Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have been tagged~

Pamela Kramer tagged me for this fun Twittering Meme Game! I get to share 6 things that no one knows about me. This may be hard, because I have friends that read my blog from way back. I will try.

1. My favorite character from the Peanuts was Lucy. I know she is a brat, but she was my favorite growing up.

    2. Miss Hanigan was my favorite in the movie "Annie." I loved playing my Annie record on my Fisher-Price record player, and acting like I was her in the song 'Little Girls.'

3. When I was a pre-teen I was in love (or so I thought) with Karate Kid, and the boy from Black Stallion.

4. I collected Garbage Pail kids and New Kid's on the Block cards when I was younger. It is kind of fun to see the New Kid's making a come back, even though I am not sure if they will go all star.

5. My husband and I are getting away next month for a whole weekend. My husband loves model trains, and we are attending a train show in another state. It is a two-day show, so we will be staying in a hotel for two nights. I am SO looking forward to having OUR time for a whole weekend. Great timing before the baby comes, too!

6. My Grandfather is 100% Swedish, and my Grandma is 100% Finnish. My Grandpa came to the US from Sweden, and my Grandma came to the US from Finland. I love being Scandinavian! Ya' sure you bet'cha!

**If you read this, you are tagged. That is you official invitation. :) Let me know if you did it, so I can come read your fun facts about you!


Alicia @ said...

I may do this but I am not sure. I have to say that it is so great that you will be getting away!! Did you know they call this a "babymoon??!" Isnt that cute!!?

PMKU said...

I love Lucy too!

Gretchen said...

Carol Burnett did the greatest version of Miss Hannigan. :) I still have my Garbage Pail kids' cards. :)

jpandtheboys said...

Sarah that was fun! I didn't know that you liked Lucy, or Miss Hannigan, or that you collected garbage pall kids!! ;) You are a hoot Lucy and Miss Hannigan... such sassy girls! I loved Charlie Brown myself.