Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where was I this weekend~

I see that I am keeping a trend of not blogging much over the weekend...until Sunday night. That is OK, right? I try to spend my weekends with the kids, Terry...and mainly family time. That is so important to me!
Friday night, I did do some blogging as Terry and Nathaniel played a car racing game on the PS 2. Saturday morning, I went to WW and I had a Pound and a half gain! I really need to get my management back in order. Back to writing everything down, and measuring everything! I have to get my discipline back! I am so happy that my friends: Jodi, Anna, and Jeannie are starting WW. It will help to have "fresh excitement" around me. That is so encouraging to me. You should go to Jeannie's blog by clicking HERE! She just started a blog, and she is doing it based on her new journey with WW! Go give her some encouragement!
After WW, I stopped by home, then I went to Jeannie's Tastefully Simple party. That was a lot of fun! Jodi (our mutual friend) was the consultant! She did a fantastic job! I love the Tastefully Simple products! I ordered some, and I booked a party!
Saturday afternoon I did some cleaning. I wanted to do so much more, but with Madelyn it is a bit limited. Terry wanted to work outside, and he had been with the kids all morning, it was my turn with the kiddos. Nathaniel had a friend sleep over Saturday night. Terry and I actually watched a movie together Saturday night, too! It was great to cuddle up on the couch together. It has been awhile.
Today, we went to church in the morning. There was a bake (silent auction)sale to raise money for the Youth Group. There were plates of cookies, bars, cake, and pie...selling from $10-almost $40! That is great that our church family is so generous to make these desserts as a donation, and for the people willing to buy them at those prices to help the youth. What a blessing!
We got to go on our first family bike ride this afternoon. It was so nice outside! The ice is almost off the lake completely! We rode to the park, and played awhile. Terry and Nathaniel flew the dragonfly kite, and had a great time. I wish I would have remembered my camera.
I painted Madelyn's fingernails and toenails for the first time today. She sat still through all of it, and didn't really even notice it. She looks so cute with her nails all done up, so I had to do mine, too!


Anonymous said...

{{HUGS}} regarding the weight gain. I had that last week and am scared about it again tomorrow. Of course at least I have an excuse this time. (rolling my eyes)

Grandma J said...

Hey Sarah, thanks for the plug about my blog! I'm afraid that the only thing I've lost this week is my voice, and I've probably gained a little weight myself...not just because of the TS party, mostly cuz I haven't been writing anything down all week either.

Ray found my old WW stuff in the garage yesterday, so I have my old journal etc. I liked the old style better, so I'll be using that this week. That should help.

Qtpies7 said...

I'm sure you'll get right back on track! You have done an amazing job with WW, I am just blown away! I'm concidering starting it up with Donnie, too.