Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our house is under attack...

I feel like we have been hit with so much sickness lately, that it makes me think that Satan is attacking us. Caleb woke up at midnight on Monday night with a croupy sounding cough. He was miserable and didn't sleep well at all (neither did I). Then, he had a high fever on Tuesday, in which I gave him regular doses of Motrin and Tylenol. It was a rough night on last night between him crying because he had a head ache, chills, and a high fever....and Madelyn waking up. I had about 4-5 hours of sleep. That isn't uninterrupted because I have a nursing baby. I don't think the medications were helping bring the fever down at all. Then, this morning, he was up at 5 and crawled into bed with me. He was moaning and miserable. He was hot, and his head was really hurting. I gave him Motrin at 7, and about 10-15 minutes later he said he was going to puke. At least he warned me! I carried him into the bathroom, and sure enough, he threw up. I think he threw up because his fever was so high, and he felt miserable. He ate a little breakfast, and hasn't thrown up the rest of the day. His appetite hasn't been good this whole week. His fever has been down some today, but he is still running a temp. Now, this afternoon, Madelyn is running a temp., has a runny nose, and had a diaper that smelt like diarrhea. I think (and hope) hers is from maybe cutting teeth...I could only hope. Nathaniel was home sick on Monday, too. He has a sore throat, ear pain and low grade temps. I think he handles sicknesses better and his immune system is stronger. He did go to school on Tuesday, but he was in the nurse's station twice. He is still under the weather today, but doing a little better.
Do you think I should be more concerned about them being sick so much this year, like maybe something more is going on? Do you think it is more than just a bad case of getting/catching everyone germs? It is just so frustrating that they are sick every couple of weeks. I really just want to not go anywhere with them...ever! But that isn't possible.


Anonymous said...

Many hugs to you! I can't imagine how tiring it has to be to be having your kids get sick every 2 weeks. I would have to say after the 2nd or 3rd time I think I would of been home bound the rest of the season. Thankfully spring is now here and hopefully things will turn around and they will stay healthy.

Oh.. by the way.. my before & after pictures are up. :)

Milk Mama said...

Oh that's what I'd think, too! I'm praying for you guys! Have you asked for maybe your pastor to pray over your house, walk through it?