Saturday, November 29, 2008


It was a great Thanksgiving. We left on Wednesday night, around 6:30, to go to Terry's Mom and Grandma's house. We had to take our truck because we had a load of things to bring up to store at Terry's brother's house. It was a tight fit with 3 kids in the back seat, Lena (our dog) on the floor~ among a few bags and backpacks, and Terry and I in front. We made it work, though. We stopped for supper at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants. It was good food, and while we ate we had good entertainment from a magician on the TV. He was pretty amazing to watch! I always wonder how they do those tricks! Madelyn liked watching these 3 guys at the table next to us. They tried to make her smile and wave, but I think she was playing shy. Caleb noticed a table with a man and woman sitting at it. He saw that they were speaking in sign language to each other. He was fascinated with them. I told him that is another great reason why we should learn signing, so we can communicate with them, too.
We made it to Terry's family about 10 PM. It was great to get there and visit for a bit with Terry's Mom and Grandma. His Grandma just got out of extended hospital stays. Her health hasn't been that great, and she has gone through 3 surgeries in 4 months. She is healing from a terrible fall, so she looks a bit beat up. I am glad she can be home now, and do her healing in the comfort of her own home.
The kids got to bed past their bedtime, but it was the holidays. Madelyn had never really done well sleeping away from home, and Wednesday night was a rough one for her! She woke up screaming, we pulled her into bed with us, and she crawled all over me crying. After fighting with her for about 20 minutes, my MIL came to get her. She did get her to sleep sitting in the chair, and put her back in the pack-n-play. It didn't seem long after that when Madelyn woke up again. I was so tired...not being in my own bed, being preggo and uncomfortable, and dealing with a non-sleeping daughter....all combined to cause lack of sleep. Fortunately, when my MIL went to work on the turkey, Madelyn and Caleb went upstairs with her, and I went back to bed (on my MIL water bed). So, I did get a few more Zzzz's. My parents came around noon with my niece. It was great to see them, too. Terry's uncle, girlfriend, and each of their boys came for lunch, too. It was a good crowd. My MIL did a super job with the meal, too. It was nice to have a new celebration arrangement this year! For the last 4 years, I hosted a Thanksgiving meal at our house for whomever could make it~ plus a potluck. I really didn't feel up to hosting this year~ being 8 months pregnant. I did bring the turkey, and make the green bean casserole, but I feel like I should have helped more. Thank you to my MIL for being so wonderful and hosting Thanksgiving this year! It was so great to be with you and my parents this year!
We came home on Friday afternoon. We stopped by my parent's house because Nathaniel went home with them on Thursday night to spend the night. Him and my niece wanted to have more time together. We got home about 4, and I was heading out at 5:30 to meet my friends from High School (whom I haven't seen since August). It was so wonderful to go see them and reconnect. Talk time with them~ minus the distraction of children~ was wonderful! The time went way too fast, as always, but I will take it! I am really looking forward to when we get together next!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy but happy Thanksgiving.

I have an award for you on my blog...come by when you get the chance.

Alicia @ said...

Sound great Sarah and a good time!! I bet it was so nice not to have to cook it all!! Great MIL!!!