Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updates on what's new

Saturday morning I went to my first stamp club for the new "stamp year." This is my third year in my Stampin' UP demonstrator's club. I really love going an making 2-3 card/scrapping projects. I like feeding my hobby by going and making some new creations. I really like getting new ideas! We have a requirement of a minimum $15 purchase to make each month...and trust me, it is NOT hard to meet that requirement~ in fact, I have a hard time keeping it near the $15 amount. There is so many stamp sets and accessories that I crave to add to my collection. There are 10 of us in her club, so each of us get one month where we are the hostess, get the hostess benefits (which is a big dollar amount of FREE merchandise), and bring the treats. It is a great time to get away for a few hours and craft with other ladies. The only bad thing is that my club time is at 9:00 AM~ and I am not a morning person...especially on a Saturday. It isn't so bad now, but it will be a struggle getting there that early once baby arrives in a couple of months!
Terry's Dad, who lives in Alaska, is flying in for a week visit early Sunday morning. We haven't seen him since our wedding....just over 4 years ago. It will be good seeing him again, and getting to know him. I met him on our wedding day, and then we saw each other (I believe) 2 more times a week after our honeymoon. He has never met Caleb and Madelyn, so it will be great for them to meet and for him to get to know his grand kids. He is coming mostly because his sister passed away (early Saturday morning), so he is coming for the funeral and to see siblings. Some of the siblings he hasn't seen in over 10 years. I don't think that his family is real close with one another...I think it will be good to see and get to know my father-in-law, for the kids to meet their Grandpa, and for Terry to re-acquaint with his Dad.
It has been great having MEA break. It was great to have Nathaniel home on Thursday. I really miss having the whole days with him at home. Gone are the days of homeschooling...where I saw WAY more of him, and knew what he was learning. I do miss those days sometimes, but I do know he is where he is thriving, and I believe God is honored with that decision. Nathaniel spent the night at a friend's house Thursday night, and then he went with Terry for the day to cut wood. I think that was great for them to spend time together. Terry got his last two loads of firewood on Friday. Now he is going to be splitting, stacking, and tarping the wood. I am so thankful that we are going to be able to heat our home with the wood stove again this year. We used it most of the winter 2 years ago, but then we had a house fire. (another story for another time). Anyway, today Terry finished up the remodel on the inside walls around the stove piping, so it is great.
Saturday, I cleaned our basement, re-arranged the furniture, organized, de-cluttered, and cleaned off my work areas (a.k.a my desk and my craft table). I also swept, mopped, and cleaned up the upstairs living room/dining areas. It was a big-time work day (after my stamp club) but I feel wonderful that it is done...for now. I still have more to do, but it looks amazingly better. I wish I took before/after photos. It is work that has been staring me in the face for so long, and it is a relief having it accomplished. More things off my list of to-do's before my baby comes.


Qtpies7 said...

I think this months stamp club order is the one I've been the most excited to get! I can't wait to go get it!

Alicia @ said...

I have a gift certificate for Stampin Up...somewhere...ahem! lol I have no clue where it is, but I do love the stuff!!

That will be so nice for your kids to meet their grandpa.

And my you have been one busy woman! You put me to shame!!! LOL Go you on cleaning and reorganizing!! I bet it feels so good to see it decluttered!!