Thursday, December 18, 2008

Smart Phone~ what a great invention!

One of the products that is very high on my "wish list" this year is the all new Windows Mobile Smart phone! The Samsung Omnia is one of the Smart Phones that really looks great to me!
If I was so lucky to get the Windows Mobile Smart phone, I would be able to stay connected and organized while on the go, with 3, almost 4 kids! Because Windows Mobile smart phones run on the same Windows system as PC computers, our computer and phone applications sync together easily. More than 77% of people who take pictures with their phones never download them onto their computers. I would fit into that category! I can't believe that I would not share those precious photos, but leave them in the phone! With Windows Mobile, you have the ability to easily e-mail photos from your phone to your PC or post them directly to the Web. This is great with blogging!
The newest touch screen Windows phone, the Samsung Omnia, conveniently combines the features of a smart phone and a digital camera into one slim, compact device. I love the idea of not juggling the multiple digital devices to capture holiday enjoyment~ I have enough to juggle with my kids! Only Windows Mobile lets you shoot pics, crop, post to your blog, and send images to loved ones directly on your smart phone. The Samsung Omnia is a great all-in-one gift at the reasonable cost of $199. The professional auto-focus camera features panorama capture, cropping capabilities and smile/face recognition. In fact, a National Geographic photographer took the 5.0 megapixel Omnia on photo shoots to Easter Island and Peru and found that his photographs rivaled those taken with a professional camera. For more information on the Omnia, please visit
You can buy a Smart Phone to your special someone this Christmas...or get one for me! :)

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