Thursday, October 30, 2008

We carved those pumpkins!

We have so much fun carving pumpkins every fall. This year, one of Terry's friends gave us 4 really nice pumpkins (for free) so we skipped the pumpkin patch excursion. It would have been fun to go pick out pumpkins, take a hay ride, get pictures picking out pumpkins...oh well. We will try that route next year. Can't really beat the free price of these pumpkins, either! We decided to carve pumpkins on Wednesday night, and it was fun! We even saved the seeds, and Terry made an amazing batch of seasoned baked pumpkin seeds. We looked up a few patterns for carvings online. Madelyn didn't really like the pictures of the pumpkins we saw. I am not sure why they somewhat freaked her out, but they did. There are some really creative people out there with their ideas! Speaking of creative, Nathaniel was really creative this year! He made a Rhinoceros! He laid his pumpkin down, had the stem as the nose, and had me carve out the rest of him!

He wanted to wear his costume while carving pumpkins. This year he is going to be an astronaut. It is kind of funny, he actually wants to be an astronaut someday. I hope that he will keep reaching toward that goal if that is his true desire. We got this costume from a neighbor friend. We are just missing the helmet. Oh well~~
What a great face! Sorry he is in his boxers. He just got out of the shower, and he wanted a picture with his finished Rhino!
Caleb had a great time picking out his "dog" pattern for his pumpkin. It turned out pretty cute! I will have to get a picture of the finished pumpkin. I must have missed getting the full picture of that one.
Caleb enjoyed playing with the carved out pieces of pumpkin.
Every kid needs to make a silly face while holding something close to their face, when they are young. Did you do this, too? I know I did!
Madelyn is really into making funny faces while she is smiling. She is so cheesy sometimes! She just cracks me up! We put on her "angel wings" from last year. I actually bought an angel costume for Lena (our dog) last year, she didn't like it, so Madelyn wore it. Really dog costumes fit small kiddos really well!
She is such a little goofy sweetie! She is a comic, and she knows it!
I love her little cheeks! So kissable! She didn't make any pictures on the pumpkins. Terry and I didn't carve our pumpkins yet...and I don't think we will get to it until next week sometime. It was a lot of fun, but I wish we would have had more time to do a Saturday afternoon. We were a little rushed that night. But, it was fun nonetheless. I think the kids had a great time, too! If any of you are going out and about tomorrow night, be safe~ I think we will do some treating at family/friend homes, a few in a neighborhood, and then (hopefully) heading to a friend's house for a movie/gab night.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, and your family is more talented/creative than mine: I am incapable of carving along those templates, so we just end up with whatever basic shapes I can carve!

Alicia @ said...

How fun! We are going ours this afternoon! Your oldest has a great idea of using the stem as the nose!! Very creative!

Me said...

Great pics! Looks like everyone had a blast, fun memories! Hope you had a fun night last night:0)!

Qtpies7 said...

We missed you last night! We had a good time, but I don't think Jeannie liked the movie much, lol. We kept waiting for her to make a trip to the bathroom during certain parts, hehe.

jpandtheboys said...

Love the pumpkins and the kiddos in their underwear! hahaha..

We have yet to carve pumpkins with Brody. I think maybe we will think of trying this next year.