Friday, October 3, 2008

Sakura of America: Great Art Supplies~A Review

I have always enjoyed using fun pens when I work on my projects, or just write a note. I think things always look better when written with sparkles or metallics! I was really excited to try out some of the great art products from Sakura of America! I was really impressed with the selection I got to sample! The Metallic pens are really pretty on paper! I love the look they create! Gelly Roll Metallic gel ink pens feature: Archival quality ink – chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant; No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers; Writes on both light and dark papers as well as glossy and matte surfaces. The Gelly Roll Metallic collection (16 pens) retail for $20.64. With that you get: 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 each: red, pink, purple, emerald green, blue, sepia, burgundy, hunter green blue/black, black and copper. There are other packages ranging from $1.29 (single)-$12.90 (10 pack). The Gelly Roll Stardust gel ink pens have a superior glitter effect to them when contacted with paper! I think these are my favorite. It really feeds my doodling addiction while talking on the phone. My kids (and even my husband) were impressed with these pens! The Gelly Roll Stardust collections (16 pens) retail for $27.04. The set includes: 2 each: Red-Star, Pink-Star, Purple-Star, and Silver-Star; 1 each: Golden-Star, Copper-Star, Rose-Star, Sky-Star, Lime-Star, Green-Star, Blue-Star, and Marine-Star. Sakura offers other packages starting at $1.69 (single)- $10.14 (6 pens). Stickler Kits are a really fun way for kids to express themselves! The Sticklers contain outline stickers with 3- 3-D ink pens. There are 2 different kits available: Glaze (3-D ink pens provide glossy transparent colors) and Soufle' (3-D ink pens provide an opaque matte pastel color). There is also the option to chose either gold Sticklers stickers, or silver. It is fun to color in the stickers, and attach them to fun projects. You can put the stickers on many surfaces: glass. metal, paper, wood, plastic, and transparencies. Some put the stickers on their cell phones, game boys/DS, MP3 players and other electronic devices. What a fun way to personalize your things. Sticklers kits retails for $5.99. You can order sets in 2 packs ($3.96), 6 packs ($11.88), and 10 packs ($19.80). Sakura of America offers oil pastels that are fun for any age artist from beginner to advanced. I got the Cray-Pas for review, and this is a great set of oil pastels. The Cray-Pas Jr. Artist is for ages K-8 grade students. Another product from Sakura is the Cray-Pas Expressionist, and that is for the emerging artists, high school students and college age. Cray-Pas Jr. Artist Chubbies retail~12 pack: $9.00. The regular Cray-Pas Jr. Artists (25 pack) retails for $3.80, and the Expressionist (12 pack) retails for $5.90. There are other options available with different price ranges. Sakura offers annual contests for anyone in the K-8th grades, and they can enter to win with their creations. Sakura of America sells through wholesalers and distributors in North America, and to independent and National retailers. Online purchases are available on their website via Shopatron. I think that Sakura's products are a great asset to help children (and adults) spark creativity. Their products also make great gifts!

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Gretchen said...

I love using pretty pens and stuff on letters and envelopes and of course scrapbooking!

Will have to look this product up. :)