Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dust, dander, and other allergy loomers...BE GONE!

My husband and I suffer with so many different allergies. I am pretty much allergic to most things outdoors (hay, ragweed, pollen, etc.) and I am also allergic to dust, some dogs, and most cats (unfortunately). I was anxious to try the new Clorox anywhere anti-allergen fabric spray! MomCentral offered this sample for review, and I was excited to try it out since it would benefit our household! When I was cleaning today, I vacuumed the couches. After I vacuumed them, I sprayed them with the Clorox anywhere anti-allergen fabric spray. There isn't any scent to the spray, but it does seem fresh! Our dog jumped up on the couch after about 20 minutes, sniffed around, and sat down. She didn't seem bothered by it, either. I really like that this Clorox anti-allergen spray is gentle enough to use around kids and pets, is safe on most fabrics (see label), and is fragrance/dye free while neutralizing up to 90% of allergens (including dust mite matter, dog and cat dander). I have only tried this on my couch cushions, but I know that we will use this on our mattresses, and carpets. Clorox Anywhere Anti-Allergen Fabric Spray is made from pure water and refined sodium hypochlorite. Clorox Anywhere Anti-Allergen Fabric Spray is a pH-balanced formula of pure water and refined sodium hypochlorite that helps neutralize allergen proteins, changing their structures to render them inactive. Neutralized or denatured allergen proteins are not recognized by your body, reducing their ability to trigger allergic reactions. I think this is a super product, and will be a much-used product in our home.

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