Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mr. Men Show!

Do you remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss books created in the 1970s by British author Roger Hargreaves? I think these characters were funny to read about! Which one was your favorite? I liked Miss Sunshine! I am really excited about something that has just launched:
Cartoon Network just premiered the first ever animated sketch comedy series for kids – The Mr. Men Show! The series is based on the original Mr. Men and Little Miss books. Children ages 4-7 will love this show, however, kids of all ages will be able to relate and laugh along… even mom and dad!
You can click here or here to see two clips from the show. I think they are comical and entertaining for kids....and us~
I love that "the good stuff" from my youth is returning. There are 25 characters with diverse personalities. Just to name a few: Mr. Bounce, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude, Mr. Quiet and Little Miss Sunshine. They will teach your kids how even though regular conflict can occur among friends, everyone still manages to co-exist rather happily. The Mr. Men Show has a great website out complete with interactive games, coloring sheets, and desktop wallpaper for each character. and Mom Talk Radio has made this review possible.


jpandtheboys said...

I totally remember this! How fun. I am the same way, I love that things from when I was a kid our returning. It's so fun to share them with your child.:)

Milk Mama said...

I've never heard of it. I must be too young, I guess. *sigh*

Oh yes, Anna loves the rocking Zebra. She gives it kisses (lol) on the nose and climbs on it and rocks and says 'Whee!' hahaha. It's too cute. :P