the USA, and will end on September 28th, 2009.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One for All & All for Hanes

I would love to have the opportunity to win some Hanes attire for my kids! Lucky blogger, Skimbaco Lifestyle, is a social media influencer for the Hanes Comfort who interacts with Hanes about clothing, comfort and online community. Very fortunate for her, she gets to review the clothes, and her beautiful children are models for the upcoming summer ‘10 catalog! Her and her family attended the Hanes Comfort Crew kick off trip to DisneyWorld earlier this year, too! Talk about being in the IN! So, I am hoping that writing about my desire to be a blogger for the Hanes Comfort Crew. Here are pictures of my four kids...really, we could totally check out the Hanes line...and my kids are adorable! :) ~Well, I think so...

Madelyn ~ age 2 1/2
Cole ~ age 8 months
Nathaniel ~ almost 11 years old
and Caleb ~ age 4.

Thanks to Skimbaco for hosting a giveaway for a Hanes $50 gift card! I am hoping to win that to get some new clothes for my kids!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey

With school in full session, this fall would be a great opportunity for families to get away for a fun, entertaining, and lively show with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus! I brought my oldest son to the circus when he was very little, and the show was superb! I love the Circus and I think that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey really put on a spectacular show!

Feld Entertainment's Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey live performances provide edge-of-your-seat entertainment for the young and young at heart. Also, Feld Entertainment has created savings offers available by using customer codes for the Mom Central community.
While each touring edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is different, all feature amazing Asian elephants, fascinating tigers, family fun and so many thrills that you will be on the edge of your seat all night!
To enhance your night at the circus, you get two experiences in one. The All Access Pre-Show begins an hour before show time, live on the circus floor. The Pre-Show provides the opportunity for kids to interact with performers, try on costumes, and get up close and personal at The Greatest Show On Earth. My kids ADORED this part- it's free for all ticketholders and not to be missed!
Mom Central is excited to extend the following special family offers; look for the box marked "MC Promotion" when purchasing tickets:
*Offer #1: Get 4 tickets for just $44 by entering the code "MOM" at select ticketing channels. Offer good on all weekday performances, which includes all weekday evening and Friday matinee performances; minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each.
*Offer #2: All weekend performance tickets will be $4 off the original price.
*Offer #3: Get the best Circus Celebrity, Front Row and VIP seats available – They have reserved seats in these sections just for you! Enter the code MOM. No discounts available on these sections.* Not valid on Circus CelebritySM, Front Row or VIP seats and may not be combined with other offers including special Opening Night pricing. Other fees may apply.
The above offers are good in the following cities:
Denver: September 30 – October 11, 2009
Boston: October 14-18, 2009
St. Louis: October 15-18, 2009
Cleveland: October 21-26, 2009
Rosemont/Chicago: November 5 – 29, 2009 *available for purchase on Sept. 8. 2009
Auburn Hills: November 18-22, 2009
Charlotte: January 27-31, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 12, 2009
Atlanta: February 12-21, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 12, 2009
Cincinnati: March 10-14, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 21, 2009
Dayton: April 29 – May 2, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 21, 2009
Shows coming this fall & winter:
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Over The Top, an all-new live entertainment extravaganza featuring the ultimate tug of war between Ringmaster Chuck Wagner and clown eccentric Tom Dougherty over a magical top hat that controls the circus. When the Ringmaster dons the hat he conjures stupendous spectacles for his circus, like the stunt riding Royal Cossack Cavalry while the clown uses the hat to summon silly and whimsical acts for his circus, such as a cavalry of goats riding on ponies in a Barnyard Bonanza. They continue to top one another until the Ringmaster and clown realize that the magic of the circus is not in the hat but in the hearts of everyone. The show culminates in an amazing display of gigantic glowing rainforest flowers surrounding Chinese acrobats swinging on vines and propelling through the air. Over the Top is two circuses in one providing excitement for the whole family.
Audiences will see nearly 100 animals including flying dogs, Asian elephants that skip, hop, and groove, miniature horses, llamas, pigs, and even a performing porcupine. In a daring feat, the courageous Daniel Raffo stands eye to eye with a pack of powerful Bengal tigers. Circus celebrities help rev-up the motorcycle madness featuring one cycle on a high wire and seven speeding riders in a Globe of Steel. Extraordinary aerial acts fill the arena sky with a rare double-decker trapeze and the Bombastic Bouncers who combine gigantic inner tubes and awe-inspiring acrobatics in a high-energy performance never before seen in America. And with the audience's participation, this circus really goes Over The Top!
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents ZING ZANG ZOOM®: Through the mystery of magic and the mastery of skill, audiences will be spellbound as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents ZING ZANG ZOOM®, a thrill-filled, mind-blowing circus spectacular where family fun is no illusion.
Magical Zingmaster Alex and his assistant, the alluring Levitytia, lead audiences through a kaleidoscope of color and imagery revealing extraordinary worlds of fantasy, flight and phenomena that celebrates the uplifting spirit of the circus and wards off a cynical Mr. Gravity and his team of "heavies" who try to bring everyone down.
Be mesmerized when a four-ton elephant disappears before your eyes, and a gravity-inducing nemesis transforms across species into a ferocious tiger. Stand in awe as a dazzling trapeze artist performs a perilous, anatomically unimaginable one-arm speed-spin high atop the arena floor, and two formidable, female human cannonballs are blasted through the air in a daring, awe-inspiring display of bravery. Become electrified as the dangerous double wheel of steel, the gasp-inducing high wire and soaring gigantic swings defy both gravity and logic.
Fun-filled magic merges with traditional circus arts to create a world of infinite possibilities where apprentice illusionists levitate their parents with a wave of a wand, and audience spirits keep rising as the high flying circus is (literally) turned upside down. Perhaps the most magical of all, watch in amazement as an incomparable array of exotic animals including a herd of majestic Asian elephants, magnificent Bengal tigers and elegant Arabian and Friesian horses join forces with our human performers to create an experience that will surprise and delight Children of All Ages, rendering us speechless and reminding us that the magic of The Greatest Show On Earth® lives forever in our hearts and imaginations.

I don't have a show in my area, so I may need to plan that family trip to somewhere out of go to the circus!
To learn more about Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey shows touring the country this year and to find shows in your area, visit the Ringling site. And don't forget to use the special discount code when purchasing tickets online!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Feld Entertainment. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Disney On Ice~ I want to go!!

It has been a dream of mine to go to a Disney on Ice show, ever since I was little. I am fascinated by ice skaters, and it is one of my favorite sports to watch. I think that my children would really enjoy seeing a Disney on Ice performance, and someday soon, I sure hope our family can go! How thrilling to see the famous Disney characters perform before your eyes...on ice skates! With the beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and Tinker Bell to favorites from Disney's Toy Story (currently Caleb's favorites!), The Little Mermaid, and the new film, The Princess and The Frog; there is a performance to delight everyone—little kids, and us adults (bring out the kid in all of us).

Feld Entertainment's Disney On Ice live spectaculars feature iconic Disney stories, characters, music, and world-class skating; providing families with a unique entertainment experience to which they can look forward to this fall and winter. I think this would be a super way to spend a family day/evening together!

Mom Central is excited to extend the following special family offers; look for the box marked "MC Promotion" when purchasing tickets:
*Offer #1: Get 4 tickets for just $44 by entering the code "MOM" at select ticketing channels. Offer good on all weekday performances, which includes all weekday evening and Friday matinee performances; minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each.
*Offer #2: All weekend performance tickets will be $4 off the original price
*Offer #3: Get the best Front Row and VIP seats available – They have reserved seats in the Front Row and VIP sections just for you! No discounts available on these seats. Use the code MOM.*Not valid on Front Row or VIP seats or combinable with other offers including opening night offers. Other fees may apply.
The above offers are good in the following cities:
St. Louis: September 3-6, 2009
Chicago: September 8-13, 2009
Sunrise: September 17-20, 2009
Dayton/Cincinnati: September 17-27, 2009
Miami: September 23-27, 2009
Auburn Hills: September 30 – October 4, 2009
Charlotte: October 8-11, 2009
Philadelphia: October 14-18, 2009
Atlanta: October 14-18, 2009
Oakland/San Jose: October 14-25, 2009
Fairfax: October 21-25, 2009
Sacramento: October 28 – November 1, 2009
Baltimore: October 28 – November 1, 2009
Uniondale: November 10-15, 2009
Houston: November 11-15, 2009
NYC: November 17-22, 2009
East Rutherford: November 24-29, 2009
Denver/Broomfield: December 3-13, 2009 *available for purchase on 9/12/09
St. Paul: December 9-13, 2009
Los Angeles: December 17-20, 2009
Toronto: December 18-27, 2009
Anaheim: December 22-27, 2009
Philadelphia: December 23 – January 3, 2010 *available for purchase on 10/12/09
Boston: December 26-29, 2009 *available for purchase on 9/3/09
Ontario: December 30 – January 3, 2010
Cleveland: January 8 -18, 2009 *available for presale on 10/2/09
Shows coming this fall & winter:
Disney On Ice presents Celebrations! It's one colossal party on ice, with all your favorite Disney friends! Enjoy a winter wonderland with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, a Halloween haunt with the Disney Villains, a Very Merry Unbirthday Party, a Royal Ball with the Disney Princesses and more in a magical medley of holidays, celebrations and festivals from around the globe. Come join the party when this spectacular ice show visits your hometown!
Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy: Rev up for non-stop fun with four of your favorite Disney stories at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy. Thrill to high-speed stunts as Lightning McQueen, Mater and the crew of Disney/Pixar's CARS race across the ice. Dive into The Little Mermaid's enchanting undersea kingdom and experience the 'Circle of Life' with The Lion King. Then enter the mystical world of Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies as they reveal the magic that lies within! From wheels to waves, Pride Lands to pixie dust, your family's favorite Disney moments come to life at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy with dazzling skating, special effects and beloved characters certain to create a lifetime of memories.
Special Bonus! Come see a Disney princess and a dazzling display of gorgeous gowns at the Disney Princess Pre-Show starting one hour before show time! Complimentary to all ticket holders.
Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic: Join the celebration as 65 of Disney's unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic! You'll be captivated by the one and only Mickey Mouse, the irresistible Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and all the Disney Princesses. Be thrilled by exciting moments from The Lion King; Mulan; and Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Toy Story films; in a skating spectacular filled with magical Disney moments you'll remember forever as Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic!
Disney On Ice presents Princess Classics: Dreams really do come true! Disney On Ice is proud to bring you a dazzling tale of hope, heart, heroism and hilarity as Disney On Ice presents Princess Classics. This stunning spectacle is an awe-inspiring and fun-filled journey to the magical lands of Disney's classic fairy tales. Travel to a kingdom under the sea, an enchanted palace in France, an Arabian castle and more! Enter the fantasy worlds of your favorite Disney princesses – Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and Snow White – as they bring magic to your city in this royal skating extravaganza.
To learn more about Disney On Ice shows touring the country this year and to find shows in your area, visit the Disney On Ice site. And don't forget to use the special discount code when purchasing tickets online!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Feld Entertainment. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guess who's a movin' and a shakin'?

I think it is well past the time for an update from my household, what's going on...and who's doing what! Here is a photo of Caleb and Madelyn waiting at the top of the stairs for someone to follow... (don't mind my walls...we have been remodeling our home...~ever since we moved in, ~lol)
Who is coming up the stairs behind them? Oh yes....
Cole is on the move! For over a week now, Cole has decided that he needs to move up those stairs to see (for himself) what is up there. He is such a busy guy and is getting around very quickly lately! I can't believe how much he has grown and learned recently!
He is a drool-monger, and I always miscalculate when those chompers are due to show up. He has been drooling for months, and still no teeth coming in. He is a big eater lately, so that growth spurt must be happening. When he was in to the clinic about a week ago, he was #18.1 pounds.
So, he is on the mission toward those stairs...crawling faster and faster everyday.
He keeps close tabs on his older siblings. I am thinking he can't wait until he can do what they do!

Here he goes...

Look how he is on his tip-toes! How cute is that?? I love this picture...

Madelyn was needing some attention, so she ran over to the closet and said, "Take a picture of me like this..." with a pose. I think it is adorable! She is so sweet~

Caleb wanted some snap shots, too. He was posing "in the cool" for this one. He is now a home schooled pre-schooler. He is loving his home education, and he is currently working on his name and how to cut with scissors. I make a few different types of lines on paper and he cuts them (squiggly, straight, and angled). He is very active and busy....even hitting his head on the fireplace today leaving a puncture wound to his head. Poor guy! He is OK, it just looks like it hurts. I am hoping we won't have too many trips to the ER with him.
Nathaniel is in the 5th grade, and I am home schooling him this year! I am really excited about him being home and teaching him. This is an answer to prayer, and I pray that it is a great year. I am hoping to get a lot accomplished, have fun learning together, and being creative. Nathaniel has had a busy summer with his close friends, and he is missing his best friend who is a neighbor. His friend is on a different school bus and is attending a different school this year, so even if Nathaniel was in public school, they would miss each other. Nathaniel is very excited to be home schooled, and we are having fun so far. We are apart of a great co-op that will meet once a month. I love our mom's monthly meeting, because it is time together, time to pray for each other, and work together for the best interest of our kids and home schooling. I am excited for this year, and for the field trips we will do together.
You know how hard it is to get four kids to sit together and all look at the camera at the same time? After about 10 photos, I did get this one.
I love my four kids! I am really enjoying being a stay at home mom and home schooling them.
Not too much is new here, besides the home schooling this year. I had 3 more moles removed from my back. This time, I had quite a bit removed. I had one removed that was about an inch in length, and one that was 1 1/2 inches in length. Each of those moles were about 3/4 inch deep. The third mole was punched off. GOOD NEWS~ all the moles were benign!! Praise the Lord! One of the moles would have turned into cancer someday (I can't remember the term for it), but they got it all out.
We went to a threshing show last weekend~ Terry, the kids, my mother-in-law and I. I will have to post the pictures from that. It was a lot of fun, nice day out for it, and the kids had a blast! I had never been to one of those before. Anyway...time for bed~ well, way past my bedtime, but I miss blogging!