Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holgate Baby Blocks

I love coming across super products for my kids to enjoy hours of fun playing with! I received the Holgate Baby Blocks to review and I can say that they are made with amazing quality! The blocks are a bit bigger (than ones I grew up with) measuring 1-3/4". I am really impressed with how these blocks were designed. The blocks have great, colorful graphics on each of the six sides. I can easily introduce colors, shapes, and letters to my kids with the Holgate Baby Blocks! Each Holgate Baby Block set includes 6 blocks. The blocks are made with Hard Maple and the corners of the blocks are rounded. The finish on the blocks are coated with a Non toxic finish. I really think it is super that the Holgate Baby Blocks are made in the USA by Holgate Toys! Holgate Toys are America's Finest Wooden Toys since 1789! Holgate Toys were featured at the 1939 World's Fair in New York. The designer of the first Holgate toys were by Jarvis Rockwell, who is the brother of illustrator Norman Rockwell. Retail price for a set of 6 Holgate Baby Blocks is $16.99, which is a great price for the value you receive! These blocks are recommended for ages one and up.
Holgate Baby Blocks are one of the many great (American made) toys carried by NMCtoys! was developed by parents of two small children in 2007, with the mission to provide quality toys that stimulate and challenge a child's mind. They were very frustrated with all the toys that were made in China being recalled. The good, quality toys that we grew up with no longer existed. NONE of the toys found in are Made in China. People can rest assured that they will get quality, and safe toys when they purchase from NMCtoys! typically deals with smaller manufacturers and posts the country of origin for all toys. pledges that, "our toys will last....even if they don't have lights or make sounds." Many of their toys have received awards and meet or exceed USA safety standards. Some of our toys offer a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. is not the manufacturer of toys. We are a retailer of quality European and American Toys.
I love our Holgate Baby Blocks! I highly recommend these to all families!

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