Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Appointment: 37 weeks

I had my baby appointment yesterday morning. With having concerns of my amniotic fluid possibly leaking, I was anxious to see what my Doctor thought. I am so excited to be back with MY doctor, but there is a huge set back with seeing him~ I waited for an hour and a half before I even saw him! Long wait, he is a popular Doctor, but so worth the wait because he really truly cares!
He checked my stats, baby is not dropped down into the pelvic region, yet. I told him how uncomfortable I have been lately, and how hard life is. Then, I melted down and cried. I know I am emotional right now, but really my pains have been absolutely unbearable at times~ day or night! I told him how sleep is tough, laying down and getting up. That Sciatic nerve is the worst it has ever been. He said he was sorry that I was going through all that pain, and he would love to have me fitted for a special pregnancy belt thingy, but they are expensive. Yeah, for approximately $150, I could have some relief for the next few weeks. Umm, no, we have no extra money, so I just have to suck it up for the duration. Yippee! Can you sense my excitement?
The Doctor said that I am carrying this baby so differently and so low...even though it isn't "dropped" yet. I told him I was surprised that the baby hasn't dropped, because sometimes it feels like the baby could just fall out, or that he/she kicks so low sometimes. However, none of my baby's have dropped until I was in full blown labor. So, it would be kind of a shock if the baby was dropped right now.
I am not dilated and my body isn't doing any changes in preparation for delivery day, yet. I do have 3 weeks yet, so really it isn't time yet. He said he didn't think I was leaking any fluids, and that my water wasn't broken. He did want me to get an ultrasound to see if baby was in the head down position, though.
I didn't get to see much on the ultrasound, because baby is so big right now. Heartbeat was at 147 at the time of the ultrasound, and baby was head down. The amniotic sacs looked great, and the technician said the placenta and heart looked good. One great thing I got to see was a head of hair. That is so exciting. Just seeing our little baby on the screen gave me an added boost of encouragement that this pain really is worth it~ even though some days I feel like I just would rather die.
So, onto another week. The next few weeks will go rather quickly in time, but seem long with the pains and aches. SOON~ I just have to remember that blessed word.


Alicia @ said...

Oh you poor girl! It will be so WORTH it!! That is great that you got to see your baby and the hair!! I am praying for you and congrats on being officially full term!!! I am excited to know what you are having and the name of the little baby....I am thinking boy, but I go back and forth!! LOL Thanks for the update on you!!

I hope you have a blessed Christmas Sarah!!!

Praying for you my friend!!!

Sending LOTS of hugs your way!!!

Grandma J said...

Hang in there kiddo! I know it must be really difficult these last few weeks, but we'll all be praying for you. Hopefully, it will happen soon...but not TOO soon, so that you have time to make it to the hospital!

Anonymous said...

Praying for strength. Thank God you are almost done and bab is ok. I had a dream i was prego last night, so u were 1st in my prayers today. Merry Christmas,

Laura said...

Oh Sarah, sounds bad. It's almost over!! We're in week 36, so I'm right behind you. It's the home stretch - good luck!