Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bella Sara Trading Cards: A Review

Bella Sara is a trading card game, very similar to Pokemon cards. Bella Sara is a card game geared toward girls ages 5 to 12. The cards have pictures of horses on them. Girls can access the magical online land at Land of the North of North where the horses live (from the Bella Sara trading cards). Girls can feed, care for, train, and play with their horses and also play games and solve puzzles on the site.
Bella Sara will be introducing the new baby Bella foals coming soon! On November 6th, the website is kicking off a 10-day celebration where kids can qualify to win ~daily~ prizes, print of babies' birth certificates, read stories, get access to special codes and more.
Team Mom sent me 2 packs of sample cards of Baby Bella cards to preview. The cards have special access codes to use in the land of the North of North. Once those codes are entered, the horses are put in your stable. Then, you can earn horseshoes to trade in for things to decorate your stable. I think this is a fun outlet for girls to explore, but I am not into the magical/mystical products much. I know that so many boys are really into Pokemon trading cards, so I think this is a fun way for girls to get in on the trading/playing cards, too. Target is offering a 10% discount right now for Baby Bella Blister packs, 2 packs, value collections or holiday tins. Click here to find out where you can find Baby Bella cards near you.

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Anonymous said...

Im crazy in love with these cards! Im 12 but the cards are soooo creative. I love Bella Sara!!! :)