Monday, December 15, 2008

Smile for the camera!

Does your child like to play with your camera? Do you often find your camera missing in action? I love the new Parents Look-at-Me Camera! Kids can use this camera just as a photographer have music, photo shots sounds, etc. The camera makes sound effects that are similar to the sounds one would hear in a photo-shoot, encouraging kids to dance around while the photographer takes the photos. There are buttons that toddlers can push to take the photos, and even a big mirrored lens in the front of the camera, so the "model" can see themselves in the camera. My kids thought that was a special treat! They said, "I see myself!" Of coarse the camera doesn't take real photos, but kids won't mind because it brings many hours of fun! Another super highlight about the Parents Look-at-me camera is, it is made with 100% phthalate free materials so this toys is fun and safe for children!You can find this camera at Target for a suggested retail price of $15. This camera is geared toward twelve months and up. It is a great toy to spark the imagination and creativity in your toddlers! Thank you Team Mom for this great review opportunity!


jpandtheboys said...

cute i love it. Don and I want to buy Brody a camera for his birthday because we want to go on photography shoots as a family and then we would all three have our own camera. :) Thanks for the review.

Qtpies7 said...

I think it is a nice idea, but the kids were not that impressed with it. Sam liked it for awhile, but hasn't touched it since the day he got it.