Friday, October 24, 2008

Bob the Builder: Big Build collection

Just in time for the holidays, Lionsgate and HIT entertainment has come out with a 3-pack DVD collection of favorite Bob the Builder DVDs. The packaging also includes a collectible die-cast Scoop toy!
In this collection, "Bob's Big Plan" shares the story about how Bob became a builder and learned which tools were right. This story tells about Bob's dream and his Can-Do Crew team! This is one of the best DVD's because it shares how Bob becomes partners with Wendy, meets Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Lofty, and Roley. This DVD goes back to the beginning of Bob the Builder.
Bob is so happy with his Can-Do Crew in "Bob's Top Team" as he assembles the best builders to construct a new school and visitor center. And in his largest project yet, "Bob's Big Plan," Bob is challenged to create a blueprint unlike anything seen before! Bob gets into big time building action building a new town from ground up!
These are great DVD's for kids! Each DVD is 45 minutes or longer, and comes in a full screen format. 2008 HIT Entertainment and Keith Chapman owns the copyright. The Bob the Builder name and character, related characters and riveted logo are trademarks of HIT Entertainment Limited.
You can find this great gift set at Amazon for $24.98 (on sale right now for $21.99).

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