Thursday, April 10, 2008

All about our kids!

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event5 Minutes for Mom is hosting an amazing contest for 2 weeks! They will be featuring an assortment of toys for a variety of ages. They will have toys for babies, preschoolers and grade school kids. For the next fourteen days, the rule is FUN! You can enter for great products....I love the Rose Petal Cottage, and the Lego set! I haven't entered a contest for something for Nathaniel yet. He would love this! He really digs Legos and Bionicles. This contest is so great! Thanks 5 Minutes for Mom~another great contest hosted by Janice and Susan! Go sign up and join the fun!


Milk Mama said...

Yeah! I'm glad you're getting in on the fun! I saw the legos and bionicles! Anna's a girl... so I didn't sign up lol. I don't know any boys that age besides my nephews but they're spoiled rotten and get those things all the time any way! lol! :D

Alicia @ said...

This is so great!! I absolutely love the cottage!!