Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pump Ease: A Review

Breastfeeding is such a great and wonderful thing! Sometimes we need to pump for when we are away from our babies, or if we want to let someone else feed the baby. So, I was excited to come across a product to help with pumping. I was excited to know that I can free my hands up while pumping, so I can maybe read a book. Adorable hands-free pumping supports that I am sure you would agree would be a great product to own while you are nursing. Pumping can take some time, especially just getting relaxed. The brand new PumpEase enable busy Moms to keep their hands free for other tasks such as checking email, (or blogging) taking phone calls, or writing thank you cards- all while pumping! PumpEase are functional, super fashionable supports that can fit over your nursing bra/garment or over nothing at all. They ensure proper alignment which results in excellent suction, are comfortable to wear, easy-to-use, and are designed with a 3-position hook and eye closure that adjusts to your varying breast size. PumpEase works with all single or double, battery-powered or electric breast pumps - no attachments required! Retail Price: $29.00 - $34.00
About Founder of PumpEase
When Wendy and her husband Mike started their family, they decided that breast milk was the best choice for their babies. They made the choice to pump primarily so that Mike could feed the babies and therefore bond with them as Wendy was. When Wendy started to pump on a daily basis, she was frustrated by how boring it was! After painstakingly searching the Internet, only to find ugly, expensive and fiddly pumping apparatus, she mocked-up a pumping support on her sewing machine. After more than 400 pumping sessions, she knew what a pumping support should offer a nursing mom. More than 3 years of research and development later, she refined the design to be not only functional and user-friendly, but pretty darn funky too! And now it’s
available to breastfeeding and pumping moms everywhere!

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Qtpies7 said...

Very cool! Cindy pumps and feeds the kids, she could probably use something like this if she can't nurse this time.