Thursday, October 2, 2008

Maddie is sick and other things...

Today we hung out around home. Madelyn is not feeling well today. She has a bad cold (runny nose, cough, a bit of wheezing) and tonight she was breathing short and quick. I nebulized her before bed, and I hope she gets a good night sleep. Poor baby. It is so tough when they don't feel well. I just hope (and pray) that she doesn't end up with pneumonia from this. She was a bit warm this morning, and again this evening, but it wasn't a fever really. She is more clingy. Her eyes are a little red and puffy, too. We will see how tomorrow goes. I am not sure if this is allergies, teeth, cold, or contagious. I know she is working on a couple of teeth, and I am sure that is adding to her discomfort and cold symptoms~ even though most Dr.s will argue that. I consider myself a "seasoned mom" by now, and I can contest that every time my kids spouted more teeth, they cold a cold or ear infection.

Today, my Wii Fit arrived! Hoorah! It is a lot of fun. Terry is hula-hooping right now. It is a work out, and mostly about balance. It was rather embarrassing finding out my BMI and weight. URGG...gotta get myself in shape, lose weight, and get better balance/posture. No wonder I suffer with back issues. I am sure this Wii Fit will help our entire family. Terry, Nathaniel and I have all worked on it so far. I hear that they are putting the Wii Fits into nursing homes right now...very good idea! I wish I could have got this for a review product! :)

Last night, I was rolling over and trying to get up in bed when all of a sudden ~KAZOOWIE!! I was in immense pain! My whole side of my belly hurt like sharp knives scraping over it! OUCH! I know that I am stretching out all over but I have never experienced pain like that. I just sat sideways and cried. Terry said, "Are you OK? Can I help you with something?" I told him that I didn't know, and that I was just wondering how I was going to get up without it hurting me so bad! It was a horrid pain. It did get better once I had gotten up and got back into in bed. Pregnancy, oh the joys.


Qtpies7 said...

Poor thing! I don't miss the pregnancy pains at all. Not much longer to go, though!
Can I come over and play? Not that I want to see my BMI any time soon.

Grandma J said...

Sorry to hear about little Maddie being sick again. Poor kid. I have a question. How do you figure out your BMI when your pregnant?? Wouldn't that make it rather impossible? I'm pretty sure mine is still higher than yours - and I'm not even pregnant!

I hope you don't have to experience anymore of those "joys" of pregnancy.

Alicia @ said...

Sorry to hear about Maddie!! Poor girl! Thats never fun to be sick.

Oh and yes on the Wii Fit, my BMI is horrid!! But just remember a lot of docs will disagree with it because it doesnt calculate muscle!! Last weekend we went and played it at our friends house and my hubby was absolutely sweating!! He is normal size and even his BMI was dont worry too much AND you are pregnant!!!

Sorry about that pain, maybe it is round ligament pain?? Every once in a while I get a sharp pain but its in my abdomen which is from RLP....hope you are feeling better and wont have to have that again!! So many aches and pains I am learning about! Thank goodness there is a baby at the end of all this!!! LOL