Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cole is growing!

I had Cole in for a 2 week well baby check yesterday and he is growing! He is now 9 pounds! He passed up his birth weight~ yippee! The Dr. said that he looks great, and his jaundice has cleared up. Cole's abrasions and sores on his head are really clearing up. The blood pooling is still there, but over time, it should go away. He is so cute, which helps, because he sure can be fussy. I think it is probably because he poops as much as he takes breaths of air. Seriously, it seems that way! I do have to say I am pleased with his sleeping pattern at night time. He will sleep a good 3-4 hour stretch! I love that! I hope he keeps up the good sleeping.
On Saturday, he cooed at me. He has smiled at me (almost daily) since he was in the hospital. I think that is amazing. I love his smile! I look forward to him doing that all the time.
The kids love having a baby boy in the home. Maddie and Caleb love kissing him! Nathaniel keeps commenting on how cute he is. I am still in awe over the fact that I have 4 kids! I have already received the comment, "Are all those kids yours?" I want to just say, "Nope, I am just a babysitter..."
I will try to keep you all up to date. I am sorry I haven't been in the blogging world too much. I will try to be better about updating. Here is some of the latest happenings in the Sassyfrazz home, and this will explain why I haven't been online too much.
A few weeks ago (right before Cole was born) Madelyn was diagnosed with pneumonia. It was a freaky thing, but she didn't have to be hospitalized! I am so thankful for that! Could you imagine both of us being hospitalized for two very different reasons? That would have been horrible!
Then, when Cole was just over a week old, Nathaniel came back from a visit to his Dad's sick. It turned out to be Strep throat. We dropped him off on a Friday night, and that very night, Madelyn threw up in the van. Not only did she throw up once, but several the point of her car seat not being functional. We ended up stopping to buy her a cheap outfit, so she wasn't stuck in the nasty mess...and to keep her warm. Then, Terry held her all the way home. Yes, it was illegal, but what else could we have done? We also had to pick up Terry's car, which was at his work. So, I drove with Madelyn buckled in the front seat (praying she didn't have another round on the way home~ another 22 miles). That Sunday, Nathaniel was picked up~ and he was sick. He had a fever and cold all weekend. On Monday, he didn't have school, and he complained about his throat being very sore. So, Terry brought him in, and strep culture was positive. That was lovely. Madelyn's flu bug lasted a total of 5 days. She didn't have any episodes on Saturday, then had it on Sunday and Monday. Monday night was the worse of 8-9 times. We were really concerned for her, especially since she is so little anyway. So, now after a week later...our family is healthier. I am so thankful~ thank you God for your healing!

My brother and his wife welcomed their second child into the world 10 days after Cole was born! I am so excited for them! They have a 3 year old girl, and now a baby boy! Cole and his boy cousin are only 10 days apart! Isn't that fun? I am so excited for them!! Her delivery went well, and baby and her are doing great! I can't wait to meet him!

One of my other brothers is getting married this summer, and he called recently to see if Caleb could be their ring bearer! How cute!! Two of my other nieces are going to be flower girls. It will be so darling to see them all together. I hope Caleb will do it alright. He isn't really big into being put on the spot, so we will see.

So, that is what is new with me and our family. We are very saddened over some recent news. Our former pastor just passed on from this life to his eternal home. It was very unexpected. He was an amazing man, and on fire for the Lord. He was an evangelist, and lived his life fully for Christ! Last Tuesday, he went in for hip replacement. He was doing well, but on Wednesday, he suffered 3 heart attacks. He went through heart surgery, and they found he had over 90% blockage in his arteries. Over the next few days, he had the oxygen on and ventilators. Saturday morning, he passed away. So, please be in prayer for his family. We will miss him, and he sure was a warrior! He was the one who baptised Terry 3 years ago. He is very special to us. The funeral is on Wednesday.

Lancaster's Clip 'N' Feed

It is great having another baby! I love being a mom~ it is such a blessing! I also love breastfeeding my babies! For me, it is such a bonding experience, best nutrition, and so convenient~ no bottles, formula, and extra cleaning.
I do love to be able to nurse my baby anywhere and everywhere...but I like to be modest about it and not give everyone a show. So, staying covered up is my concern. I was happy to review the Lancaster's nursing cover.
First of all, I am thankful that the Lancaster's Clip 'N' Feed is made in the USA! With all the talk about questionable products, Lancaster's is a product we can feel safe about. The Lancaster's nursing covers are made with colorful patterns made with 100% cotton, and they are machine washable (another plus, since babies can be messy).
The nursing cover is great for many uses~ nursing, stroller cover, baby carriers and car seat covers. Attached to all four sides are matching Velcro straps that you can use to attach the cover to the strollers and car seats for security. There is a neck strap that mom can use to have the cover hang from her neck, so she can make eye contact with her baby. There are also plastic clips included so you can clip the nursing cover to your clothes if you would rather do that. Lancaster's nursing covers also have a pocket located on the outside you can use for baby stuff.
Clip‘n’Feed Blankets and Covers were made by parents looking for better ways to solve problems. Mrs. Lancaster and her husband came up with the Clip‘n’Feed covers because she was frustrated with blankets falling off while she was nursing. Mr. Lancaster created the first creation by using some plastic clips from hangers and attaching them to a blanket. With compliments and raves, Mrs. Lancaster created the Clip‘n’Feed. Lancaster's also carries Clip‘N’Feed blankets and Eco-Friendly nursing covers. The prices vary between $35-42 and can be purchased from their online store.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kernel Season's review and Giveaway!

One of my very favorite snacks is popcorn! I could eat popcorn everyday~ seriously! I have recently been introduced to a new product to make my favorite snack more flavorful! Kernel Season's sent me their popcorn, seasons, spritzer and butter toppings to review. I was beyond excited to try this product out! Kernel Season's offers a wide variety of seasons to add to plain popcorn and it really adds great flavors! I think my favorite topping is the Parmesan and Garlic (so far).
As an adult, I am used to the microwave popcorn for convenience. However, I grew up with stove top popped popcorn. I would come home from school to find my mom popping corn in the kettle. Kernel Season's popcorn is prepared the same way. All you have to do is add a little oil, throw in some kernels and when they start popping, put in a half cup of kernels. The taste of stove top popped popcorn far exceeds in flavor to microwave popped. Then, Kernel Seasons lets you spice up your popcorn with their delicious seasons! You have yourself a real treat!
Kernel Season’s, headquartered in Elk Grove, IL, is the number one popcorn seasoning in the country. The flavors are all natural blends made with real cheese and are offered at more than 20,000 movie theater screens nationwide as a free shake-on topping. I know I want to let our local movie theater know about Kernel Seasons! Kernel Season's was created by Brian Taylor. He was a college student at the University of Michigan. He used to make and create his own special seasonings for his popcorn. Friends would come and ask for his special seasonings, and so he decided he should contact a team of flavor experts with over 50 years of experience to help perfect the seasonings. After two years, Kernel Season's was born.
I really like the taste that Kernel Season's gives the popcorn! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to try it! Thank you Kernel Season's for No More Naked Popcorn!
Would you like to win a prize pack from Kernel Season's? They have offered to do a giveaway for my readers! Here is what you can win: one bag of popcorn, 2 seasonings and a popcorn spritzer!! This contest is open to all readers living in the Continental United States. To get your first entry, go to Kernel Season's website and pick out the 2 seasonings you would like to win (if you are the lucky winner). If you do not do the first required entry, you will be disqualified. You may come back each day and enter (again) after you do the first rule, just tweet about this giveaway and leave the url in your comment. Click here to see how you can earn even more extra credits to win, and click here to see guidelines and the official rules. Contest will end on February 12, 2009 at 11:59PM CST. GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The labor, birth and recovery...

I can't believe it has been over a week since I gave birth to our baby boy, Cole! WOW, I really can't believe it has taken this long to get back into the blogosphere! I am sorry that I have been M.I.A, but things have been pretty rough. I will tell you all about it.
Early Tuesday morning, January 13th, I had to be at the hospital at 5:15 for a scheduled induction. Why they schedule early morning inductions is beyond my comprehension...but, oh well. Anyway, we got there a little late (5:30 A.M.). Once we were situated in our labor room, and went through all the questions and concerns, the nurse asked me if we were going to be doing the Cytotec (pill in the cervix). I had made changes with my Doctor on Monday, that we were NOT going to go ahead with the Cytotec due to what the side affects are. I had that pill inserted with Madelyn, and I experienced some of the side effects: hyper stimulation of the uterus, decreased heart rate for baby, and shock symptoms in mom. I didn't think that the side effects were worth risking with this baby. Scary stuff! You should read about it! Thanks to my friend, I avoided this type of induction. I was opting to go with the Cervidel, but my doctor said that wouldn't be effective for me. My Doctor neglected to put in the order for the Pitocin, so we ended up waiting until he made it into the hospital. At about 8:00, he came in and he put in the order for Pitocin (finally). He was disappointed that things were delayed, and so was I, but there was nothing we could do. The nurse started the IV. My veins are not that great, and so after about 20 minutes, the nurse realized that the IV was pumping fluids and Pitocin into my arm/wrist/hand! So, she took it out, and after 3 more vein attempts, a different person came in to insert the IV. That was just the start of my complications. After hours of Pitocin drips and a few walks around to help little baby to "drop" down into position, the Doctor was back to check on me. He checked and said that the baby dropped enough to break my water. He said the baby was still up high, though. A few more hours went by and the nurse came in to see how far along the progress was going. She couldn't get an accurate measure, so another nurse came in to check me. This nurse jammed her fist into me, and it felt like she was tearing me apart! It was a horrific pain and I yelled at her to STOP!! Checking to see how far a mom is dilated should not hurt, and she violated me. Seriously, if you can't get a good measure, just let the Dr. know, right? Seriously, I should have kicked her in the teeth! I told my other nurse that she was NOT allowed back in my room. That whole ordeal caused a lot of tears and emotional distress. About an hour later, I was getting set up to have an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and told me the stats on the epidurals and the side effects. He was very impersonal and just seemed like he was just there to "git er done." I thought he was very rude, and he was actually talking on his cell phone as he was prepping my back for insertion. My husband watched him during the whole procedure. I was literally crying through all of it, and that was a first for me. I had epidurals with Caleb and Madelyn, and I have never experienced the pain that I did with this one. He kept barking at me to roll my back into him, sit still and bend more! He was so rough and rude! At one point, I just hollered at him to just stop and I just didn't want it anymore. I was done! I had also experienced a shocking (like lightening) feelings shooting down my right leg. I have never experienced that before. I think he hit some nerves! Terry said he wasn't careful or gentle when he was inserting the tubing. He ended up inserting it about 4-5 times. FINALLY, he got it in there, and I did get some relief. So, after a few hours of rest and waiting, I was able to try some pushing. The nurses noticed that there was a bit of the cervix still on his head, so they just positioned me in bed to let my body work at finishing the dilation. My Doctor came in about 6, after working all day, and let me know he was going to his son's hockey game. He said he hopes that I have my baby before 9 PM, but if not, he was willing to come back to help me deliver our baby. Yep, he did have to come back, because our baby wasn't dropping down and he just wouldn't come out. I am so thankful that my Dr. is so dedicated and loving like that. I really think that God was watching over us and allowed it all to work out that our Dr. was there with us. Over the last of the labor/delivery was so crucial, and I am so thankful that my Dr. was there, and we could trust his judgement and direction for us.
I am not sure how exactly events took place, but I did have to have oxygen, and I pushed and pushed only to find out that baby was posterior (head up) and face presentation~ meaning he was trying to show his face first instead of the top of his head. Babies don't come out like that. So, my Dr. went in there (whole hand) and turned our baby around. Yes, that was not comfortable or pleasant. Then, I pushed and pushed some more. I was exhausted, and running out of energy. My Dr. suggested that we use the vacuum. He knew we weren't fond of this method, but he suggested that it may be the only thing that will work~ but I had to work really hard with him. Otherwise, he said we would have to do a C-section. I told Terry he needed to make the choice, because I was willing to do whatever to get our baby out. After about 5-6 vacuum assists, our baby entered the world, limp and not breathing! I was so scared!! My first words were, "Breathe baby!!" Seventeen seconds of using a Ambu bag on him to get him to breathe, he started breathing. The umbilical cord had been wrapped around his throat. His apgar score when he first came out was a 4, and after 5 minutes it was an 8. I am thankful that he was OK, and that he started breathing! He ended up with abrasions on his head (which are healing) and he got cephalohematoma (which is a blood pooling on his head). He had to have an ultrasound to make sure the blood wasn't inside his skull, and the results showed that it wasn't. So, he will be healing and it will be going away over the next few weeks. He is a beautiful little boy, dark black hair, blue eyes....and a smile to melt your heart. His name is Cole Matthew. He was 8 pounds 8 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. He had a big head, so he had a hard time getting out. Madelyn was posterior as well, but she was little enough to come out unassisted. I am thankful that I didn't need a C-section, but the whole labor and delivery was just horrible. I am so thankful that God blessed me with Cole, though, and that he is a great baby.

Cole did get Jaundice, and that is from the cephalohematoma. We had to have a few blood tests done on him, but it started going away on it's own, so we didn't need to take any medical measures to help. I am thankful for that as well.
My dear friend, Jennifer, took these amazing photos for me when Cole was one week old. She also posted on my site right after he was born to give you all an update. Click here to see that post. Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful and amazing photos of our precious Cole!
I have had quite the time with recovering from this birth. My right leg didn't work for 2 1/2 days, seriously, I couldn't walk on it at all, and it was very painful. I know it is complications from the epidural. I have had issues with my feeling coming back in my calves and feet~ still even after over a week and a half! I went to the ER last Monday morning (early), because of pain shooting through my legs and hips. My dear friend, Lisa, came to stay with my other 3 children. Thank you so much, Lisa! You helped us out so much! I had an MRI to check for a cephalohematoma on my spine. I am thankful that I didn't have that. Ever have an MRI? WOW, that was quite the experience, too! Another time...
Anyway, they couldn't find anything. I am glad things are improving for my recovery and walking gets better everyday. Sleeping is getting a little easier (without pains) but I still can't lay on my right side. I have a feeling that my recovery is just going to take a long time from this birth. Thanks for all the comments and well wishes! I am so thankful for my friends on and off line! Thank you for your support and prayers!

Winners of contests

With the birth of our son last week, I haven't been online to pick and post winner's of the contests that ended. I am sorry for the delay, but if you read my birth story/recovery you will understand I am sure. I will post my birth story and the recovery later today.
So, without further ado, here are the winners:

Life's Building Blocks (Plus a BIG giveaway) (value $102): Andreah @ Life's A Hoot
Skin MD lotion with sunscreen: PLUS A GIVEAWAY! (value $25): judybrittle Giveaway: Mommyhood is Thankless
Emergen C-Kidz: andrea v

I will be e-mailing the winners and they will have 3 days to claim their prize. If I don't hear back from them, I will pick new winners.
Congratulations to the winners, and a BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors for providing the prizes for the contests! Please be sure to check back for more great product reviews and giveaways coming up! Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Qlubb: web-based group interaction resource

Being a wife, Mom of 4 beautiful children, and trying to keep our schedules and appointments on track can be a challenge (to say the least). I know that many other mom's struggle with the "mommy brain syndrome," which is loss of memory. I know that I often times can't even remember what I ate for lunch. Many times I would love to plan a get together and it would be fun to get ideas from other people and organize the details in one place.
I have been given the opportunity to review a brand new site called Qlubb, which is a free online source that anyone can use to make group pages, create a web page, make a calendar, photo and file sharing, online RSVP's, to-do lists, and group e-mails.
From the site:
Qlubb is a web-based group utility that enables real-world groups to easily connect, share and get stuff done. Qlubb brings all aspects of group interaction to one simple and intuitive place. With event calendaring, sign-up sheets, photo sharing, member rosters, file sharing, task reminder service, and bulletin boards, Qlubb provides all the functions needed to easily and actively participate within a group.Recognizing that busy people don’t have time or patience to “figure out” another web application, Qlubb has made it a principle philosophy to keep everything SIMPLE (simple interface, simple Qlubb creation, simple task creation, simple account management, etc.). It only takes 2 clicks to create a Qlubb, an 1 click to join a Qlubb.

Qlubb is the easiest way to get your real-life groups organized and on the same page. Between our children's classrooms, scout troops, religious groups, social groups, book/wine clubs and families, we are constantly running around trying to plan and coordinate our group activities. Organizing is not a strength of mine, and Qlubb makes organizing seem much less stressful. Qlubb automates many of the tasks and significantly reduces the time it takes to organize group events, activities and members, giving you more time to enjoy your groups, families and friends. Just IMAGINE, with Qlubb, you can: • Easily organize group events and activities online• Eliminate email back-and-forth• Eliminate reminders and nags of events and responsibilities• Easily delegate tasks to members• Easily create a secure website for your group• SPEND MORE TIME ENJOYING YOUR REAL-LIFE GROUPS
I thought that Qlubb was easy to use, and I look forward to using it time to time. What's even better, this website is free to use!
Thanks Team Mom for guiding me to this helpful website to help keep my life more organized!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Truvia: Nature's Calorie-Free Sweetener!

I love sugar, natural and pure sugar, but I know that with eating sugar, comes calories. I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners, especially since there are so many chemicals in them. I get concerned about what those chemicals do to me, and with being a nursing mom, I am concerned how those chemicals affect my newborn.
I was thrilled to try the new natural sweetener called Truvia! Truvia is made with rebiana, the best tasting part of the Stevia leaf (natural nature sweetness). Stevia is a plant (specifically, a member of the chrysanthemum family) native to portions of northeastern Paraguay. It has been used to sweeten foods and beverages for more than 200 years.

Truvia natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated. Sprinkle it on your grapefruit. Spoon it in your coffee. It won't end up on your conscience or your thighs.

One packet of Truvia natural sweetener provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar.

Truvia natural sweetener is a great alternative for people with diabetes. It is also kosher certified.

Another ingredient in Truvia is Erythritol, a sugar alcohol, a carbohydrate found naturally in several fruits like grapes and pears. Erythritol doesn't lead to tooth decay, is safe for people with diabetes and in reasonable amounts does not lead to gastrointestinal side effects (in other words, no gas or bloating). Tasting Truvia by itself isn't so much appealing, but it tastes great when used in place of sugar. There isn't any bitter or bad after taste. I love how pure and natural it is without the calorie intake. This will be a product I will use in my efforts to lose the baby weight.
Coca-Cola Co., the world's largest soft drink maker, and Cargill Inc. say a natural sweetener from the stevia plant, is said to be 200 times sweeter than sugar and safe for humans. One packet of Truvia is equal to two teaspoons of sugar.
Cargill has made it possible that Truvia can be found at your local grocery store nationwide, and Truvia natural sweetener is also available at Whole Foods Market. At this time, Truvia is available as individual packets. I say, give Truvia a try! You will be happy with the taste, and your hips will not reap the consequences of sugar calories. Thanks Mom Central for making it possible for me to try out this great sweetener from nature!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cole Matthew

Hello Everyone this is Sarah's friend Jennifer. I got to see Sarah and Cole tonight. He is sooo beautiful. I know that there are many of you who have been waiting anxiously and I am happy to provide an update. Cole Matthew was born Jan. 13th around 11pm. He was 8lbs 8oz and 20 1/2 inches long. I am going to let Sarah fill you in on the details but I will say that things were hard and if you could keep them in your prayers for continued healing that would be appreciated. She will be returning Friday. In the meantime I thought you might want to see some pictures!! Enjoy.

There is nothing like the details of a brand new baby. mmm... i love little feet. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Emergen-C kidz: Review and Giveaway!

It can be such a challenge getting our children to take their vitamins sometimes, especially due to the "taste" that vitamins leave in their mouths. Companies have taken different approaches to make vitamins more tasty and appealing like making vitamins into suckers and gummy bears. Some of those products can be loaded with sugars that our kids do not need, and yet some kids still don't like those options. There is a new product called Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multi-Vitamin & Multi-Mineral Supplement. Emergen-C Kidz is so fun, fizzy and delicious, kids won’t even know it’s good for them! It tastes like a fizzy fruit drink, and most kids love juice. Emergen-C Kidz are flavored drink mixes that you just mix with water, and because vitamins are disguised by yummy fruit flavors like strawberry-banana, the kids will never know they are drinking something that is actually good for them.
With a goal to create a product for kids designed by kids, Emergen-C launched a national contest to have kids pick their favorite flavors, name them, and draw the picture for the new box. Kids even named their favorite flavors: Strawnanberry Blast, Orange Pineapple Explosion and Cherry Yumberry. There are Health and Wellness Benefits:-Produced without preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Emergen-C Kidz complete multi-vitamin formula contains 24 essential nutrients, choline, which supports healthy brain function, and has 500mg of Vitamin C to help kids stay healthy year round. Emergen-C has no artificial flavors.
Emergen-C Kids includes more immune-boosting vitamin C than the leading brand and choline, to support healthy brain function. Puts and extra spring in your step with the natural energy boost of B vitamins found in original fizzy drink mix formulas. Supports a healthy immune system with vitamin C, zinc and 32 mineral complexes. Emergen-C Kids is great-tasting and boosts health and energy.
Vitamins are so good for our kids, and their bodies really need the extra boost of nutrients, especially during the "cold/flu" season. Sometimes it is hard to make sure they get the daily recommended dose for each essential nutrient especially if your kids are picky eaters. Emergen-C Kidz offers parents and children a better alternative to getting their daily recommended nutrients. They contain 30 packets per box and retail for $10.99-$14.99. They are sold at major grocery stores.Visit for more information.
Would you like to win a box of Emergen C? We are giving away a box of Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multi-Vitamin Fizzy Drink Mix to one lucky reader. This contest is open to all readers living in the Continental United States. To get your first entry, you need to pick the flavor you would like to try. If you do not do the first required entry, you will be disqualified. You may come back each day and enter (again) after you do the first rule, just tweet about this giveaway and leave the url of the tweet in your comment. Click here to see how you can earn extra credits to win, and click here to see guidelines and the official rules. Contest will end on January 22, 2009 at 11:59 PM CST. GOOD LUCK!

Searching for a Better God: Book Review

A dangerous rift has opened up between society and the Christian church—a moral friction between the Bible’s message and the current culture’s sense of right and wrong. Questions about God that used to center around His existence are now aimed at His morality. How moral is the God who permits diseases and natural disasters that kill innocent people or the God who allows brutal dictators to rule with an iron fist? At best this God is aloof and uncaring. At worst He is primitive and cruel.
Many in this contemporary culture have concluded that we are actually morally superior to God and that He is less than adequate. Even some in the church have begun to suspect this same thing, that God just may not be that great. But, as people of faith, we have an understanding that helps us bridge the reality of what we see with those realities we do not see. But how are we to communicate this understanding to a skeptical generation?
In his new book, Searching for a Better God (Paternoster, March 2008), author and pastor Wade Bradshaw thoroughly explains and examines the repercussions of the “common sense theology” which has condemned the God of the Bible as vindictive, angry, distant—and worse. “People cannot flourish without hope,” says Bradshaw. “Yet this growing suspicion that God exists but is not worthy of our affection or devotion is subtly robbing the world of its one true hope. God cannot be a source of hope, not because He isn’t real, but because He would not be good to know and to live with forever. This is what I call the New Story.”
In Searching for a Better God, Bradshaw explains why the caricatures many have drawn of God are not accurate and God, as described in the Bible, is misunderstood. By giving readers practical ways to talk to those who doubt God’s character, Bradshaw skillfully instructs the church how to reach the lost with a hope that can only be found in a confident, unwavering hope in God, the perfect and moral God of the Bible.
About the Author
Wade Bradshaw is currently a pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, Virginia. He has a diverse background working as a veterinarian in Nepal for three years, at the Francis Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Theological Seminary for four years, in the English branch of LAbri Fellowship for eleven years, and as the pastor of the International Presbyterian Church in Liss, Hampshire, England for a year. He is married to Chryse and has four children.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sick kids...and a break for mom~

My kids started a cold over the last weekend. Through the week, they both had slight fevers, runny noses and coughs. Maddie's cough was really bad on Tuesday and Wednesday. I told my husband that we should probably bring her in on Thursday if she isn't better, because we won't want to make an ER trip over the weekend. Well, on Thursday during the day, she seemed OK physically, but she was like Saran wrap, and wanted to be attached to me all day. I could tell that she wasn't a happy camper, and not feeling well. (see how very little I wrote blog posts the last few days). Thursday morning, she fell asleep in the morning, which is very rare for her anymore. In the afternoon, she took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and I just laid her in bed. She didn't complain about going down for a nap at all, and that is not her norm either. Taking a 2 1/2 hour nap for her is really unheard of. She is not a big napper. When she woke up, she was on fire! I took her temp and it was 102.5 under the arm! POOR BABY GIRL! She was also breathing funny and kind of holding her breath. Caleb has had pneumonia in the past, and I was afraid that is what Maddie had.
So, after talking with Terry, I brought her (and the boys) into Urgent care. The Doctor looked her over, and "clinically" she seemed healthy, however, the Doctor knew she wasn't OK. He ordered a blood test for a viral or bacterial infection, and wanted chest X-rays. Her blood test revealed a viral infection, and her X-rays showed pneumonia. Fortunately, I brought her in early enough, so she didn't have to be admitted to the hospital! THANKS BE TO GOD!! Really, I don't know how things would have been if she had to be admitted! Could you imagine if she was admitted then I was admitted to deliver a baby in a different hospital? How awful would that be? I am very thankful that God is protecting us and watching out for us. He is always blessing us! Her pneumonia was caught early enough, and baby is waiting a bit longer to keep safe from the germs. Madelyn is on a medication and is getting nebulizer treatments of albuterol. She is doing pretty good on day three of her medications, and I am thankful that her breathing is improving.
It was a stressful week with sick kids, aches and pains of being an over-stuffed penguin...a..ka pregnant feeling the bliss of end of pregnancy joys and just wanting the time to go quickly to the due date. I am so thankful that I was able to go to the monthly Ladies Night Out. What therapeutic release. We went to a ladies home for this month's LNO, and we had a blast laughing, talking, playing games, and just enjoying our women friendships! I so needed to be with my friends and just release the stress in laughing myself silly. What fun we had, and I didn't get home until 3:30 this morning. Then, my wonderful husband let me sleep in because I needed the rest! He is so good to me! I know it will be my morning to wake up with the kids, tomorrow. We have a great "unwritten" plan on weekends taking turns letting the other one sleep in. It is wonderful! I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Update on Pregnancy

I had an appointment on Friday to check the amniotic fluids. I had an ultrasound, and according to that, the fluids were great! I was much relieved to hear that. Baby is doing great, and the heartbeat was strong. Doctor said I am dilated to a 2, and not too much had changed since Tuesday. Because of my history with low to no amniotic fluid on the due date, we are set up to go to the hospital on Tuesday morning to get the process going. Am I happy to induce? Not especially. I do wish that I could have this baby all natural, no induction, just my body naturally going into labor. I am still hoping (and praying) that I will naturally go this weekend or Monday. It is very likely!! With the ultrasound, the Technician said that the cervix is narrowing/thinning down from the inside, and that is super! I think I should clean the house tomorrow, and maybe that will help me along. Of coarse, my hubby has an agenda to help me out, too. So, hopefully we can be more natural with this labor.
What the doctor is going to do is have a pill put in to "ripen" my cervix, which will soften it. This should start the labor process. I had this done with Madelyn, and it is not a pleasant experience. It did put me into labor, and things moved rather quickly with her. I am hoping the results will be similar with this labor. (IF I don't go naturally, of coarse).
So, Tuesday morning is the start of a big day. If you can, please pray for me, and our baby. Pray that my body will go into labor on its own the next few days so we don't have to help the labor process. Please pray that the baby stays healthy, strong and is born without complications. Pray that I have the strength and rest needed for this delivery. Thanks so much! I will keep you posted as best as I can.

Winners of recent contests:

I would like to say thank you to the wonderful sponsors of the giveaways here at SasssyFrazz, and thank you to my readers for your participation in the entering! Here are the lucky winners of the contests! I am sorry I didn't post this earlier, but I have had sick children.
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Balance for children: ENTER to win!: Juicebox Mom
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Game Stop's “Sharpen the Mind, Shape the Body.”

I am so ready to start off this new year with the motivation to get healthier and losing my extra body insulation! The holidays tend to be magnets for pound acceleration, and now is the perfect time to accelerate in the weight loss!
Going to the gym is not in my budget, nor something I am able to do with 3, almost 4, kids. I do know that exercise is a crucial element to getting healthy, losing weight, and feeling more energized, though. I love the creative ways that video games have come up with ways to entice us to get motivated to exercise. I love playing on the Wii Fit and my Dance pad, because I don't really feel like I am "exercising." I enjoy fun gaming, but burn calories while doing it. Plus, I can enjoy a great work-out with family and friends.
Playing popular video games like My Fitness Coach or Dance, Dance Revolution make exercise fun, while games like Brain Age or Crosswords DS give your brain a workout. GameStop stores offer these titles and more and have associates on hand to help you find a good fit for you and your likes. GameStop stores offer some many fun games that your whole family can enjoy. This January, they are offering a "Sharpen the Mind, Shape the Body" initiative for the whole month that includes a special incentive to discover active gaming.
As a special incentive, all shoppers who spend $35 or more on designated products will receive a free 12-month trial subscription to their choice of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Redbook, Good Housekeeping or Esquire. So you can stop by a local store and demo a range of titles that match your interests and skill level, then you can get out of the "poundage slump" and get into shape. GameStop sells new and used games, gaming gear and movies. You can trade in your used/new games, gear and movies and exchange for other titles. I have had good buys there, and found titles that I couldn't in other local retailer stores.
Thanks MomCentral for letting me know about the "Sharpen the Mind, Shape the Body" initiative from Game Stop!

Friday, January 9, 2009 Giveaway!

Books are great for kids, and reading is so beneficial to their learning! Our family enjoys books, and really enjoy finding new books to explore. I was really excited about the new program offered from! It is very similar to netflix, but instead of movies, you can order books for your kids. Your children can get a wide variety of books that fits their age category (infant, toddler, 1-5 grade, teen books, cook books, and puzzles) and the books are all “teacher approved” books based on age/grade level. There are three different membership plans customized to fit what works for your family's desires. You can order one book ($4.99), two books ($9.99)or three books~which includes an educational activity ($14.99) a month and you can enjoy a gift your child will enjoy completely. What a fun surprise for them to see what the next book will be each month, plus, they are learning and growing!
A great faucet that has implemented into their great children's reading program is, after 12 books sent to your home, they send a pre-addressed/pre-paid envelope that you can use to send some of the books to a local library or your school library. This is a great way for you to share the gift of reading with others, and your children can participate in the giving. A receipt is also included for a tax deductible donation to your libraries.
“Excite Books is not your average book company,” explains Austin George, a commercial airline pilot, motivational speaker and founder of the online site. “We are members of the community who strive to add excitement and energy into your child’s reading activities. Through Excite Books, kids are an active participant in all phases of learning and development through responsibility, motivation and giving back to the community.”
Excite Books knows that kids who read also love to watch TV and has tapped Blake
Michael, the 11- year-old host of Cartoon Network’s Fried Dynamite as its celebrity spokes kid. Blake appears on wearing a large red exclamation point as an advocate for the excitement of reading books. He’s a passionate reader off camera who exudes the enthusiasm and excitement of reading and giving by kids to kids.
With its 100% “excitement guarantee,” this month-to-month service requires no commitments or contracts. The company is so confident your Excite Kid will love the action-packed books that it offers a money-back guarantee.
If you would like to start a monthly subscription, you can get a bonus fourth book by entering in the Personalized Message field when you submit your order the words “4th Book Free” and then you can type your personalized note that will be included with your order for your child.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Appointment: week 39

My appointment went alright on Tuesday. I am probably dilated to 2, but he said baby is up so high it is hard to tell for sure. All of my baby's are high, and don't "drop" until I am in full blown labor. The Doctor did do some moving around, and it was a bit uncomfortable, but it was hard to get anywhere. I know my body is fully ready for this baby with the contractions I had over the weekend, and the baby is considered full term. So, I am SO ready, and just pray that he/she comes really soon~
We were planning on starting the process Thursday night. The Doctor said that I could check into the hospital on Thursday night, where they would put a pill in (citadel) to help ripen my cervix. Then, come Friday morning, the Doctor would see what my progress is, and start the induction. With my history of low or no amniotic fluid, we don't want something to happen to the baby, or wait until the estimated due date. The hospital didn't have an opening for that procedure for that evening. Then, there was an opening last night, so I took it. I was excited about the fact that I could be holding my baby Tuesday night or Wednesday (today).
However, after talking to Terry, he wasn't happy with that choice. He didn't want to miss as much work, and he said if the baby is fine, we should leave it alone. I agree, but I am just downhearted about it, and I do have the worry over the fluids. I am a fan of letting things be, but I am just anxious about the fluid levels, and really quite honestly, I am tired of being pregnant and having the pains. So, the Dr. and I scheduled an ultrasound for Friday morning, and we will see where everything is at. I hope that the fluids are fine, and that the baby is still fine on Friday. I am really hoping and praying that my body will naturally go into labor before Friday, so I don't have to wait much longer. I felt kind of crampy this morning when I woke up, but that is it. I want to clean the house, but I have no motivation or desire.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feeling the need to get organized?

If you are like me, organizing is something that doesn't come very naturally, actually it may be a big struggle to be organized! I have been introduced to a great website, from MomCentral that will help keep me and my family more organized. This great site is called, and it is a FREE web service that helps busy families manage crazy schedules, track shopping and to do lists, organize household chores and stay in communication, all in one easy-to-use solution. Cozi not only provides a shared family calendar, but also includes customized shopping lists, quick messaging tools, mobile phone access and a family journal. With Cozi, busy moms can get shopping lists and schedules on any mobile and everyone one in the family has access to the same information. Cozi even syncs with Outlook.
In addition to the ways that moms can get their shopping lists and calendars already on any mobile phone via text message and using our toll free number, Cozi now has a mobile version especially for the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones. Families can now sign-in and access their Cozi account using their mobile web browsers. They can add and edit shopping lists and view and edit their family calendar using the mobile version of Cozi right from their iPhone. This is a new feature! You can learn more about it here: Cozi mobile
I think this new site is very helpful and beneficial to busy homes and helping us moms stay organized in our busy "forgetful" times. We have much to juggle between kid's appointments, schedules, birthdays, and trying to make sure our families have food in the house. Thanks to, we can gain some time by keeping our "things" organized.
You can enter a big contest! From December 31st, 2008 through February 4th, 2009, everyone who signs up and tries Cozi will be entered to win a two-day home organization makeover with professional organizer, and incoming NAPO President (National Association of Professional Organizers), Laura Leist. In Laura's two-day visit, she will makeover either the kitchen or home office in one lucky winners' home; a service with a retail value of $5,000. Now that is what I am calling an excellent contest!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Almost Done, I hope~

I have my 39 week appointment in the morning. I only have one week left, "technically." I had some great contractions going on Saturday and Sunday, but they didn't keep going. My body isn't one to go into what some call early labor, but I can only pray that my body will naturally go into labor on it's own. With the last two pregnancies I have had the amniotic fluid is very low. With Caleb, I had little fluid left, so they scheduled an induction right after his due date. With Madelyn, I had an ultrasound on my due date, and they found that there wasn't any fluid left, which they admitted me into the hospital that night for an induction. So, I am not really sure what the Dr. will recommend for me tomorrow. It does make me a little leery about waiting until next week to check the amniotic fluid, since Maddie's was gone on her due date. Plus, with my history, it seems that the fluid is gone quicker with each pregnancy. I wonder if the Dr. will order an ultrasound tomorrow? I know that my body is preparing for labor, and I know the baby is "technically" full term, so if we did induce, I think that the baby will come fine. However, there is a strong side to me saying that I should just leave the baby alone, and let he/she come when they are going to make their debut. Then I struggle with the thoughts of what if something is wrong, or what if the baby doesn't have adequate fluid. Of coarse, I totally WANT to be done being pregnant, because I have been in terrible pain. I cried everyday for the last 3 days from just pain from walking. I seriously need to just be done. I praise God for this baby, and for the miracle of birth, but I want to have the baby in my arms now and let my body heal. So, what do I do? It really keeps me in the middle. I am just going to pray over it all, pray that God will put me into labor in the next few days (or hours)...and see what the Dr. says tomorrow. I just need to keep calm, and relish in this last week of pregnancy, right? Because, I will miss being pregnant and feeling my baby move and groove inside me, right? Hmmm...I wonder about that some days. :)
I will post an update after tomorrow. I am sorry that I haven't been up to doing much blogging lately, but I really am not in the mood lately. PLUS, I have been so tired!
I will try to keep posted on here when the baby comes, and what we have (boy or girl). This baby has really baffled us on who he or she really is going to be. I have done the drano test with this baby, and the test revealed a boy. Then, just over the last week/week and a half, I have done the ring test, and that revealed I am carrying a girl. (you hold your wedding ring over your belly on a string, and if it moves like a pendulum ~back and forth, you will have a boy, if it moves in a circular motion, you will have a girl). I did this test with Madelyn, and it was accurate~ results and her sex. I know those tests are just for fun, and I really don't hold a lot of stake in them, but they are fun to do nonetheless. Plus, it is just pure fun to guess. Only our Lord knows since He created such a miracle! I will let you know when I have the chance to let you know!

Two great kid movies coming out tomorrow!

Releasing tomorrow, January 6th, two great DVD's from HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate Productions comes the next grand adventures of Bob the Builder's Race To The Finish and Barney's Once Upon a Dino's Tale. These full-length movies have never been seen before and they are educational and entertaining!
Race to the Finish is an action packed DVD starring Bob and his business partner Wendy. They have brought in two new machines, Gripper and Grabber to help them finish construction on a brand new sports stadium. Along with the two new machines, the Can-Do Crew works together to build the sports stadium. The Sunflower Valley Games were recently announced and Bob and his Can-Do Crew need some new help, so they bring in a new crane and a new excavator. The ATV Scrambler is busy training the athletes, but the Crew is busy trying to adjust to new members and finish the stadium. Will they be successful on both fronts? This is an especially good episode as it plays off of some of the excitement that the Olympics created.
This DVD also contains some special features, such as a Ready, Set, Race! read along story about a race car and the diary of Roary the Race Car about the time he crashed and had to overcome his fears and anxieties to race again.
As with all of Bob the Builder episodes, this DVD movie is about the important of teamwork and good friendships. Bob teaches us all important lessons and makes a great addition to the shows for your child's enjoyment. This DVD is available at for $14.98.
Once Upon a Dino Tale is about Barney and all of his friends traveling on a magical adventure through a world of fairy tales. Princess Rosey decides that she is going to have a party and wants her jester, Jingles, to gather up the very best of them from near and far. Barney and his friends want to help too, so they share the stories they love and end up reliving them. The stories included in this DVD are Alice In Wonderland, The Fisherman And His Wife, Cinderella, The Emperor’s Contest, The Lion And The Mouse and Princess Pumpernickel.
As a special feature, this DVD also includes a sing-along jukebox, where you can play the different songs found on this DVD and then sing along with them. This show brings us a very interesting and original take on some of the classic fairy tales we have all grown up knowing. Barney episodes reveal a whole lot of education and positive character building. Barney has always been great about teaching on friendship, self-worth, teamwork, safety and many other issues. This DVD is available at for $14.98.
HIT Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to release a whole set of child content and themed DVD boxed sets. HIT is the home of popular children's entertainment properties such as Bob the Builder, Barney, Thomas & Friends, Pingu, Fireman Sam, Angelina Ballerina, and more! HIT delivers engaging and inspiring content on TV, online, on-stage, in DVD's and through books.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Niece singing~

This is my beautiful and very talented niece! She is 13 years old, and is singing Silent Night at her church. I am so proud of her, and I hope she continues to use her voice that God has blessed her with. All Praise to God!

Skin MD lotion with sunscreen: PLUS A GIVEAWAY!

My hands are so sensitive and only certain lotions work with my hands. I have used Skin MD before, and my hands greatly appreciate the lotion! Skin MD Natural lotion shields my hands from the cold and harshness of the dry winters. Skin MD is made with the finest natural ingredients~ dermatology tested, fragrance & colorant free, paraben free, and it is hypoallergenic! It is just what my hands crave. I suffer with eczema and cracked hands, and Skin MD instantly soothes them with natural hydration and miniaturization.
The all new Natural Skin MD with sunscreen SPF 15 combines the most beneficial features of shielding and sunscreen lotions. This product helps prevent loss of natural oils and moisture, doesn't allow irritating substances to penetrate the skin and absorbs the part of UV spectrum that contributes to premature skin ageing and development of skin cancer. This lotion doesn't leave an oily feeling either, but goes on nice and smooth.
With it being winter time, many people think that they are safe from the sun's harmful UV rays. Even though the temperatures are colder, the sun's rays are just as dangerous as in the summer months. I am thankful that Skin MD has this new shielding lotion with added sunscreen protection.
I am so thankful that I can use this lotion on my hands, feet, and it is even safe to use on my face. Skin MD makes a great facial moisturizer. Skin MD Natural utilizes the latest developments in skin care technology as well as the most effective natural ingredients to restore your outer layer of skin's natural ability to protect against dangerous toxins and irritants as well as to reduce the loss of natural oils and moisture. A shielding lotion replaces the barrier that's stripped away with the daily use of most soaps and cleansers.
You can have this great protection for your hands and feel the hydration back in your hands by getting Skin MD. You can purchase their lotion online for $18 (Natural Skin MD) and $25 for Skin MD with sunscreen.
Would you like to win a bottle of Skin MD natural with sunscreen SPF 15? This contest is open to all readers living in the Continental United States. To get your first entry, go to the Skin MD's website, and comment about something you liked about their company or products. If you do not do the first required entry, you will be disqualified. You may come back each day and enter (again) after you do the first rule, just tweet about this giveaway and leave the url in your comment. Click here to see how you can earn extra credits to win, and click here to see guidelines and the official rules. Contest will end on January 12, 2009 at 11:59PM CST. GOOD LUCK!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year to all of you!!

Well, can you believe it is 2009? I think it is amazing how time flies! I can't believe we zoomed through yet another year! It has been a great year!
Terry's mom (God bless her richly) offered to take our little darlings (Caleb and Madelyn) for New Year's Eve). She has actually had them from New Year's Eve until Sunday afternoon! She is just an amazing Mother-in-Law and Grandma! I am so thankful for her! (Thanks Cheryl)!! Hope the kids are doing super! Nathaniel was with his Dad from Christmas Eve night until last night (Thursday), and it is great to have him home with us, and get some one-on-one time with him before baby comes. We rarely get the one on one time with the kids, and we so appreciate it when we can do that!
New Year's Eve night, Terry and I went to our friend's house, Jody, to bring in the New Year. It was a great night of fun, loads of laughter, game, food, and Rock Band for Wii. Lisa , Jeannie and our friend, Padma were there as well and it was great to have a "ladies night out." I have a feeling my baby will come around the time when we have our monthly LNO (Madelyn was born the early morning hours of LNO almost 2 years ago). I think we beat a record for staying up and out late...Terry and I got home about 4:40 AM. I really am impressed with Terry for staying awake that long! I never would have guessed that he would be able to handle the late night. He had worked New Year's Eve and was up at 5:10 AM, so he made it almost 24 hours of being awake. If you know Terry, this is a grand achievement. I think he has some kind of sleep issue, because he is the type that can fall asleep anytime/anywhere. Seriously, he fell asleep (in the driver's seat) at the mailbox between the time it took me to roll down the window, grab the mail, and put the window back up! It is a scary thing! Anyway, thank you Jody for having us all over, and the memories are super! It was a great night, lots of fun, and so good to be with the girl friends!
I am excited to see what this new year will bring to our household. So far, we have a baby due (in less than 2 weeks), a daughter who will be 2 in the beginning of March, a son who will be 4 the end of May, my brother is getting married in June, and my oldest will be 11 in the fall! Starting back the beginning of February, I will again join Weight Watchers! I can't tell you how excited I am to lose the weight again. Last year I hit the 41 pounds gone mark, and then I was blessed with pregnancy. Since you can't be on Weight Watchers while being pregnant, I lost all discipline (not Weight Watchers fault, just my own lack of self control). I have gained way too much weight with this pregnancy, and I can say I am rather disappointed with myself for not being more careful. I know weight gain is normal in pregnancy, but seriously~ 50 pounds is NOT what I would say is normal weight gain for pregnancy, especially since I was over weight to start with. Yes, I do get a depressed feeling about it, but I put the food into my hand and popped it into my own mouth. I just have to work extra hard at getting it off. Since I won a Wii last year (woo hoo) I bought the Wii Fit, and I am anxious to get on there and help that weight fall off. I am confident that being back on the WW program and using my Wii Fit on a regular basis will help me get to where I need to be (weight wise) the end of this year. Terry, my hubby, is also wanting to get back into shape and lose a few pounds. I know 80# may seem like an awful amount, but that is my goal to get to, and if I lose more than that, super! I am not going to say I will lose that by a certain time, but I would like to see #50 gone by winter time late this fall.
What are your goals or achievements you would like to see for this New Year?

Life's Building Blocks (Plus a BIG giveaway)

Building character in our children is so important! Kids need to have good guidance and knowledge to learn the importance of kindness, perseverance, fairness, courage, honesty and self-control. Kids are bombarded with negative pressures and influences daily, and parents (myself included) are thankful to know of possible ways to help our children.
I am happy to introduce to you a great product line to help get kids excited about and learn character values in a fun way~ Life's Building Blocks.
"Life's Building Blocks, Inc., is a privately held company that designs, creates, markets and sells an extensive line of unique products and programs dedicated to helping parents develop morals and character in children in a fun and interactive environment. The smartly packaged products include books, board games, toys and DVD's that are distributed through proven direct marketing techniques that build upon historical data while taking advantage of the current trends in the market place. Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Vikash Sanyal, and his wife Juli, started the company in the summer of 2003 after he spent over 15 years in the golf industry during which he had a major role in launching and managing two successful putter companies. At Life's Building Blocks, Inc., he has assembled an impressive team of experts in the fields of moral and character development as well as individuals who helped create some of the most successful toys and books in the history of the toy industry."
Zaki the Chameleon is an adorable plush that is about 2 feet tall and he tells 6 fables written into short stories and rhymes starring the Spruce Street Six. Zaki includes a cartridge slot that allows the consumer to get new stories, thereby keeping Zaki fresh and extending the product’s life cycle. Zaki (story telling) Chameleon has a colorful, spiky back. The colors change from red, to yellow, to green to help kids understand when it is good to stop, slow down, or go for it! Zaki sings a song to help kids know the difference about what to do in different situations. My kids adore Zaki and really enjoy listening to his stories. It is fun to hear Caleb (my 3 1/2 year old) talk about and ask questions about the stories Zaki shares. (Retail value $30)
Life's Building Blocks offers great chapter books and activity books for older kids (ages 6-11) that engage the readers of the moral dilemmas of the Spruce Street Six kids. The books encourage the readers to think about how the kids make their choices. Each book in the series covers a different virtue and character trait. The activity books are filled with lessons that surround the virtue of the month and give parents and kids opportunities to talk. But to the kids they are just fun puzzles, stories, word searches, and coded messages. I think that the chapter books and the activity books are great for kids to read and work in, too. (Retail value $5.99/each book)I like that Life's Building Blocks offers products for ages 3-11. The company offers great guides for adults to use with their kids to cover the virtues and guides for discussions on the chapter books. The site also has lesson plans that parents and teachers can use. I think this is a great program for homeschoolers to use with their curriculum as well!
Life's Building Blocks has given me a code to share with my readers for a special discount of 20% off a minimum of $15 order! Just use sassy20 and you can use that code until 1/31.
WOULD YOU LIKE TO WIN?? Life's Building Blocks has offered to sponsor a giveaway for a plush Zaki the Chameleon, all 6 chapter books, and all 6 activity books!! What a great gift to give your children, or other children you may know! This contest is open to all readers living in the Continental United States. To get your first entry, go to Life's Building Blocks, and comment about something you liked about their company or products. If you do not do the first required entry, you will be disqualified. You may come back each day and enter (again) after you do the first rule, just tweet about this giveaway and leave the url in your comment. Click here to see how you can earn extra credits to win, and click here to see guidelines and the official rules. Contest will end on January 12, 2009 at 11:59PM CST. GOOD LUCK!

Winners of the contests~

Congratulations to the winners of these contests! Please e-mail me your name and mailing address if you don't hear from me first.

Norton PC Tune-Up giveaway (3 winners): topaztook, Stephen, and Jennielee
Nature's Baby Organic Products: NateAndJakesMom
Two Nintendo DS games~ Zensus: Tanya Wilson
I'm Turning Green Book: Misty

Congratulations again! Thanks for visiting Sassyfrazz, and entering the contests! Thank you to all the sponsors of the giveaways! We all love you!

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Bug Pod from Boon

With having kids, and taking baths, it is hard to find a great product to keep the bath products organized, and mold-free. I am so thankful that Boon has created products to help with this!
They have the Frog Pod, which is a great product, and now they have added a new member to the amazing Boon Products called the Bug Pod !
What makes this product so great? It is a great holder of those numerous bath toys and it also has drainholes to release the dripping water so your toys don't grow mold. The container is made as a scoop with a handle, so you can run the bug through the water to scoop up the toys. The Bug Pod can be easily mounted to the tub for easy storing with the use of the super strong adhesive strips or screws. The top of the Bug Pod is made to hold your shampoo and body wash, and the antennas are made to hold the bath poofs.
Another great feature of the Bug Pod is that it is made BpA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free, making this a very safe product that you can feel confident using with your family.
We love our Bug Pod, and think it is well worth the value price of $34.99. You can purchase your Bug Pod at many different locations (see here).