Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Caleb's funny

Caleb is a really comical little guy. I try to blog his funny sayings as much as I can to remember them. Today, he said such a great thing...

I had just said honey to him, without realizing it, and he said,
"Mom, can you not call me honey?"

I said, "Why can't I call you honey?"

He said, "You call Dad honey."

I said, "Well, what can I call you~~my big sweetheart?"

He said, "You can call me Caleb *** ***." (He stated his whole name: first, middle, and last)

What a little darling!


Michelle M. said...

How cute! :)

Jesica said...

Oh my goodness, how cute is that? LOL!

Alicia @ said...

What a cutie!!! I also blog to remember fun times too!!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet and so cute!

Unknown said...

That's so sweet.