Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lice MD: A Review

I am so happy and relieved that I haven't had to go through the ordeal of head lice (yet)... but, if that ever does come into our life, I am glad I came across LiceMD!

Pesticide-free LiceMD helps you eliminate head lice in three easy steps without pulling your, or your child's, hair out. So you can take control of an outbreak and restore your household to its normal balance.
I really like how Simple it seems to use: a 3-step elimination process:
Apply LiceMD to dry hair, then wait 10-minutes.
With LiceMD still in the hair, section and comb hair to remove lice, eggs and nits.
Shampoo hair thoroughly with regular shampoo and warm water. LiceMD is pediatrician tested and clinically proven to effectively eliminate eggs, lice and nits. What's more, LiceMD uses a synthetic lubricant which makes comb-out smooth and easy, even for long, thick or very curly hair.
LiceMD is clear, odorless, non-irritating to skin and hypoallergenic. LiceMD is sold over-the-counter at food, drug and mass retail outlets and wherever lice treatments are sold.

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