Monday, October 20, 2008


Today, I picked Nathaniel up from school at 2:10. He had an appointment to get a baby tooth pulled. He wasn't excited about this at all. I told him they would probably numb his gums with a gel before they got started. He asked me if they were going to put a needle in his mouth. I couldn't lie, so I told him they probably will. I told him he probably wouldn't really feel it if they put that gel on his gums.
The appointment went rather well. I did hear him cry out, and then shed a few tears. The Dental Hygienist came out and talked to me after the procedure. I didn't watch the time, but I really think it only took about 10-15 minutes total! I think that was good time! Anyway, she came out and told me he is a great kid, and that he did fine. She said that he told her he felt the tooth getting pulled out. She told me that when they put the needle in, he didn't feel it, so she wasn't so sure he did feel the tooth come out~ or if he just heard the crack sound. Either way, he did great, she said. He came out with gauze sticking out the side of his mouth. He was a little red eyed, but gave me a little smile. I told him he did great. After awhile, he was really liking that he couldn't feel his cheek or his lip. I told him that was the best part, unless your whole mouth is numb, and you end up biting your tongue and cheeks all the time. That is not so fun. I am glad his tooth is out. We will be looking at getting him into braces within the next year or so. I am NOT looking forward to that...especially the $$cost$$!! He has an overbite, teeth growing down out of the top sides of the gums, and his mouth is really crowded. Poor guy...hopefully the braces will be good for him.

I was checking out the progress in Madelyn's mouth tonight, because she has been chewing on everything lately...especially her fingers. I noticed that she has cut a molar through! I didn't even know that she was getting her molars yet! She has 3 teeth on top (in the front) and two on she is missing 3 teeth in the front that most get before their molars. Oh long as they all come in. Now I know why she has been a bit more moody lately...and her nights are a bit interrupted from sleep. hmmmm....


Alicia @ said...

Poor guy!! Sometimes the sound of it coming out is worse than it actually being pulled!!! That crack sound just sends shivers down me!!

Yay for Maddie!!

Eryn said...

Growing up with a grocery list of dental problems, it's been really important to me to give my kids every opportunity they need to escape what I've gone through.

I'm NOT looking forward to orthodontia though, and cross my fingers every time we go to the dentist that he won't bring that word up. Guess who he just brought it up with? MY HUSBAND! lol I can't see my husband getting braces at our age, but wouldn't it be funny if I've been mentally budgeting braces for my kids all these years, and it ended up being my husband who needed them? lol

Hopefully now that your daughter's molar has cut through you guys will get some sleep again :) Give your son a hug for all of us, what a trooper!

Qtpies7 said...

Braces are not fun, to wear or pay for.
Hope-anne will be heading in for the extraction of the last few baby teeth, and then hopefully they will try one thing before they resort to braces.
Not looking forward to having two in them at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy, glad it went well with out too much crying and shouting. Both of my girls are in bottom wires and Er is looking at braces around Christmas Time, so Merry Christmas to me.

jpandtheboys said...

Poor guy! Give him a hug from me and tell him I said that I am proud of him. What a brave guy. ;)