Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have been busy!

Friday, my uncle passed away. He was age 77 (so young yet) and passed away from an infection. He had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer a few months back. He got pneumonia, and he was treated for his emphysema. He did have some big health issues, so it was (to some point) a relief for his pain. My Dad has 7 sisters, and this is the third brother-in-law to pass away. It was sad, because he was one of my favorite uncles. On Sunday, my cousin (his daughter) called me to ask if I would be willing to sing a duet for the funeral. I was honored to be asked. My other cousin and I sang 2 songs for the funeral. Monday night was the viewing/wake, and on Tuesday morning was the funeral. So, Monday afternoon, my cousin and I got together with the pianist to practice the songs. I think I had heard the songs from my childhood, but I had to re-learn them. They weren't the "traditional" funeral songs, but they were some Country Gospel songs that were dear to my aunt and uncle. The practice went well.

On Tuesday morning, we were there earlier for practice. My brother was asked to play his harmonica for the funeral, too. He is an amazing harmonica player! Anyway, my parents arrived and they were walking into the church. While walking, my mom's foot caught on the sidewalk where the cement didn't match up. She fell straight down ~head first~ onto the cement. She didn't have time to really catch herself. I didn't see it, but later she told me that her nose was instantly running blood. She didn't have any vision in her left eye for awhile, and through the funeral her eye sight was all disoriented. I had to get ready to sing, so I didn't see her after the fall. I missed seeing her after the funeral because I went to the burial. Then, she was gone when we returned! I was so worried about her!

The burial was so very sad, and such a tribute! My uncle was in the military, so he was given the 21 gun salute. WOW~that is something amazing! Then, 2 guards folded the flag and did some saluting. Then, one of them walked over to my aunt, handed her the folded flag, and gave her an honored salute! I lost it...with my tears. After that, the funeral worker took out single roses out of the bouquet and gave them to my aunt and her children. My aunt then walked toward the casket, touched it lovingly, and said some words through tears. It was so touching, heart-wrenching, and sad. I cried hard as we walked back to our vehicles. Terry and I just held each other. Funerals are never easy.

Later that evening, my mom called and gave me the updates. She has 2 broken areas in the left side of her left hand....from falling on her hand. She also has a crushed eye socket~OUCH! She will have to have surgery. Her hand was so swollen that they have to wait a few days to set that and put on a cast. Poor Mom!! I feel so bad for her! I am thankful it wasn't much worse! She will also have to replace her glasses, because one lens is totally scratched up, and the frames were bent.

So, that is why I have been a bit distant on the personal side with my news. I will try to write more tomorrow. I am just exhausted tonight. I will be visiting some of you tomorrow, too! I promise! Good Night!


Qtpies7 said...

Oh, I am so sorry that your mom is so hurt! Let me know if you want me to watch the kids so you can be with her for surgery or anything.

Me said...

I am sorry to hear about your uncle!! I will be praying that your mom will have a fast and good recovery. What a freak thing, let us know when the surgery is so we can also pray about that!

Alicia @ said...

My goodness, Sarah, you have had a lot going on! I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle and how hurt your mom is. They did the gun salute at my papa's funeral and I know how amazing it is!! I hope your mom's surgery goes okay and that her hand gets better. :(

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I am so sorry about your uncle but he is in a much better place. I am also sorry to hear about your moms fall. I'll be praying for a quick and easy recovery.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. Im sorry