Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Kids!

So, I am not sure who will be potty trained first between Madelyn and Caleb. Caleb will be 3 1/2 the end of November, and Maddie just turned 19 months old. Lately, Madelyn has been informing me of a bit of information. I am really liking that she is getting to know her body functions! She is even showing interest in potty adventures! She likes to go sit on the potty chair in the bathroom, she signs the sign for potty, and she does things like this:
On Thursday, Maddie was walking around and then she said, "I poo...I poo!" So, I asked her if she pooped. She said, "Yes!" I went to go change her...and sure enough~ she did what she said she did! What a smart little girl!
I really don't have a preference who will make the official leap into underwear, but it would be super if just ONE of them could make it to that amazing milestone before our little baby arrives!

Speaking of underwear...
We got a sitter for us on Friday night. Terry asked me to find a sitter so we could go sing karaoke. One of the guys from his work runs a karaoke show in town once a month, so he wanted to check it out. So I did the calling around and booked *S* for the night. We brought Nathaniel to meet his dad, and on our way back home, Caleb was asking about who we had coming to babysit him. He said, "Mom, I is her name again?" I said, "Who are you thinking of, Caleb?" (knowing who he was implying) He said, "Mr.P****'s daughter, what's her name?" (Caleb calls my friend, Lisa, Mr. P****, and I think it is so cute) Anyway, I told him, "Kaytlin?" And he said, "Yes, I really like Kaytlin. She is my favorite babysitter." We asked him why she is his favorite, and he said that she just is! And she is nice.

So, anyway...getting back to the underwear...

The other sitter we had, was getting Caleb ready for bed (we were still home) and she was changing his diaper. This is the conversation:
Caleb: I wear diapers, *S*, do you wear underwear?
*S*: (chuckling) Yes, Caleb, I wear underwear.
Caleb: I am going to wear underwear someday, when I am potty trained, too. When I am a big boy.
*S*: That will be a good thing, Caleb, you should start going on the toilet.

Ha Ha Ha! I think that is so funny!!


Qtpies7 said...

That is funny! I'm glad Caleb loves Kaytlin so much! I just wish she could babysit more often for you. She thinks Caleb is funny.

JR Photography said...

Maybe they both will be potty trained by the time the baby comes. :) That would be crazy. Caleb is such a hoot. :)

Alicia @ said...

Too funny!!! I can see how it would be nice if one of them were potty trained! Thats a lot of work!! Sounds like they are just about getting there!!! :)