Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Girl Tech: Stylin' Studio ~A Review

***This review was done from a guest blogger***
Hi, I'm Lisa of Our Seven Qtpies. I have 3 girls. That kind of makes me an expert at girly things, right? OK, but I do know a lot about girls. That is why Sarah asked me to review the Stylin' Studio as a guest blogger. All of my daughters are interested in seeing different looks on themselves, some for fun, some to experiment. Stylin' Studio is just the thing for experimenting with different looks. We had so much fun changing hairstyles and colors and adding fun clothing and accessories. We laughed at each other, and especially at the girl that comes standard with the program. Because Cody, my 13 yo son, was playing around with it and I thought he was dressing himself up, but it wasn't him! The girl looks nearly identical to Cody. His own mother didn't know it wasn't him in drag. The software offers a lot of features. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of hair styles. I had expected to only have a dozen or so to choose from, but I couldn't honestly tell you how many there were, maybe 50 or more. In addition to that, there are features to widen or narrow the looks to fit different shaped heads. Many of the software features impressed me. The hardware, on the other hand, was seriously disappointing. The wand hardly works, it is so difficult that it takes less than a minute to just give up and use the computer's mouse. The camera on the hardware leaves more than a little to be desired. Just to focus on getting the face in the right spot, then finding a way to actually take the picture, and then waiting the extremely long time it takes for the picture to take is so frustrating. The quality of the picture is blurry and rarely in the right place. It is much easier to use a picture taken with a camera. I am mixed on my feelings about the product. So much of it was difficult to use and difficult to figure out, but the program was a lot of fun when a good picture was finally found. My daughters, and even my teenage son, had fun playing with the Stylin' Studio programs. If you can just set aside the use of the hardware and use your own pictures, or are very patient, you will enjoy it.
Some of the specifications:
Built in digital camera that connects to the monitor.
Tons of cool effects for make-up, hair, clothing and accessories.
Cool touchpad console.
Digital makeovers using their own computer.
Girls can print out their new look or email to their friends and family.

Ages: 8 years and up.
Retail price is appoximately $70.00.

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