Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sending out some thanks~

I won a few prizes from some great sites! I wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to them for hosting the giveaway and for being the lucky winner!

First of all, thanks to MomCentral for having their Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! It was 16 days of giveaways and I was a runner up to win a Sleep n' Grow DVD (0-10 months) from Itsy Bitsy Yoga! This will be great to use with my new baby (due in less than 2 weeks). Thanks so much MomCentral for all your work and hosting of the giveaway! Thanks for picking me, too!

Secondly, thanks to Lisa from Our Seven Qtpies for hosting the Polliwalks giveaway! My son, Caleb loves his new shoes, and is wearing them around the house! Since we live in the Arctic MN, he needs to wait until summer to wear these outside of the house. Thanks so much for bringing joy to the feet of Caleb! He is digging the frogs!

I would like to thank Kailani from An Island Review for hosting a Build-a-Bear for Wii giveaway, and for picking me as the winner! We love our Wii and it is fun to have a new game!

Thanks so much for your generosity everyone!! I am very grateful for the wins!

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