Wednesday, October 15, 2008

30 Days to Natural

Green Works, natural cleaners with ingredients that come from renewable resources, that are biodegradable and free of petrochemicalscreated, started the 30 Days to Natural website, which is devoted to providing practical tips for households at all stages of greenness. I would like to be more earth-friendly when I am using products to clean my home, and I am anxious to try the Green Works products!

Whether recycling additional items, using eco-friendly cleaners, or walking to the store once a week instead of driving, the 30 Days to Natural website offers suggestions to take just a few additional, easy steps every day. a great way to receive suggestions on becoming a greener family!

The 30 Days to Natural website offers mobile tips (daily tips sent to your mobile phone), e-mail tips, and a Kitchen Check List. All of these are great, and helpful reminders on what we can do to be a more natural household, that is more earth-friendly.

I think this site is a great tool with educating ourselves on how to make our world a cleaner place, and safer without the harsh chemicals.

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Tami @ This Mom's Delight said...

I've looked at this product before, but haven't tried it yet.

I enjoy your blog. That's why I've chosen to tag you. By participating, we'll get to know one another just a little bit more. See my blog to check it out. ~Tami