Saturday, October 25, 2008

K'NEX SawBlade Thrill Ride = building fun!

K'NEX building sets offer hours and hours of building fun! I really think it is a super product to spark the creativity and imagination in those building! This is such a great product for our kids, especially since our world thrives off of media entertainment. Not that media is bad, but it is good to have a product where kids can use their skills and be challenged! The K'NEX SawBlade Thrill Ride set presents a big challenge with 1,555 colorful K'NEX pieces, motorized, dual-spinning wheels and 8 K'NEXmen riders! Kids will get a great since of accomplishment once they finish building the Saw Blade Thrill ride measuring over 4 feet tall! The builder of this great amusement park ride will need to follow the color-coded instructions to build this step-by-step. The motor will be switched to on and the ride will burst to life. Two star-shaped wheels begin to quickly spin as the central arm rotates round-and-round to create a high octane twist on a traditional Ferris Wheel experience. I like that there is an option to build a second model with this kit. The directions can be found on the K'NEX website. Saw Blade is appropriate for ages 9 & up and requires 2 "AA" batteries. The K'NEX Saw Blade Thrill Ride can be purchased at Amazon for $59.99.
I really like that the K'NEX sets can be combined together to make even more creations! The K'NEX sets really expand the minds of young and old builders everywhere! I highly recommend the K'NEX for your families. The Saw Blade Thrill Ride would make a great gift for those on your Christmas list.

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Gretchen said...

My son loves to build. They use these things in the gifted program at school. Last year, they built the Kinzua Bridge. It's an amazing creation.