Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting ready for baby? A great book resource...

Every newly pregnant mom has so many questions and concerns regarding their pregnancy, labor/birth, necessities for their baby, nanny/childcare provider questions, Doctors, etc. One really great book to help prepare for the baby, is the new Baby Lists book: What to Do and What to get to prepare for Baby~ By Elaine Farber.
This book is a great resource filled with much information! There are three parts to the book: Part 1: Becoming- Baby Ready Lists, Part 2: Necessities and nice- Things to have lists, and Part 3: Books, Videos, DVD's and Music.
Part 1 covers things like: choosing a hospital, creating a birth plan, interviewing a pediatrician/nanny, childproofing your home, and more!
Part 2 covers topics such as the necessities for your newborn for needs, nursery, bath time and skin care. This book also addresses nursing, feeding, traveling, and special toys for your baby.
Part 3 has a great selection of favored books, videos and DVD resources and a library of music favorites.
With our Internet savvy world, it is great that this book is packed with suggested websites for new parents to go to to research and get more information. The Baby Lists also has a great list for online shopping, because many times shopping outside the home with a new baby can be so overwhelming!What do I pack for the hospital? What questions should I ask when choosing a pediatrician? How many onesies/blankets/burp cloths do I really need to buy? Baby is on the way--and so are questions about what to do and what to buy to prepare! With the help of tried and true, mommy-endorsed Baby Lists, you can get organized in no time at all.
I recommend this book to all new moms, and those who have had a baby already, because there is always something we can learn about parenting and baby rearing. Plus, the website suggestions are so helpful! You can find this book on Amazon for $14.95 suggested retail price (but it is on sale now).
Author Elaine Farber is a newborn consultant and a mother of three who has coached hundreds of families through early parenting. She has worked in hospital nurseries, run a daycare center, provided consultation to expectant parents, and nannied for families with newborns (90 percent of whom were multiples) for more than twenty-five years. She lives in San Matteo, CA.

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Looks like a good book ~ I might have to get!