Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Bunch Cupcakes are here!

If you remember reading my review of the Baby Bunch Bouquets...and if you loved them, then you will get a kick out of the new line~ Baby Bunch Cupcakes! These adorable little cupcakes (actually they look big) are onesies wrapped and folded into a ball, and inserted into a cupcake holder. I think that the felt decorations are super adorable. Each cupcake either has a fruit or flower decorating the top. All the onesies are sized for 0-6 month (up to 16 pounds) and made with 100% cotton. I really like how the Baby Bunch presents these cupcakes in a bakery box tied with a ribbon. Makes the treat extra special for those new moms. The bakery box features a magnetic clasp and can be reused; the decorations can be saved as the gift keeps on giving. Baby Bunch offers three different styles of Baby Bunch Cupcakes. One for the baby girl (colors for the onesies are pink or yellow), one for baby boy (colors are blue or yellow) and one for the mystery baby (yellow). Each set does come with white onesies as well. Prices vary depending on how many onesies you want. The gift boxes come in boxes of 6 onesies, 4 onesies and 2 onesies. I like that the Baby Bunch has such a great selection and variety of options. I think if you are searching for a great gift to give a new mom, Baby Bunch Cupcakes are the way to go! Purchase yours by clicking here.

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