Monday, March 31, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hooray...we are all Health-ay!

Thank you so very much for all the prayers and concerns for our family...especially Madelyn. We are all healthy at this time! Madelyn really took almost an about face. I really believe that having two of the elders come to pray over her specifically and our family, that God completely healed her. Thank you to our loving church family, and thank you to everyone who prayed. I almost feel worried anytime we go anywhere now, because I am a bit germ phobic right now. We did make it to church on Sunday. People were coming up to us and saying it was great to see her, and that she looked healthy now...and is this the little girl who has been so sick? Yes, yes, and YES....also, people kept touching her, and shaking her hand...almost touching her face! I was just clinging to her and trying to back up a bit to keep out the germs. I know people just care, and want to love on her, but I think I have a right to be concerned. I went in the bathrooms and washed her hands before we left. I know that she will get sick, if she is going to get sick, but I will do whatever I need to for preventions! :)

My Ubby: A Review

Madelyn loves soft blankets, towels, animals (stuffed or real) and anything she can snuggle on. I love the My Ubby blanket that she has. I really think it is her favorite blanket, and I love that it keeps her warm! It is so incredibly soft! We just got it a few weeks ago, and she has snuggled with it every night! It was a blanket that I built on their site. You can pick one sided or two sided for the blanket. There are seven different fabric choices. I picked fluffy for both sides, but now I am wishing I would have picked one side fluffy and one side shaggy or swirly, just to see what the difference is. Based on the choices you make, you can pick certain colors of fabrics. You can pick what kind of edging you prefer and the stitch style for the outer edge. Then, you can have a monogram or an inscription added to the blanket (up to 3 lines). All blankets, whether one or two sided, measure approximately 35"x45". You will also receive it with a custom made tie, and in a bag that states this: "Notice! Please open slowly as your custom blanket inside can cause instant joy. Probable side effects can include ear to ear smiles, lots of giggles and uncontrollable cuddling. We thank you for your order and hope your ubby gets great smilage for years to come!" I would confidently say that is pretty much a guarantee!
The My Ubby was founded by a husband and wife. The Mom made her first born son, Joe, a one-of-a-kind baby blanket, using an old hand-me-down sewing machine. He named his blanket "ubby." Then, they had a little girl, Molly, and made a new "ubby."
"my" (adj) = Belonging to an individual
"ubby" (made up noun) a blanket-friend that will always be by your side. Soft and warm, ubbies can also be used as a tissue, super hero cape, or sun shade. An ubby will never run away but sometimes hides. An ubby never gets mad or complains. A true companion for life.
Thank you "My Ubby" for the beautiful, soft, and wonderful "lovie" blanket for Madelyn! She will adore it all the days of her childhood...and maybe forever!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tough Day

Today just seemed like it was a challenging day. I got to work at 9:30 AM, so it was a little earlier. Claudia just went down for a nap, so I just had some time with Caleb and Madelyn. Claudia woke up at 10:50. Just before she got up, the smoke detector started beeping...low battery. I think, for some reason, this started the stress. It really wasn't stressful, it was just one of those annoyances. We had a great time, Caleb, Claudia, Madelyn and I...until lunch. Lunch can be a challenging time...especially when I am going solo. I really don't mind feeding the girls and Caleb, but it is definitely work. Between trying to get everyone fed all at the same time, and making sure Claudia keeps the rubber mat that her food is on, attached to the counter...and keeping Hannah (the dog) from snatching food off of Madelyn or Caleb's plate~ Needless to say, I about want to pull my hair out some days. Madelyn and Claudia are at the age where they want to feed themselves, and the floor, without much help from anyone else. Caleb is a picky eater these days, so to get him to sit down to eat a good helping, is a challenge all in it's own category. After lunch, which I didn't clean up until 2:30, the kid's were all getting a bit cranky, and it was very colorful in my two children. Madelyn woke up this morning at 5:00 AM, so she started the day off really early. She had only one nap this morning at about 8:15-9:00 in the high chair. So, she was crabby, and Caleb was crying over pretty much everything. While doing the rounds of diaper changes, Claudia trying to take a bite out of Madelyn's hand. I am not sure how Candace would like me to handle this one, but yes, Claudia is taking a fancy to biting. Then, I got Caleb to lay down~ and after shutting the door, 5 minutes of crying later, he was quietly sleeping. Claudia and Maddie just had the crying issues then and got irritable when the other one walked next to them. Finally, the doorbell rang, and the Baby Signing Time videos arrived that Candace ordered. So, we sat down and watched those.
Claudia then had a very gross was pretty much diarrhea. I have a poop phobia, so this helped the stress of my day. I change the diapers because of necessity, not that I want to.
Caleb woke from his nap a crab, so that was another bonus! *Grrr....
Madelyn had all of a 20 minute afternoon nap, so she was a pleasant baby when we were getting ready for supper....NOT!
Anyway...I am over my negative day. As the saying goes, "Tomorrow is a new day...with no mistakes in it~yet" That is a quote from Anne of Avonlea, which is one of my favorite movies!
Tomorrow night, I am going to visit my dear friend, Randi...and we are going to be kid free for the night. I will wear the hat of Sarah, instead of mom for just one night. After the last few weeks we have me, I am really looking forward to it!

Family Squeeze: A review

Family Squeeze is one of the best books I have read in a long time! Seriously, this book is a must read for all parents...or really, if you have parents. I think pretty much everyone can relate to stories that the author, Phil Callaway, tells.
You’re in the “Middle Ages”–sandwiched between the “greatest generation” and the “gimme” generations, busily juggling both with no relief in sight. Children are driving, and parents are not. Money is tight and so are your favorite jeans. And things that never ached before are beginning to give you trouble! For every baby boomer who wonders if it’s possible to navigate the Middle Ages with grace and style, Phil Callaway offers plenty of hope and a little hilarity, too. Because there’s nothing like a smile to make wrinkles less noticeable.
I think that Phil is a really funny author! So many times, while reading, I found myself laughing out loud at things he wrote. He goes through the chapters (which are short by the way because he said he has ADD) and tells stories of his family, kids, parents, and others. He goes through the stages of kids growing up...teenagers...and moving out. He talks of stories of his parents, and how they built a home in their home for them. This is a moving story book...and very comical. I really couldn't put it down long. It is a fast read, too.
Author Bio:
Described as “Dave Barry with a message,” author, speaker, and television host Phil Callaway has written twenty books, many of them bestsellers and is a popular speaker at conferences, camps and marriage retreats, coaxing laughter and tears from audiences worldwide. Of his personal accomplishments he rates the following highest: shutting off the TV to listen to his children’s questions (twice), taking out the garbage without being told (once), and convincing his high school sweetheart Ramona to marry him (once).
You can purchase the book at I highly recommend it!

This book review was made possible from Multnomah Books, a division of Random House. Leave a comment if you are interested in book reviews.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Millionaire Kid$ Club™: A Review

I was very excited to review this new series called Millionaire Kid$ Club™ from Money Savvy Generation. These are great products that help teach the value of money and how it should be spent or used. I really like the 2 books: volume 1: Garage Sale Riches, and volume 2: Putting the "Do" in Donate. These books have children in them and they are learning the value of how to spend and donate money.
I really like how it is teaching the important lesson of personal finances. Co-written by financial literacy expert Susan Beacham and New York Times bestselling author, Lynnette Khalfani Cox these books are recommended for children ages 5 – 12. The suggested retail cost for each book is $12.95. For more information or to purchase the books, visit

She just launched her new blog and you can visit her if you would like to know about what she has to say. Here's the link:

Susan Beacham is also the founder and creator of the beloved Money Savvy Pig®, a four-chambered bank which teaches children the power of delayed gratification through money choices and goal-setting.
She is also a financial expert, speaker and award-winning, nationally syndicated columnist. Her company, Money Savvy Generation, develops innovative products and services to help parents and educators teach kids the skills of basic personal finance.
Nathaniel loves this bank because he can instantly decide how he would like to separate his earnings and winnings (from tooth lady deposits to birthdays) and later he can use the money for what the bank displays. I think adults should have a system like this that is readily available. :) Lynnette Khalfani Cox is a personal finance expert, speaker and New York Times bestselling author. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post and numerous magazines. To learn more about Cox and her free money-management newsletter, visit her web site at

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nest Learning: A Review and Giveaway~

With home educating Nathaniel for 3 years, I have really done a lot of research about different approaches with education. All kids have different learning styles, and different ways of grasping ideas and concepts. Nest Learning focuses on providing educational products and supplies, for family teaching times, or more formal curriculum or supplemental instruction. They carry literally thousands of educational and inspirational DVDs, books, curricula, games, toys, lesson plans, and other products for educators and families.
I really wish I would have known about Nest learning when I was home schooling. Nathaniel is a hands on and visual learner. He loves the Abraham Lincoln Interactive DVD and resource book! The Interactive DVD is so entertaining and well put together! We really enjoy watching it as a family. There is so much history in the DVD, and kids don't really know that they are learning while watching a movie.
Nathaniel learns patriotism, good judgment, and honesty with this 30-minute animated educational DVD. This is great for the visual learners!
Each Interactive DVD features: Optional English and Spanish subtitles, a 3-level Adventure Quiz, integrated movie clips, story summaries, a “Principles Guide for Parents & Teachers”, premium website access to a fun-filled Kids' Zone--packed with teaching resources for educators, parents, and caregivers!
Each interactive DVD includes a 48-page Resource & Activity Book full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! Provides hours of fun and learning for the entire family! The special “Certificate of Achievement” located in the back of the book serves as an excellent award your child can display after completing the activities.
This Interactive DVD and Resource book is $41.90 Retail price, and you can get it at Nest Learning for $34.95. They have a special right now for $28.95!

Would you like to win an Interactive DVD and Resource book?

Nest Learning has offered to sponsor a giveaway to one special Sassyfrazz reader! I have a

George Washington Interactive DVD and Resource book to have for a giveaway! Retail value at $41.90, this is a great home school resource! It is just a great educational tool to add to your home to learn our history. This 30-minute educational video shows George Washington at his best -- courageous, determined, humble, brave, and patriotic.

Here are the rules of the contest open to United States bloggers and non-bloggers:

1. Go to Nest Learning and see all the products they carry.

2. Leave a comment on this post with a name of something else that Nest Learning carries.

3. For an additional comment, and chance to win, you can blog about this contest. Be sure to leave another comment.

4. If you subscribe to my posts, you will get an additional entry!

Contest is open until April 2nd at 7:00 PM CST

Uniquely U boutique: Letter Bow Keepers: A review

I love having girly things for Madelyn. Every little girl should have a specific spot for her little hair clippies, too! I am all about trying to have a specific spot for things, and not have things just laying around to be lost. The Letter Bow Keepers from Uniquely U boutique help keep things organized, and it is done in such a great way! I love that the letters (all Uppercase) are brightly painted with fun designs! The letters are wooden measuring approximately 8" in height and they are about 1/4" thick. The Ribbon that flows below the letter is about 1-1 1/2" thick, so it will hold many different size bows and clippies on it. I just have the little clips on it right now, because Madelyn is a small girl...and she really doesn't have a whole lot of hair yet.
Uniquely you has letters made by a theme, but you can customize letters the way you want them, as well.
The bow keepers are $20.00, and I think it is a great addition to my little girl's wall. AND~it keeps her bows all in one place~ out of reach! :)
You can go to her website: and see all the different letter bow keepers she has! You can also sign up to win some free hair bows! I really hope to win the hair bow trio to add to my letter bow keeper. Madelyn will be wearing a lot of bows in her hair.
Thanks Uniquely U boutique for helping with keeping my daughter's room a bit more organized!
Uniquely U: "unconventional. unexpected. unforgettable."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mongo's grill

Saturday night my siblings and I, (minus my sister that lives in Chicago) went out to eat at Mongo's to celebrate my parent's 50th Anniversary. We are planning on having a party for them this summer including their siblings and their wedding party, but we wanted to have a night out with them to celebrate. My brother, Kevin, called our house on Saturday morning. <<<<Here is a little history: Our family is classic for last minute planning. I called him back in December or January trying to make plans for my parent's Anniversary, but I didn't get a return call until beginning of March. My parent's Anniversary is in March...Oh well. I am going to get on the ball for getting this party planned for this summer.>>>>>
So, at 5:15 we dropped off the kid's with my niece (12 yrs. almost 13) and nephew (15 yrs.) for them to watch them. Bless them for watching 8 other niece who is almost 18 did come for awhile to help, too. It was a fun outing, and my parents were so happy to have us all together. My sister, Annikki, was even there. It is a long story, but I am really surprised she came. There is some family turmoil (basically she wants nothing to do with my brother David and his wife)...and she has been isolating herself from the family. I was glad to see her there. I haven't seen her since the 4th of July.
Mongo's is a fun and entertaining restaurant. You grab a bowl, fill it up with veggies, raw meats, raw sea food, cheeses, sauces, oils, seasonings, and noodles. Then, the grill people toss it on a big grill and saute' your food while you watch. You can have your stir fry in a wrap, eat it by itself, or have them saute rice in it. You can also chose your rice to have on the side. It was so tasty! I loved it! I really, stir fry anyway, so it was a welcoming treat. This night it was an all-you-can-eat meal for one price, so if you didn't really like what you put together, you could try something new. I highly recommend this restaurant if you have one near you....GO! You won't be disappointed. It was a fun night out. I love getting together with my brothers and sisters. I wish my sister in Chicago could have been there.

Happy Easter!
Luke 23: 42 & 43
Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom."
Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."
John 20:29
Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary~

Today is the day my parents got hitched 50 years ago! That is a long time...50 Years! I want to make this a post to celebrate them, as parents, and as a couple! This is the only picture I have in my computer of them~ this was just after Madelyn was born....I want to say, Thanks Mom & Dad, for being together and sharing your love with everyone that knows you! Congratulations on celebrating 50 years! 50 more to go...We love you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Meme:

I snagged this tag off of Jen's blog!
What I was doing 10 years ago: I moved to Tennessee with my sister to get my life back on track with God. I was making decisions that were selfish and ungodly. When we got down to Tennessee, I found out I was pregnant. I moved back to MN in May after living there for 5 1/2 months. Boy...I had a lot going on at that time in my life. Needless to say, I wouldn't trade Nathaniel or what I learned for anything. He is a blessing to me, and God stretched me to grow through all of that! It is amazing that God can take our sinful choices and make something beautiful out of them and bless us!

5 Things on my To Do List today:
1. Play with the kids
2. Fold laundry
3. Give kids meds, and nebulize Maddie
4. Blog reviews
5. Give kids a bath
5 Snacks I Enjoy
1. Ice Cream
2. Chips & Salsa
3. Cheese and crackers
4. Puppy Chow
5. Popcorn
5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
1. Find a good Lawyer & Accountant and invest quite a bit of it. (ditto)
2. Go on a family mission trip and give blankets, build houses, and give of my time.
3. Remodel our house for fun, then build our dream log cabin home up in the mountains.
4. Travel in an RV all over.
5. Help our family and friends start up things they never could afford before, with no interest.
3 of my Bad Habits
1. WORRYING...and a lot of it lately!
2. Yelling, and this one is one that I am getting better at...daily working at it!
3. procrastinating

5 places I have lived
1. With Mom & Dad
2. Town homes at College
3. Tennessee with my sister. I wish I could have lived there longer! I love Mountains and warmer weather! I really love that Southern drawl, too!
4. In apartments and a condo.
5. With my Hubby and kids right here on the other side of the computer screen. :)
5 Jobs I have had
1. McDonald's manager at a few different locations.
2. I made teeth at a Dental Lab.
3. Toddler Teacher in TN.
4. "Sandwich Artist" at Subway. (I think that title is comical).
5. Currently Mom, Wife, and all the titles that brings.
If you are reading this, then I am tagging YOU! Leave a link to your blog in my comments, so I can check out your post.

Thanks Jen, that was fun!

Sensory Edge Deluxe Mini Cube= hours of fun!: A Review

I love products that my kids love playing with! Whenever we go to the Dr.'s office, they always have these great toys to play with! I love the Deluxe Mini Play cube by Anatex that Sensory Edge carries, because there is so many things on the cube to play with. This is especially great when you have more than one child, because they can share this toy!

Madelyn and Caleb love to play with the roller coaster beads on the top of the cube. There are 4 different roller coasters for the colorful beads to go. On each of the four sides of the cube, there are different activities to engage in. My kids really like the Pathfinder and the Alphabet blocks. The Alphabet blocks have the Alphabet letter on one side, and a picture of something that starts with that letter on the other side.
The Pathfinder really gets kids involved into how to move through a maze. I think this is great for brain development. The other two sides are an Abacus, and Gears. The Abacus is great for teaching how to count. There are 5 rows of 10 beads. The gears teach how things can move together. Even Nathaniel, who is 9, loves playing with the Deluxe Mini Cube! This cube has brought hours of fun into our home, and it will bring many more hours of fun play. This Deluxe Mini Cube works great on the floor, or it can be put on a table for the older toddlers. I think this toy is great for educational purposes and for brain development. Retail value: $139.95, and Sensory Edge offers it at $119.95, plus free shipping!

Sensory Edge has so many great products that they carry! I really hope to add more to my home! They have furniture for kid's bedrooms and play rooms, "American Made" toys and furniture, toys, pretend play products, waiting room toys and classroom rugs! Go check them out!

**UPDATE on Madelyn

Madelyn has a little bit better of a day yesterday (Wednesday). She wasn't running a fever, and she has a pretty good mood most of the day. Last night she was a little moody, and had a harder time with sleeping. She woke up this morning (Thursday) with a terrible cough again. I gave her a nebulizer treatment at 4:30 AM. That seemed to help her out a little bit. She nursed then, and went back to sleep. She woke up again at 6:45. She has been having a bloody discharge with her snot lately, and I am a little concerned. The bloody discharge started last night, and she had a few bloody looking buggers with it. I know that is gross, but I am not sure what to think of it. I am not sure if it is because of the dry air, or if it is something new with her sickness. I am talking with the Doctor about it. Our house is a little on the dry side right now (aren't we all dealing with that?), but we do have the dehumidifier running upstairs, now. I just pray that this isn't a new sign of something to worry about. Right now she is sleeping in the high chair. She fell asleep after eating lunch. I am happy that my Mother-in-law gave us this high chair, because the seat reclines back some.
Thanks for your prayers, and we appreciate it so very much! I just pray she keeps healing. I will tell you this, once she is better, we are waiting about a week before we go anywhere with her. AND~ No more nursery or stores until later summer with my little princess~

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Jamz microphone and Nursery Rhymes CD: A Reivew

Baby Jamz is a great product line created by Mathew and Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s father and sister). The style of music for these products are classified in the Rap category. They are expanding their super-cute Baby Jamz toy line with two new products the Baby Jamz Nursery CD and the Baby Jamz microphone. I really like how the cd has a button on the outside of the case, where you can hear first hand what the music on the cd sounds like. Caleb has fun pushing this button over and over. He always bops his head along with the catchy music. It brings nursery rhymes to a whole new level. I love nursery rhymes, and I am glad that Baby Jamz Nursery Rhymes vol. 1 brings them to life with music. You can purchase this cd at Walmart for $10.47.
Caleb loves the Baby Jamz microphone! Not only does he love to sing, but because this microphone is so fun! There is a button on there that plays 6 different songs to sing along with: Bingo, Skip to my Lou, Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, This old man, and Mary had a little lamb. There is a mic button on there that you can push and it magnifies your voice. There is a button to push to record yourself singing, too, and a button to play back the song. You can also change the tempo of the song to speed up or slow down. I thought this was a great idea, especially if a child is learning the words. Sometimes songs move to fast for them to get the words in. There is no volume button, so that would be my only thing I would change about the product. The price for the Baby Jamz microphone is $9.97 at Walmart.

Thank you Team Mom for this review~

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Madelyn is so sick!

I just got back from the ER a couple hours ago ( 3 days). This afternoon Madelyn started coughing so bad she was struggling to breath. I was so scared for her. I called Terry and he said we should bring her right to the hospital, because he could hear her on the phone. So, I got ready, called Nathaniel's school to pick him up early, and headed out the door.
Madelyn's Oxygen levels were good, which actually surprised me. The doctor said her lungs sounded a bit like bronchitis. She was having more rattling as she breathed out. He looked in her ears, and sure enough, both ears are infected. He said her right ear looks like it actually could burst. He told me to not be alarmed if I see it draining, and possibly some blood. (Ya right, don't be, ok). He said if that happens, I should definitely have her seen 2-3 weeks after that to make sure it is healing up. Then, we went to get more X-rays. She had X-rays on Saturday night, too, but those were clear. Of coarse Madelyn did not like that, but when kids cry during X-rays, they can get better pictures. It is so sad to see their little bodies in that contraption. All of my kids have gone through the X-rays.
The X-rays revealed that Madelyn has some fluid in her lungs. She has perihilar infiltrate, which is basically pneumonia in the early stage. I am so sad for my little girl. Her cough terrifies me. I asked a few of the elders of the church to come anoint Madelyn's head and pray over her. I want our whole family and house prayed over. I just pray she doesn't worsen. The Doctor prescribed Albuterol for the P.I. and Amoxicillin for her double ear infection. He mentioned that she could get worse. We need to nebulize her every 3-4 hours, and make sure she is eating and drinking. That is vital. She is so little, and I just pray that God will give her strength and that he will double up her supply of white blood cells to destroy these viruses that are attacking her!
I will try to update this as I can. If you think of it, please pray for my little baby. We covet your prayers.
On the upside, I think Caleb is on the mend. His tongue is healing and his lip isn't so fat now. He is eating a bit better, but he still has a low grade temp., some chills now and then, and his nose is constantly running. I really hope, and pray, he is out of the woods and walking toward a good, and healthy rest of the year!

Experiencing the Resurrection: A book Review & Giveaway

What does the resurrection of Christ really mean for us? What does it reveal about the heart and mind of God? And what real differences can the miracle of the resurrection make in your life today?
Discover answers to those and other questions as you examine God’s Word with this companion study guide to the book Experiencing the Resurrection by Henry Blackaby and Melvin Blackaby.
Packed with practical notes, advice, and questions for reflection, this highly interactive guide—ideal for small group or individual use—shows you how to witness Christ’s resurrection in and through your life. Each chapter of the book is explored in a flexible one-week format with “life change objectives” that arise from applying the truth for each day to your life.
This book is an educational book packed with a lot of facts. I had a hard time really getting into this book, mostly because it isn't my style of reading material. I think that the authors do a great job at covering the Biblical truths, and this would be a great book to understand more of what the Resurrection means and how it invites you to experience the living Christ in your life. You can purchase the book at by clicking here for $16.99, on sale now for $11.55!Author: Henry and Melvin Blackaby

Dr. Henry Blackaby, president emeritus of Blackaby Ministries, is the author of more than a dozen books, including the best-selling classic Experiencing God. He has spent his life in ministry, serving as a music director and as a senior pastor for churches in California and Canada. Today he provides consultative leadership on prayer for revival and spiritual awakening on a global level. He and his wife make their home in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dr. Melvin Blackaby coauthored with his father, Henry Blackaby, the Gold Medallion winner Experiencing God Together. He travels extensively as a conference speaker. He and his wife and their three children live in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, where he serves as senior pastor of Bow Valley Baptist Church.

Want to win a copy of this book? This contest is open to anyone who lives in the United States. This contest will end March 26th at 7:00 PM CST. Please comment below.

A fun Meme to learn little tidbits

I have been tagged to do a "Seven Random facts about me" meme from Adventures in Mommyland

Rules are:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven Random facts about me

1. I stuck my arm in an old time ringer washer when I was 5 years old. I still have my arm, and I only have 3 scars on the inside of my arm.

2. I was on the swim team junior high-high school, and on the golf team a few years.

3. I have 4 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 brother-in-laws, 3 sister-in-laws, and 18 nieces and nephews. Here are pictures of my nieces and nephews from my siblings, and a picture of my nephews from my husband's side. Can you find my 3 kids in the picture?

4. I was a single mom for 4 1/2 years.

5. I met my husband online through yahoo messenger. He instant messaged me, and the rest is 3 1/2 years of marriage...3 kids, 3 keeps us hopping!

6. I play piano and flute.

7. I enjoy boating, swimming, walking, camping, sight seeing, camp fires, tubing and taking the canoe out...and really looking forward to doing all those things soon!

Thanks, Mary, for tagging me! Here is who I am tagging:

Thanks, and have fun! Happy reading! It is so fun to get to know one another~

Monday, March 17, 2008


I am really loving my Signing Time videos from Tiny Hands productions! Caleb knows so many of the signs and he is eager to learn more and more. He even signs without thinking about it. Madelyn is starting to sign to. She always does the sign for "sign" when I sing the song, "It's signing time with Alex and Leah!" She gets so excited and starts to dance. Madelyn knows the sign for more, milk, sign(ing) and dog. I think she probably knows more, but I miss sometimes. I was watching her while she was watching the DVD and she was trying to do the sign for Apple. She just turned a year old! I am really hoping that Caleb feels better this week so I can get him into auditions for the Signing Time! I think it would be super awesome if he was chosen to be in their DVD! He has been a sponge with learning ASL and remembering. We have had the Signing Time gift set 1-3 for only about 2 months. I know he could do well with, to not be afraid of the camera, or to be shy...

I have to share this amazing story with you that aired on the Today Show last week. Signing Time family Katy & Michael Barrett, shared their experience with their daughter, Elizabeth, learning to read starting at just 13-months old due in large part to Signing Time! Check out this clip:
I think it is truly amazing! I can see she has a definite gift, but I believe watching and being exposed to Signing Time really played apart in her knowledge! You can read the full article on Elizabeth here:!

I hope you enjoy Elizabeth's story! Trust me, you WILL be amazed!

Thanks for the wonderful gifts!

I won a SET of Beverly Lewis books from Pragmatic Communion as apart of the Bloggy giveaways! This is the series ANNIE'S People and included
(gently read) paperback copies of :The Preacher's Daughter, The Englisher and The Brethren. Thank you, Julie, for giving me these books! I got them March 8th, and I am excited to read them! My friend, Lisa, raves about Beverly Lewis!
I won MomSpit from Petitelephant! I haven't got it yet, but I am anxiously waiting to try this out. I have read people's blogs that think it is amazing, so I am hyped up to try it out on my kids! I won three 2 oz. bottles of Momspit in 3 flavors: one fig & green tea, one lemon & white tea, and one bottle of unscented. Thanks for picking me, Allison! It is a great prize!I just found out that I won a pair of Camel color slippers with pink jacks print from BePe Baby! These will be adorable on Maddie! I ordered them a little bigger so she can wear them this fall or next spring! Super cute, and I am looking forward to it! Thank you Christina for picking me! I think it was a great contest, and very generous!

Adventures in Mommyland sent me these Fisher Price musical teething keys! I love that the sounds are quiet, and not loud! Fisher Price makes great toys. Thank you, Mary, for picking me as your winner, and your contest! Madelyn loves them!

Still sick

Caleb and Madelyn are still sick with their colds/flu. Caleb is feeling a bit better today, but his cough is persistent. He coughed all night long. Both kids are running low grade temps. Madelyn doesn't have an appetite to speak of, and she doesn't nurse really. I really hope and pray that they have a speedy and uphill recovery from here.

Just had an incident about 30 minutes ago. Caleb was playing with our rocking horse and the walker when he fell. He bit his tongue (really deep) about 1/2 long and bit into his lip. I haven't seen so much blood! He hit so hard! I quickly got him up to the sink, and put an icy cold wash cloth into his mouth, rinse, then put it in his mouth again. He was so sad and his tears just kept coming. I was shaking so bad, I barely could keep the wash cloth in his mouth. I tried to get him to eat a Mr. Freeze, but he didn't want it. After awhile, he wouldn't let me put the wash cloth in his mouth either. POOR LITTLE GUY~

Last week, Madelyn was crawling on the arm of the chair when she fell head first onto the heat vent! Clunk! That was a horrible sound! It just made me shudder! I just held her and kissed her. Then, I offered to nurse her. Sometimes that nursing is just like a band aid to them. She drifted off to sleep with a cut on the head, and 4-5 lines, that matched the heat vent, plastered on her forehead. She is finally showing little signs of that fall. She has slight coloring around the little cut on her forehead, but no lines remain.

What is it about the kids always getting hurt with cuts, bumps and bruises? It is really awful when it happens when they are sick. I think being a kid really helps prepare us for being an adult. We go through cuts, bumps and bruises...just on a different level.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I got this super cute award from my new blogging friend, Jen! She is so sweet to offer up this reward. This is what she said:
"I chose Sarah not just because of her cute background ;) but because I had read on her blog that as of Feb 25th she had lost a whooping 41 1/2 lbs since September!! Way to go Sarah!! I’m so proud of you!! After loosing that much I know she is styling in her new clothes!!! Her blog is another one you those that I visit everyday to see what’s new."
Thanks Jen! That was so nice of you to be so thoughtful! Please pray for Jen and her little guy, Kevin. He is having surgery tomorrow...and they would appreciate your prayers! Go read her blog, too...she is a great person! Thanks for being my new friend, Jen!

Smart Mom Jewlery: A review and Giveaway!

**Update: Winners are MamaZen and Mary512! Congratulations~ Winners were notified!
Don't all babies love jewelry? I don't think I have ever met a baby who won't find your jewelry and try to pull on, chew on, eat it, or gum it! I came across a great company called Smart Mom that came up with the idea to promote pretty and practical ideas for real Moms. Their first product line, Teething Bling pendants and bangles, is made just for the baby that wants your jewelry! Their Teething Bling™ line is made with the highest-quality, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone. The material is non-toxic, latex-free, food–safe, even dishwasher-friendly! It is the same silicone used in many other popular teething products. I know Madelyn loves when I wear the jewelry! I think Kendra and Amy, founders of Smart Mom, have a super product line. I think the Pendants and bangles are stylish and practical. I feel safe with Madelyn chewing on my jewelry when I wear it! I love that I can just put the jewelry in the dishwasher to sanitize it, too! With as much sickness as we have gone through, this feature rocks! When I got my Smart Mom jewelry, it came in a very nice, dark purple box. The box had the jewelry wrapped in plastic, and there was a card inside with facts about Smart Mom. I am really loving my new jewelry! The pendants come in donut or heart shapes. There are 7 different colors of donut pendants: Coral, Jade, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Rose, and Turquoise. There are 4 different colors of Heart Shaped pendants: Amethyst, Jade, Rose, and Turquoise. The pendants have matching bangles that you can wear with them, too. Smart Mom also carries a few other products.
Would you like to win a Pendant or a Bangle?
Smart Mom is sponsoring a give away for a Sassyfrazz reader! I have a Rose color Pendant and a Turquoise Bangle to offer up in a giveaway! This giveaway is open to Bloggers and non-bloggers of the United States.
Here are the rules: 1. Head over to Smart Mom and check out their products. 2. Leave a comment telling me your favorite Pendant or Bangle. 3. Extra credit: Subscribe to my feed and leave a second comment for a second entry. 4. Extra Extra credit: blog about my contest and leave a third comment for 3 chances to win!
This contest will be open until March 24th at 7:00 PM CST.


OK, I have been away from blogging for a few days for good reason. Yep, you guessed it, my kids are sick~ AGAIN!! Caleb started the sickness on Tuesday morning with fevers and puking. He has been sick all week, and I brought him in to the Dr. on Friday. I was not liking the Dr. much (he wasn't our Dr.). I am really tired of "germs and sickness" so, I politely asked the Dr. if he could wash his hands. He was very rude about it all, and told me he just washed his hands. He said, "I always am washing my hands. See? You can see they are all shiny from just washing them." Then, he was pretty much a jerk the rest of the appointment. Caleb has an ear infection. Madelyn started a cough Friday morning. It got progressively worse through the day. She then started a fever Friday afternoon. Friday night, she sounded horrible. It almost sounded like a croup cough. Saturday, both kiddos were awful. They were whiny, feverish, coughing, and all over body aches and chills. I brought Madelyn to the ER last night, because I was so worried about her. They ran 3 tests: RSV, Influenza, and chest X-rays for pneumonia. She has Influenza A. I am almost positive that is what Caleb has too. The radiologist will be looking at the X-rays to make sure they are clear. Influenza can turn into pneumonia, so we need to watch for the signs. We have preventatives, with dosing with Motrin and Tylenol. It will have to run it's coarse and can last weeks. I feel so bad for my little kids. It is so sad to see them miserable. They are contagious until their fever is gone, so it looks like I am in home arrest for awhile. Today, they go through moments where they are a little perkier, then they crash. Caleb and Maddie are very tired, runny noses, chills, and the fever. Needless to say, Terry and I are tired of being stuck at home. We covet your prayers for our sick kids. We are so done with the sickness from lurking in our home. We pray a hedge of protection over our home and our kids. Thanks~

Winners of the Ultimate Blog Party Prizes:

It was a fun party to meet people and check out the blogosphere. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I would like to announce the winners of the two prizes I put in the draw for the party.
Winner of the ModMum sling is: the vintage pearl
Winner of the Noah's A B C Stacking blocks is: Stephanie @ Twist and Shout
Congratulations ladies! Thanks 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting the party, and thanks to Pamela from Happy Panda for arranging the prizes and picking the winners! I really look forward to the next Blog Party!

Kiddopotamus: A review

I love products for my little peanut that make life so much easier! I love my Kiddopotamus Tiny Diner! Our family loves to go out to eat, and the tables aren't the cleanest for little ones to eat off of at times. I love having my Tiny Diner handy. All I do is place it on the table in front of Madelyn, and use the suction cups underneath it to secure it to the table.

Then, she has a "safe" place to eat. The place mat has a great built in scoop to catch the food before it lands in her lap. I love this feature! Anything to help save her clothes. I love the "Hey Diddle, Diddle" design on the mat. She loves the kitty on it, of coarse. I really like how this mat is easy to clean with a wipe, and how it rolls up and fits in the diaper bag. The Tiny Diner is made in the USA with safe FDA-compliant materials. There is no lead, PVC, BPA, phthalates or latex in the materials! The Tiny Diner is durable, washable, and stays flexible! The Tiny Diner comes in 4 great styles: Hey Diddle Diddle in green, Hey Diddle Diddle in Pink, Hippo in Yellow, and Hey Diddle Diddle Tiny Diner in Blue! Tiny Diner sells in a few different locations and the price is $10.99. Please see the Kiddopotamus site for retail and online locations to purchase.

I really like the Kiddopotamus Poppit that we have! It is made with luxe faux suede that is extremely soft and stylish, water resistant, wind proof and machine washable! I love how this material feels against my skin, and Madelyn's skin! She loves the feeling of it around her.
The Poppit Luxe Carrier Cover keeps baby cozy on any outing: front carrier, stroller, nursing cover and for her car seat! I really like that when I put Madelyn in her front carrier, that I can put the poppit around her, and I have a spot to put my hands, too! The poppit is made with little pockets! What a great idea! I think it is great to use this with her car seat, too. I really don't like putting on snow suits in the early spring when we are going on car rides. With the Poppit, I can put it around her when we head outside, and once the car is warmed up, I can easily remove it so she doesn't get so hot. The tabs on the Poppit fit nice on the car seat, and they are easy to remove. The Poppits come in 3 great colors: Black/Ivory, Blue/Ivory, and Pink/Ivory. I think Madelyn likes to just snuggle the Poppit, too, because it is just that soft! You can look at the Kidddopotamus website for different online and retail stores to purchase your own Poppit for $27.99.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Panda for the "Plump" Happy baby!

Happy Panda makes such cute onesies and T-Shirts! I got a Lap T shirt for Caleb, and a Snappie for Madelyn with the very cute "Irish" Panda on them! The kids love their shirts! Madelyn giggles at the Panda bear and Caleb thinks the bear is great!

The Happy Panda baby boutique specializes in high quality baby clothes made to fit the bigger baby. Although our size chart was developed for the baby plus size community, it can provide the right fit for any baby boy or girl.
As you can see in the pictures of two of my adorable children, they are not very "big or tall" but the stylish shirts sure fit them great! Caleb is almost 2 and he is modeling the 2T size. Miss Madelyn just turned one, and she is modeling the 3-6 month size.
I love that the Happy Panda's shirts are tagless! I just love that feature! Kids are not happy when that tag is scratching their little backs. I always have to cut the tag out. When I do that, I never can remember the size of the shirt anymore. So, I am thankful that the Happy Panda thought of this when making their great baby shirts. Happy Panda also carries other clothing products. Thank you Happy Panda for giving our kids the gift in Happy Panda! Their products even come in pretty Panda paper, a fancy gift box, and tied up with a bow!
Here is a great deal for my favorite readers: get free shipping on your Happy Panda purchases using the code "Sassy" until March 31st!! So hurry over there and get your shopping done! :)

What a day~

Caleb woke up this morning at 4:30 AM complaining that his head hurt and his tummy hurt. Terry was on his way out the door for work, so I got up with Caleb. I laid in bed with him for awhile, and took his temperature. He was running a 100 temp. A half hour later I woke up to him having the "cough." I flew out of bed thinking he was going to throw up. He said he wasn't needing to throw up, but I prepared for it. I got the towel laid down in his bed, and the bucket. Then, wouldn't 'cha know it, he threw up. I felt so bad for him. He was crying, and whining. He said his head hurt, and he wanted me to hold him. This morning, and most of the day, he has been running a 101 temp. That is how our day has been....throwing up, head hurting, crying and whining. I kept Nathaniel home today to help me out. I know he doesn't mind, and I greatly appreciated the help! Now, as I type, Caleb is laying down and whining. His ears and neck hurts. I wish I could take his pains away. Please say a prayer for Caleb. Please pray that Maddie doesn't get sick, too. We have had enough sickness in our house to last the year!

Madelyn's One Year Check Up

Madelyn had her one year check up on Monday. She was 367 days was the day after her birthday, but it is Leap Year, so she was actually a year and one day on her "BIRTH"day! (Thanks Mom-in-law for pointing that out). I know she is a little peanut, but I found out she isn't even in the fifth percentile! At age one, she is 16 pounds 6 ounces...and that is with a diaper on. She is a little one! She is 27 inches long, so she is a shortie pie. The Doctor is a little concerned, so he said to make sure we keep her 15 month check up. We just want to make sure she is growing. She did have "flu-like" issues twice this year, so I am sure she lost weight both times. She was a pretty sick little girl. You can read about it here, here, and here!
Currently (I pray she stays healthy) she is not sick. I pray that she has a healthy bubble around her.

Noah’s ABC Stacking Blocks ~A review and giveaway!

My kids were so excited (and so was I) when the Noah's Ark Stacking blocks came! They love building and stacking and these blocks are great! I really like the design on the blocks. On each block there are pictures from the story of Noah's Ark. There are 10 blocks and with it you get a complete set of the alphabet and numbers 1-9. The blocks are all different in size. I like that the pictures are easily identifiable to the Bible figures, so I can tell the story to the kids as we play with the blocks. There are 5 sides to the blocks, which leaves one side open, so they can all fit inside one another. The blocks, when stacked upon one another reach almost 3 feet! There are other pictures of stories from the Bible on the blocks, too. There are pictures of Moses, Jesus, Bethleham, Jonah and the Whale, and more. There are pictures of animals, but most of those are in pairs, because there were pairs of animals on the Ark. The blocks are made of cardboard, so it isn't recommended that kids play hard with them. They are made for 2+ Retail Price is: $19.99
Alphabet Alley carries these blocks among other great Christian products for kids! They have sticker sets, wooden blocks, puzzles, magnet play sets, and memory games. We have the Two by Two matching game.
I think it is a great way to introduce toddlers matching. Each card has a big, bright picture of an animal, and you need to find the match. You can also teach them the story of Noah's Ark with this game. Each game has : 24 colorful tiles – 12 pairs, Simple and recognizable animal images, rainbow imprint on reverse side of all tiles, and packaged in a cardboard box for storage. The game is $10.99.

Do you want to win a set of Noah’s ABC Stacking Blocks? Alphabet Alley has generously sponsored a giveaway to one of Sassyfrazz's readers!
This giveaway is apart of the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog party so, you need to leave a comment on the 5 Minutes for Mom UBP ‘08 party post. All prizes will be awarded by a random draw. If you haven't already, join the fun! This Party is for Women only~Sorry guys~and is from March 7th-14th! Contest open to bloggers and non-bloggers, and this contest is open to United States.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby's First Moves: A Product review

Our family is all about music and singing! That is one of the reasons I was really excited to watch our Baby Einstein: Baby's First Moves DVD!
I really liked watching this with Madelyn, Caleb and Claudia (the little girl I babysit). The kids had so much fun watching the little puppets, and the kids dance, crawl, walk, jump...and many other moves. Madelyn loved when the baby's and puppets did things like reach up, and play peek-a-boo. She giggled a few times through out the movie. Caleb loves doing what the puppets and kids did. He really likes the song, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands." He loved doing the actions with the kids on the DVD. Madelyn, Caleb and Claudia clapped their hands with the kids and puppets when they did.
I like that I can do these movements with the kids as the little ones on the DVD help lead. It really is fun to see how the kids interact with using their milestones: crawling, walking, jumping, and dancing. I really enjoy that these DVD's have real children and babies in them. Kids love looking at other children and mimicking them. I think this DVD was well made and is exceptional. I enjoy the classical music in these movies, too, which include: Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart.
You can buy your Baby's first moves here:
**Celebrates babies' discoveries of movement**
**Encourages use of developing motor skills**
DVD Features: *Repeat play *Language tracks (Spanish, French and English) *Discovery cards *Let's pretend * Puppet shows *Move with me *Toy chest * About Little Einsteins (Available in French and English only)
Thank you Mom Central for sponsoring this review!

Monday, March 10, 2008

**Celebrations**~What a Weekend!~

I am sorry that I have been away from "The Land of Blog" over the weekend. We had company at our house. My Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law was here Friday-Sunday. It was a busy weekend. Friday night, Terry came home with a mixed bouquet of flowers and one single rose. He said the rose was for Madelyn's first birthday! You can let out an, "AHHH, OH..." because I thought it was super sweet, too! She got her very first rose from her Dad. Then, MIL and SIL came and we ate supper. Later that night, we watched Transformers. I have to say that is a great action movie! I bet it would have been awesome to see that on the big screen, but to no avail, we have a little 27 incher. It was still great, though! I would have taken out about 4 scenes do to content and visuals, but other than that, it rocked!
Saturday I did my WW meeting in the morning, and Nathaniel came with me. After not going for one week (so 2 weeks without weighing in) I had an unfortunate gain of 1.8 pounds. I know it may not seem much, but I was bumming. I really need to just buckle down and work harder at not being tempted by all the yummy foods! I am really happy that spring is right around the corner. After WW, we went to the Post Office and "tried" to mail some packages. I grabbed a box, envelope, and tape off the shelves, and sealed up the goods. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, the clerks said, "Checks or cash only, because our machines are down." WHAT?? Who really carries cash or checks around anymore? So, after working it all out, I had to give them information and then go back there today (Monday) to pay for the materials and postage. Oh well, what was I to do?
After the Post Office, we went to Walmart. I had Nathaniel try on some jeans, and we were able to get some. It is really hard to find slim in his size, but I did manage to find 2 pair. We also picked up a few more groceries and necessities. Then, Saturday night we just hung out and watched another movie. We watched Chuck and Larry. Terry heard it was a good and funny movie. I guess it just isn't my cup of tea. I don't find gay things funny. Adam Sandler's movies don't really appeal to me because the humor is a bit crude and disgusting. Terry feel asleep about 15 minutes into the movie, so it really didn't spark his interest either. Really, it was a movie that I could have been better off not watching.
Sunday, we went to church in the morning. Then, I did a quick sweep, mop, and wash of the windows (taking those precious hand prints and dog nose prints off the windows) before the big party. It was Madelyn's First Birthday party! We had about 30
people here! It was a full house. Here are some of Madelyn's First Birthday pictures...

She looks so cute in her "Birthday Tu-Tu" from Fuzzy Me! It was a great hit!
We got her to smile for the camera by playing "peek-a-boo" with a tiny bear that was dressed in a duck outfit. She loves her new little bear-duck that she got from Great Grandma Ruby!
Terry's Grandma made an adorable (and tasty) cake for Miss Madelyn...

And she just loved the kitty, she even said, "Meow!" She indulged her taste buds completely~

She had frosting, pink mind you, all her hair, on her elbows, her arms, the chair...but not too much on her tights. She loved it! She has never had cake before (to my knowledge). The only other real "sugary" thing she has had is ice cream. That is a daily house hold term here.
She had so much fun filling her cute, little face. I wish this cake would add a little weight to her tiny little body!

This is her beautiful hair "style" after her cake massacre. Did you know that frosting is a great hair mouse?
She was blessed with many cute new clothes (super adorable!), books, a pink soccer ball, white patented shoes, Pediped shoes, head bands a snoring duck (that was a huge hit with Miss Madelyn), a play camera~that even flashes, a pink shovel, big pail, and a watering can for "helping out" this summer! Here are some pictures...

Through all that she had a great day! She was exhausted at the end of the day, and so were we. She had a great time with family and friends! It was great to have our first "girlie" party! Thank you to the people who came that read my blog. It was a fun time, and thanks for making it so special for Madelyn! Happy birthday to my little Princess~ you are our daughter...and you are God's child! Thank you, God, for blessing us with Madelyn.