Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clean Fun with Spin Master's Products!

My kids love playing with water. Most kids love playing with water! Bath time is a great time for our kids to just play in the water with their toys! They also love playing with bubbles! I am a happy Team Mom member and I received two (very fun and inventive) products from Spin Master to review! I love finding out and trying new products for our kids! I love helping spread the information on to you, my readers!
The first product I am going to show you is the Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard. What a fun, FUN product to spark an array of smiles on your children~ it sure did with Caleb and Madelyn!

The Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard makes a TON of bubbles, and they feel so light and soft. I really like how the bubbles don't make the water soapy. The bubbles do last quite awhile. Caleb and Madelyn just giggled with glee over the volcano of bubbles erupting from the Bath Blizzard! The only thing I would like to see differently with this product, is it leaks from the bottom. It is best to leave it in your tub to drip out, or pour the remaining water/soap out when you are finished.
Kid Kleen products are safe and non-toxic, wheat and tears-free~ PLUS hypo-allergenic. That is a big plus for our family, since my kids are super sensitive to certain soaps.
The Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard operates on battery power, and just a turn of the knob creates a waterfall of bubbles. There is a handy strap that you can use to attach the Bath Blizzard to the faucet or towel rack. The retail price for the Bath Blizzard is $19.99 and comes with a bottle of bubble bath soap. I think for $19.99, you get hours of sheer fun in the tub for your kids! You can purchase this fun toy at Target, Walmart or ToysRUs.

The next amazing product I received to review from Spin Master was the Aquadoodle Draw 'N Doodle Mat! This product is a huge hit at our house! My kids love to color, draw, paint...and this covers all those activities in one! The Aquadoodle pads are created so those that use them, can draw with water! The Aquadoodle comes with an Aqua Pen that you fill with water. Then, you just use the Aqua Pen on the Aquadoodle mat, and the fun lasts over and over! I really think this product is super because the mess isn't really a mess. The water creation disappears from drying, and the drawing can become a new creation on the mat. Kids can dip their fingers or hands in water and doodle on the Aquadoodle pads that way, as well. The Aquadoodle Mat is a large, soft, fabric mat that can be used on the floor or table. I really like that this mat can be used over and over again, too. No waste there! Plus, if the kids do try to venture away from the Aquadoodle Draw 'n Doodle mat with the Aqua Pen to draw, it is filled with water, so there won't be any permanent marks left on any other items (furniture, walls, tables, etc.). Aquadoodle offers many other great water doodle products, as well. I think we need to look into one of those mini mats for travel times. The Aquadoodle Draw 'n Doodle Mat (with pen) retails for $24.99, and can be purchased at many retailers including Walmart, Target and ToysRUs. I think this is a must-have for those of you with toddlers! (I enjoy it, too!)

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